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Hi guyz. :D


Since it's basically Thanksgiving, now is a gucci time to say everything we are thankful for, yeah? :D I'll start. 


- a warm house cuz wow i'd be an ice cube without it

- my frenz cuz y'all guuuuuucci

- my boyfriend cuz wow he's a dummie

- my oldest bro cuz he got me sushi

- my youngest bro cuz he's litrally so adorable

- cars y'all cuz wow fast!! zoom zoom

- seatbelts cuz they keep u safe

- traffic lights even if people sometimes ignore them ._.

- les mis bc wooooooow so gud

- aaron tveit bc wow he's hot and his voice omg

- eddie redmayne bc wow he's a smol bean so adorable

- pasta bc nomnomnom tastee


see also: gucci music, oxygen, fuzzy blankets, candles, gucci doctors, medicine, fuzzy socks, fuzzy pjs, books, education, gud teachers and/or professors, my own bedroom, my warm coat, the most bestest co-workers in the entire world, a job that i only hate 40% of the time, pokemon go, and probably more things i'm forgetting


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO Y'ALL (except all the Canadians who already had Thanksgiving (@chewy). It's okay, though, you can have some, uhhhhhh, leftover Halloween candy? :D *throws candy in the air*)



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no bullying pls

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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for:



-no school right now because that means I can take 10 hr naps

-secret blessings given in disguise 

-and I guess the bad things too? Because without them we wouldn’t be able to grow stronger and strength is good 

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I’m a


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Happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful for a warm house, family+friends, and god:)

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Hi, it's Katie:) I'm Lucian and a bit Janus but I'm nice:) I'm home-schooled and on a lot and I would love to chat with anyone! And I'm trying to get my first a five hundred stars, thanks if you make that happen!:)