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Branch: Ekaterina

Sam had knowledge about many things that Vivianna did not but even he was quite surprised at the dish in front of them.


"They're like a form of currency," she said in awe. "As if they are coins."


"They aren't coins," Sam insisted. "They're pancakes. You're supposed to eat them."


"Why are they in a jar marked--"


"I don't know." Sam threw his hands up, exasperated. "I don't know why the jar is marked for 'tips.' I know just as much about this as you do."


"Which is nothing."


Her statement, though unhelpful, was correct.


The restaurant bustled with noise and holiday preparations. Brand new and complete with it's own coffee shop in the back, it was a popular attraction to those locals who were able to figure out it existed. In the newspaper, it was called many different things and so were the owners. The owners were labeled with words or phrases such as 'odd but endearing' and 'strange, unique people.'


The words were not out of place.


"Ma'am," Sam spoke to the waitress as she passed by their table. "What's the tip jar about? Why are there tiny pancakes inside?"


Vivianna covered a laugh with her hand. The waitress gave Sam a puzzled look and picked up the jar by the top. Her hand covered the opening for just a moment. "Pancakes? Dear, I have no clue what you're talking about."


Her tired eyes flicked to each of their glasses, making sure they did not need refills, before she picked up her tray and walked away.


Sam picked up the tip jar and shook it. Coins clinked against the sides of the jar.


"How--" Sam put the jar back down, turning to Vivianna. She tucked a small, red bound book into her purse.


"Abracadabra," she announced. A giggle. "Magic."



I've been spending a lot of time with these characters, 30,000 words worth of time in fact, and loved the idea of tiny pancakes when Admin Becky posted that. So... here we are. I'm exploring the characters, right...? Research. Character development. Practice. Of course it is!

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Branch: Janus

Yay tiny Pancakes! I don’t know why I said it I guess it was just fun to say. Nice story!

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