You have been accused of vandalizing the Cahill Web!

Clear your name by entering the IP address of the real hacker.

> Tracing IP address . . .
> IP address traced to location . . .
> User Identified . . . .
> Trace has been TERMINATED.
Nice try, kid. Did you really think I’d make it THAT easy for you? You have talent, though. Why are you wasting it running pointless errands for Ian Kabra? I think deep down, you know the truth—the real future of the Cahill family lies with ME.
But keep working for Amy and Dan, and you’ll be reading more bad news on the Cahill Web. . . this time about you.

- The Outcast

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Nicely done! You cleared your name and discovered that the Outcast was the hacker who vandalized the Cahill Web. He thinks that by turning the branches against each other, he’ll distract us from the REAL task at hand—stopping him.

Sorry for accusing you. Please accept my apologies and my gratitude. We can’t stop the Outcast without you!

Be sure to check in regularly for more updates. We’ll definitely need your help again soon.

Thanks, Ian


You unlocked the Mission 2: The Enemy Within Medal!

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