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Branch: Ekaterina

Me: Jack? Ready?


yes, yes. FIRST STEP.


Wait! Tell everyone what we’re cooking today.


-eye roll- scrambled eggs.


Okay. Scrambled eggs. ready now.


First you crack the egg liiiiiike this. -smashes egg on counter and opens it into bowl-


...there’s an eggshell in the—


shhh!! I’m a professional. Leave it to me.




next we mix them up. -scrambles them with a fork- and put them in the pan. -pours into pan-


Excuse me, but I think you forgot the butter...


I did not forget! that comes next.


Its supposed to to go in before the eggs...


-drops half stick of butter into pan-


woahhh okay—


ChrisTEEnah. Who is the professional.


um, you are, Jack.


Eggsactly! Get it? Eggs—


i get it. -sigh- what do we do next?


turn on the stove.


Weren’t we supposed to heat the pan—




alright. Good idea.


-one eternity later-


alright the eggs have beganed to cook.




Yes. -glare- now mix them around while they cook.


how do we know when they are done? Tell the people...


when they are solid and not slimy. -proud grin-


Alright. Well, I think that concludes this tutorial.


WAIT!!! Not yet




One more thing. -picks up eggshells- -crunches them- and just sprinkle liiiightly.... -dumps them all in- perfect!


...Great. Perfect. Are we done now?


we have to eat them! Don’t leave yet!


I... am not very hungry, actually. I ate before I came.


I told you not to!


i know, I know. I... forgot. -runs out of kitchen-





Okay, so I have no idea why this came into my head?? o_o but yeah.

anyone want scrambled eggs?


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