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aka ArmyCaptain31

Branch: Tomas

I'm new to The 39 Clues and I have collected all the cards from the books, but I can't seem to find ultra-rare card codes. Anyone of you out there have the ultra-rare card codes. Please give me the codes and I will trade you 5 codes from the books if you don't have it.

-Lots of Thanks
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aka LlamaAmbitious1

Branch: Lucian

Sorry, I don't have any codes.
P.s. You might like this story! Why not check it out?

Who are these myterious people?  
A secret organization for peace… or is it?
Are they even going to matter?
What’s going on, Leo?
The Entertainers☣

By Sierra, LlamaAmbitious1
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~*Hunter, Reader, Montanan

~*Great Reads:/39475 by Leo,/48797 by Azure

~*/48210 is My Story, Alternative Endings

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Branch: Lucian


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aka SapphireLadybug7

Branch: Lucian

Piccadilly 112, 176, 127, 202, 214, 218

TRUSTNOONE  39, 43, 53, 56, 66

These codes unlock one Card.

vesperfile Card 334: Fireworks

G69GXC6M9T Card 400: Bookworm With Attitude

G69KDKD49T Card 401: The Wannabe Ninja

G69JT2RM9T Card 402: The Pint Sized Assassin

G69J7X9H9T Card 403: The Clue Hunter's Best Friend

G69CTWHC9T Card 404: Spy Kit

G69CKR3K9T Card 405: Surveillance

G69DMK929T Card 406: Agent Training

G69GJPMM9T Card 407: The Underdogs

G69HJP9G9T Card 408: The Spaz

G69H29K99T Card 409: Spy Training

G69D22369T Card 410: Natalie's Strategy

G69JWR249T Card 411: Spy Photo

G69D2X9N9T Card 412: The Pit Bull

G69K3JP99T Card 413: Ninja Boy

G69JTFHR9T Card 414: The Pup

G69GJ9TF9T Card 415: The Smallest Assassin

G69GF9HN9T Card 416: The Bookworm

G69G6DTM9T Card 417: The Shadow

G69KD97K9T Card 418: The Clue Fetcher

G69FF22C9T Card 419: Librarian in Training

G69FN4KK9T Card 420: Tokyo Dan

G69HJ37R9T Card 421: The Unreliable Uncle

G69D4X4P9T Card 422: Arctic Holt

G69D9CT39T Card 424: Ninja Dweeb

G69KC9GH9T Card 425: The Secret Weapon

LucianClue Card 426: Undercover Cahills

HopeCahill Card 427: The Embassy

TheTickets Card 428: Airline Tickets

Guidebook1 Card 429: The Frozen Road

August1109 Card 430: Scrambled Cities

ARROW4CODECard 431: The Clue Hunter

(play the app to get it) Card 432: Madrigal Maze

MANINBLACK Card 433: Madrigal Down Under

CROSSHAIRS Card 434: The Nobody

G69FK4WG9T Card 435: The Pawn

SURVIVAL39 Card 436: The Targets

MADRIGAL39 Card 437: The Long Shots

BN3847381E Card 438: The Madrigal Pawns

BN1729472E Card 439: Secret Agent Saladin

BN4322595E Card 440: Spy Teddy Bear

BN9428313E Card 441: Book Store Bling

YOURCHOSEN Card 442: Spy Dolphin

G69F4WDD9T Card 443: The Unlikely Champion

G69K2FPR9T Card 444: The Hyperactive Hero

G69CNR7N9T Card 445: The Jet-Setting Jock

G69CHCG29T Card 446: The Stylish Secret Agent

G69K9XGX9T Card 447: The Overachiever Spy

MYCLUEHUNT Card 448: The Unexpected Heroes

getvespers Card 449: Shadow Enemies

cluereader Card 450: Cahill Library

submarine1 Card 452: The Stowaway

redcoats39 Card 453: General V

hhoudini39 Card 454: No Escape

39onstoria Card 460: The Globetrotters


There may be some that don't work because the Mods gave us some and they were only good for a certain amount of time. In order to get clue cards, rare, and ultra rare codes you would need to buy T39C card packs from Amazon or somewhere else. I started on this site 5 years ago. We traded clues back then (though they might get stolen if someone else viewed them first), buy I haven't seen that being done for a while now. Hope that helps and sorry I couldn't help more!

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