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Listen, I know tha i should be grateful for being naturaly pretty, but it has it's major downsides. One of which was expirenced today.

Bum bah bah bummm.......


Thaaaaaaaat's right! A boy at my school grabbed my shoulder and started saying stuff like "I Lovuer you" and "Hey girl-friend!"

I told someone and it gotten taken care of but UUUURGH

Never wearing makeup to school again >:(

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The cat lady

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 - crisis

會 - opportunity 


They are one in the same. We are the future. We are leaders.




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Nobody should have to deal with that no matter who they are. It's good that you were able to get the situation taken care of. You should be able to wear what you want, and boys should know that they shouldn't approach you like that.


I don't know your entire situation, but if it happens again, tell him forcefully to stop, if that doesn't work, tell a teacher or another authority figure, and he's still doing it, just push him away. That's what I learned in my self defense class anyway . . . O_o (isn't it sad that so many girls have to take those classes so they don't get hurt by boys instead of just telling boys to not be mean to girls??)

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