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Welcome back, everyone! I decided now`s the time for my next post. There`s really nothing else to say here, so let`s go on to Roll Call!


                                                       Roll Call:

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15. AmazingWriting27

16. LightningVampire304


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Article By: AquaUnicorn2968


Anastasia: The Part of Anya


The part of Anya in the Broadway musical is hard. First you have to act like a scared girl who just wants to get to Paris. Then you have to act like a girl who's pretending and doesn't know who I am. As the musical progresses you get more and more confident, until the end, when you are confident that you really are Anastasia. You have many lines to learn.




1. Don't fiddle with your clothes unless if your character is like that. If you have an outgoing, confident character you can't fiddle with your clothes.

2. Act to the other actors, not the audience. However, be sure that you don't turn your back to the audience either. Just cheat out.



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Article By: BookDancer5, VP and Dance Reporter




Flexibility is a big part of dance. It requires practice, and patience but is an amazing skill and will help you greatly in dance. Flexibility is a skill that takes time and effort. You can't just do a split. Although, working too hard could cause pain, or injuries. Talk to a dance teacher or gym teacher about ways to improve you flexibility. And remember "Slow and steady wins the race." 


Here are a few ways I practice flexibility:


1. Gravity stretch - push you bottom up against a plain wall and open you legs up on the wall. The goal is to overtime push you legs closer to the floor.


2. Heel stretch - This is for more advanced flexibility. Hold onto a bar, shelf, bed, or other sturdy item. Then, wrap your hand around your heel and straighten it. The goal is to have both legs straight and to overtime (we are talking years and years) have you foot touch your head. 


3. This one doesn't have a name - This a popular stretch. Sit with you legs together in front of you. Then, reach over and try to touch your nose to your legs. Do the same standing. 


4. Strattle - Open you legs into a strattle split (not on top of it) and lean over to try to touch your belly to the ground. 


5. Splits - Practice both your right, left, and strattle split often. Don't push it too much. 


Remember: It is normal to feel soreness the day(s) after stretching. If your soreness is too severe, try doing less excercises. 



Article By: TealButterfly297, Music Reporter




So, I play the violin, and it can get pretty tedious to practice. I'm required to play violin for half an hour per day, and though that may not seem like much, it can really drag along. Here are some tips of mine to make your practice time fly by.


1. Practice in a place that sounds good.

You're more likely to enjoy your practice if you like the sounds you're hearing. I like to practice in the bathroom, because it sounds better.


2. Get into the music.

Instead of staying stiff, try swaying to the music. Maintain your good posture, but move a little to loosen up. My teacher said to think of myself as a tree. Strong at the roots, but with flexible branches.


3. If you run out of things to practice, play review songs.

Maybe, if you have the song memorized, just get lost in thought, and play out of muscle memory. This lets time go by without you even noticing.


 I hope these tips helped you! Good luck, and happy practicing!



Article By: FairyMermaid4613, President and Broadway Reporter



Newsies the Musical:


So, remember last post`s Broadway section on Shrek the Musical? Well, I`m now into Newsies the Musical. It`s a heart-warming story that was based off of a true story. In 1899, a newsboy strike takes place. Some pretty awesome people have now changed it into a musical! Jeremy Joordan stars the role of Jack Kelly, Kara Lindsay stars the role of Katherine Plumber, and Ben Fankhauser stars the role of  Dave. And don`t forget Andrew Keenan-Bolger, who stars the role of Crutchie. It has wonderful songs. One of my favorites is SUPER powerful. It`s called "Brooklyn`s Here". It`s on Netflix along with Shrek the Musical, for musical-loving fans.


                                                      Emma`s PA Life:

Acting: As you all know, I did not get a part in "Field Day Rocks!" But the lady running it asked if I would be one of three emcees, so I did have lines! I had a lot of fun, and the two other girls doing it with me were really nice! I Majored in Drama for this Creative Arts Camp, and we performed "David and Goliath". I did not have any lines, though.


Singing: So, At the same place who did CAC and the play, there was solo singing auditions for two of the songs. I auditioned! Though, I didn`t get a part. But the next day, the lady running everything called a couple of names, and I was asked to sing the harmony part on one of the songs! So, I wasn`t a solo, but I still sang a harmony.


Dancing: I think I`m starting dance lessons soon. In August, I think. We`ve taken a break for Summer Vacation. I need to get stretching!


Music: I`m playing in worship with the Youth group at my church this Sunday.  I like all three songs!




Well, that`s all for now. Please join, and reply!


Act you later!


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