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I know that this sin't the end for most of us, but tonight marks the end of the MB, a place we all come home. I'm sorry that I don't have enough time to write a deep letter and what not, but I just wanted to say one thing. Thank you to everyone who made this place a safe haven for me. When I first arrived at the MB, I was going through some rough times, but everyone made me feel at home. With that being said, I have some more personal goodbyes.


@Emilie: I know that you haven't been on in years, but thanks for being my first real friend here. We probably won't ever meet in real life, but your impact on me has been lasting. Love you lots!


@Alyssa: During your time here, you were basically the MB mom. I wanted to thank you for that.


@Fardosa: Haven't talked in forever, but still love you! Thanks for being an awesome friend.


@Mal: Thanks for all the memories we made together here on the MB, through our various RPs. Here's to hopefully many more on Home Base.


@Elf: Similar to Mal, thanks for all of the RP memories! RPing with you and Mal is always a blast, even when we all have writers block and leave an RP for months at a time.


@Zeke: I'm sorry that I didn't reply to your last post on Dumbledore's Army. I just wanted to say thanks for that message. If this really is the end for DA, I'm going to write an epilogue for my characters on Home Base. Hope to see you there!


@Austin: You always made the Chat Room laugh with your jokes. Thanks for the memories!


@Puma: I wish I had gone through with the MB Oscars. Maybe before I leave in a couple of years, I'll end up going through with it. Hope to see you around, if you ever come back.


@Clev: Because of you, my creativy has flourished. I hope that you come back and join us at Home Base, so we can finish the Seven of the Seven's story.


@Peyton: I know that we SC each other, but still. This is the place we met. :D


@Erica: Thanks for being the little sister that I never had! Love you lots and I promise you I'm still working on that poem for your book. Hope to text you when I get off for spring break!


@Christie: I'm sorry that I let our friendship die out in such a bad manner. I really hope that we can make ammends on Home Base, if your're planning on going!


@Everyone else: So sorry, if I forgot anyone! I'm having to write this post in a very short amount of time. I love you all though! 


P.S. I'm not leaving. This is just my MB goodbyes. Looking forward to seeing most of you guys at Home Base!


P.S.S. I know that some of these people haven't been on in years, but like I said, these are my MB goodbyes. Those who haven't been here in a long time will have their existence wiped from this place.




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Under cloud, beneath the starsOver snow one winter's mornI turn at last to paths that lead homeAnd though where the road then takes meI cannot tellWe came all this wayBut now comes the dayTo bid you farewell


-Billy Boyd