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Dear fellow Cahills,

      I've noticed a lot of "revive the MB" posts lately, and I'd like to make two points

1. By no means is this MB "dead." I'd love to think that we have a thriving community that has remained strong despite having no active Mods, and a few feuds over the years.

2. Just because our forum isn't filled with posts about T39C anymore doesn't mean we're a dying forum. We're grounded in relationships, and although getting back to the original books might be good, our strength comes from the friendships we have here. We welcome newcomers but I don't think we need CPR just yet. I'm an "adult" now and still friends with people I met on here as a tween. Friendships I made first by finding shared interests...the T39C and many other things!

Welcome....but this isn't a forum at death's door. :) Yet.


Love, Bess

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