Message from Cahill Command

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Greetings, agents. Ian Kabra here. As you know, our newest enemy, the Outcast, has been trying to re-create famous disasters throughout history. We’ve stopped him twice already, but according to our intelligence, his next attempt will be even more devious.

We MUST discover his plans before it’s too late. There’s no time to lose, especially since the Outcast recently hacked into the Cahill Web, causing quite a bit of chaos. Well, that’s not the type of thing we stand for, is it? In order to give the Outcast a taste of his own medicine, I want YOU to hack into his top-secret email account. Think you’re up to the challenge? Of course you are. So let’s get to it!



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We’ve found the login page for the Outcast’s email account. In order to access in his inbox, you’ll need to click “retrieve password” and follow the prompts.

But be warned: in order to protect against intruders, the Outcast set up an elaborate series of tests to make sure that only he can log in. If you can bypass the defenses, you’ll be able to read the Outcast’s emails and gain crucial information.

Don't forget to add the cards from BOOK THREE: MISSION HURRICANE for additional clues that may help you hack into the Outcast's email!

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Don't forget to add the cards from BOOK 3: MISSION HURRICANE for important hints.

If you get stuck during the mission, click the smartphone icon for back-up help from trusted agents!

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