How did the tenth doctor "fake" regenerate?

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         Hey, all you ladies and gents! Prepare your eyes for a experience you'll never forget! Joining the fan club of.. Modern Doctor Who!!




                                     Before you join, fill out this form (all forms must be replied to this topic by December 31, 2019)



                                                          Your "nickname":


                                                                    How much of a fan are you?:


                                                                    Suggestions for quizzes (polls) in the future:


                                                                    (note: I will report the answer to the public a week after the poll is posted)



                                                              Here's my version of the form:


                                                                     Nickname: Elixander


                                                                     Fan coverage: HUGE


                                                                     Suggestions: I have none.


Guys! 1st and 2nd people to reply this topic will be my assistant and my 2nd in command! But this is your first quiz. June 15, 2018 the answer will


come out to the public. Til' then!



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How big of a fan: Huge fan

Suggestions for quizzes: Not currently

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