Message from Cahill Command

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Hi there, Agent Cahill,

For some reason, Dan has disappeared to goodness knows where on some secret mission. I’m not particularly concerned, as we all know that “secret mission” can mean “playing video games for 48 hours while eating nothing but Skittles and Mountain Dew.” But Dan says he’s in over in his head and needs your help. He requested you specifically. So, what do you say? Can you help him?



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Track down Dan Cahill and get him out of whatever trouble he’s created for himself.

Don't forget to add the cards from BOOK FOUR: MISSION ATOMIC for additional clues that may help you on your mission!

Start Mission

Need Help?

Don't forget to add the cards from BOOK 4: MISSION ATOMIC for important hints.

If you get stuck during the mission, watch out for back-up hints from Ian!

The Casebook

Report your findings in the Casebook.

A bonus quiz to prove your secret agent skills!