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Branch: Ekaterina

She stared at the uneven, stony wall in the most terrible kind of awe. Only a moment had passed, it seemed, since the beautiful and brave woman they called Mommy had shifted the little bundle into the eldest child's arms and whispered to them before disappearing again. In bare feet, she'd run back onto the beach in search for the toddler.

"I'll be back," she'd said. "Take care of your brother."

Vivianna was nearing the end of tenth grade, mature even beyond her fifteen years, yet she had never felt more like a child in her life before that moment. The bundle shifted as the baby moved in his sleep but didn't wake. Vivianna continued to stare. The hissing sound started soon after and she realized what the problem was-- water was spraying through a small network of cracks in the wall of the cave, making a hissing sound as it forced its way through.

The water droplets landed on the sand at the base of the wall wetting the sand.

Don't break. Vivianna willed the wall to stand up to the pressure, the waves and the stormy ocean.

The wind was swirling outside, a constant scary reminder of what was happening to her mother-- wherever she was. For a long time, Vivianna sat and stared at the wall threatening to break with only hope to accompany her and her newborn brother. She was too afraid to move, too afraid to even cry.





(Yes-- this is very short... but I may continue this as a longer work so I want to keep my option open.)

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Branch: Lucian


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Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread.

Through shadows to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight.







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Branch: Ekaterina


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Story Thief

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Shadow Child










Something to believe in for even a night

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Branch: Tomas

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This is awesome! :D

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