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The sky was bright, sun shining down on Liam as he walked. However bright and cheerful the day was, it had almost no effect on him. He was lost deep in thought and only directed his attention back to the path ahead when an object appeared in front of him.


Liam stopped short, then ducked his head, looking to check if anyone had witnessed his near collision with the stop sign. No one was around.


It was a silly idea to work on this project in the park, anways, he thought, making the final turn and walking into the park. A quick scan revealed Melanie at a shady picnic table. He observed her for a moment as she studied a book, squinting at it and wrinkling her freckled face.


Liam slid onto the bench across from her. "Hey. How are you?"


Melanie looked up, startled a bit. Often she immersed herself so deeply in her research that the world faded away, leaving her alone with the material. She had a sweet face to match her even sweeter attitude. Melanie would never ignore someone or try to hurt their feelings-- she just got caught up in her reading. Even so, it didn't sit well with Liam.


"Oh, hi," she said, either not hearing or ignoring the question. She glanced back down at the book, eyes searching for where she'd left off.


"Nice to see you, too," Liam grumbled. "What are you working on now?"


Melanie finally stuck a scrap of paper into the book to mark her page and eased it shut. "Don't be so irratible. I was just finishing up this chapter... I don't think much else in this book is what we're looking for."


Being told not to "irratible" only made Liam all the more likely to ignore the instruction. I'm being iritable? Ha.


"What do you need me for, then?"


Melanie had already opened her book again. Without looking up, she pushed a section of poster board in his direction and said, "You can start drawing the letters on. I'll be done in a minute."


Liam chose a permanent marker and began drawing the title of the science fair project in big block letters at the top. Another thing that frustrated him-- Melanie was too fancy and artsy to do anything like print out the information to glue onto the poster board. Yet the task ended up falling to Liam because she was "busy."


A moment later, Melanie closed her book for good and shuffled through a notebook.


Liam made an attempt at conversation. "I watched a movie you would have liked."


"Mmmhmm..." She mumbled, all of her conscious attention on whatever was in her notebook.


Liam pursed his lips and finished a letter "P" on the poster board. Could be better, but that's what she gets for not using her own talents on it.


Several more silent minutes passed by. Finally, Liam became aware of eyes overseeing his work-- Melanie watching him draw the letters. He looked up and raised his eyebrows in question. She was frowning.


"I figured you would do cursive lettering," she said.


"You would've regretted having me do cursive," was Liam's response. "Besides... it's a science fair. It doesn't have to be fancy."


Melanie snorted but didn't say anything. Liam forced himself to put his head down again and continue writing. The pressure he put on the marker intensified with each stroke.


"Careful..." Melanie warned.


Liam snapped. "Would you stop correcting me?"


Mel's eyes widened and she stared at him. "I'm sorry. I didn't know if you realized--"


"I realize it, okay?"


Liam slammed the marker down onto the table, at the same time rising from his seat. The marker rolled across the table toward Melanie. Neither of them made a move to stop it.


"I said I was sorry..." Melanie said again.


Liam tried to use reason and calm himself down but it wasn't working. "You can just finish this yourself."


He turned and stormed off. Melanie called after him, "Liam!" but Liam refused to listen to her. Blinded with rage, he stomped on, headed for home.


See how well her poster looks with two different styles of-- his thought was cut short when he tripped over a young child. Liam landed hard, tearing up the palms of his hands along with the right knee of his pants and destroying his pride at the same time.


Clumsy control, or lack of, didn't help him already being naturally clumsy.




I am sooooo rusty when it comes to writing... really need the practice of these writing prompts, it seems. XP Sorry, y'all. -actually ashamed-

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So...I really like this

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Story Thief

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Shadow Child










Something to believe in for even a night

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XD Okay, so... not only did I forget to check grammar which I did mean to do, but I also left out a bit of the last sentence that was supposed to be a good part of the story's meaning.


...So, basically... Major fail. I'm not going to repost and fix the grammar right now, but I will correct the last line.


The last line was supposed to be "Clumsy control of emotions, or lack of, didn't help him already being naturally clumsy."


I'm soooo sorry...


Anyways, thank you guys for your input. It was kind of a mess but if you liked it, that's good >.

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       Christy ~  currently trying to figure out what’s wrong with me 

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Branch: Ekaterina

Nice job. Next time, though, you can send it to me and I'll proofread for ya... ;)

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When the sharpest words wanna cut me down

I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out

I am brave, I am bruised

I am who I'm meant to be, thi is me







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Branch: Ekaterina

Leo: ha, thanks o_o I know HOW to proofread and was planning on it; I just forgot. XD

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       Christy ~  currently trying to figure out what’s wrong with me 

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I like it.

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Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread.

Through shadows to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight.