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I've never done anything with OCs before and honestly feel like I'm missing something-- is it just a character you make up?? (Hope so because that's what I'm doing! Lol.) Correct me if I'm wrong. XP (also, yes, I missed this day because I was so exhausted and wanted to catch up)




Full name: Jeremy "Judge" Benjamin


Nickname: Judge-- but no one ever uses his real name


Age/grade: 16, doesn't go to school because it would tie him and his father down to one place; "homeschooled" but gets most of his education from places they travel to, talking to and meeting new people, etc. rather than from book learning. However, he will immerse himself in a book if he's interested in learning about a specific topic. He also learns hands on things from the internet (ex: fixing something that's broken around the house)


Appearance: tall and lanky; blue eyes, no glasses; heavily tanned skin from long days spent outdoors; thick, dark brown hair that curls at his neck.


Usual clothing: jeans, sneakers and t-shirt type of thing


Personality: a bit of a daredevil; outdoorsy; likes to joke around but can also take things seriously and act mature


Family: just a dad, no siblings. Mother died when he was young.


Friends: doesn't really have any friends, but doesn't have trouble talking to strangers if he sees a purpose in it


Habits: a picture of his mom and stares it sometimes, trying to recall all the memories of her that he can; often forgets to brush his hair or messes it up by running his fingers through it when he's stressed or thinking; sometimes bites his fingernails


Fears: losing someone; being tied down to any certain place or situation; getting physically hurt so that he'd have to be in a cast or something else that limits his physical abilities


Home: he lives in a cabin with his dad, not too close but not too far from town. The cabin isn't always the cleanest-- Judge thinks his dad should take care of that and his dad always forgets because he likes to keep busy. However, they travel often.


Flaws: sometimes he isn't careful to make sure his intentions are understood, which leads to people getting hurt or offended sometimes; often moves on to another hobby or topic quickly, sometimes before he's really learned the first one


What he's reluctant to tell people: that he only was traditionally schooled for a couple of years when he was young. Since he's hardworking and dedicated to learning things anyways, this rarely becomes obvious unless he's forced to explain it to someone.

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I don't either know what an OC is, but good character!

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OC means "Of Course" or "Original Character" or "Orange County". But they mean "Original Character."

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