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Hey everybody I just want to ask;Who wants to do a Warrior Cats RP?The Clan's will be:Ice'Clan,Flame'Clan,Sun'Clan,and Lightning'Clan.I will be Ash'Star,son of Fire'Star and friend of all.You can be in any clan,but you CANNOT RP as leader of Ice'Clan.If u want,u can ALSO RP as Clover:the Black Labrador Retriever,he and Barley helped me escape from Scourge,who stole me... Good luck for RP,I've got a clan to lead... 

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Bagel da Lynx ;3                       SQUALL!!! x3         I'm also TOXICSTAR07!!!!!!!!Have a gnarly day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xDxDxDxD        So... who likes warrior cats???P.S.ASH'CLAW RULES!!!!!