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...It would seem as if this place is coming to an end.  I think that warrants another farewell of some kind.


I'd like to thank everyone, whether somehow still here or long gone from this message board, that has impacted me or even simply interacted with me in some way.  This place has been a safe haven for me for years and years, a place where I know I can come and hang out and talk to people who just get me like no others do.


Most of my friends that I made here have already left; most of my friends that I made here don't even know that soon, this place won't exist at all.  It's a sobering thought - all of these interactions and friendships and deep connections just wiped away as if they meant nothing.


But if you know me, if I know you, then you mean something to me, and that will transcend the existence of this message board.


So farewell, adieu, and I hope you all remember me in the same golden light that I remember you.


With love, always,


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