Message From Cahill Command

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Hi there Agent Cahill,

Thanks for dropping by. I know you’ve been quite busy lately.

Sorry, what’s that you say? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, let’s get you up to speed, shall we?

As you may have noticed, the Cahill Web has been compromised. SOMEONE has hacked in and hidden some rather unflattering messages in various entries. Actually, perhaps “unflattering” isn’t the right word. “Treacherous” would be better. Someone is clearly trying to turn the Cahills against each other, which is the LAST thing we can afford while trying to stop the Outcast.

That’s why I asked you here today. We found the IP address of the hacker, and are pretty sure we’ve located the traitor . . . YOU.

That’s right. All the evidence suggests that YOU vandalized the Cahill Web in order to create a diversion .

What? You DENY it?! Ha! All right then, fine. I’ll give you one chance to clear your name. Go through the Cahill Web, find the vandalized pages, and discover the real culprit.

Good luck. You’re going to need it.


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You need to prove that you weren’t the hacker who vandalized the Cahill Web.

STEP 1: Retrace the hacker’s steps by finding the vandalized pages. Click around on each page to find the hidden link that will take you to the next page. Sometimes, you’ll need to find a secret message and enter it when prompted.

Add cards from BOOK 2: MISSION HINDENBURG here to gain access to important hints.

STEP 2: Once you’ve identified the real hacker’s IP address, enter the code here to clear your name. The IP address will look like a string of 10 numbers.

Your mission begins in the Cahill Web. Are you ready? Click the button to get started!

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Need Help?

Have you added the cards from BOOK 2: MISSION HINDENBURG for important hints yet?

If you get stuck, you can also click here for a walk through of Mission 2.

WARNING: This top-secret document contains spoilers.

The Casebook

Report your findings in the Casebook.

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