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so, my sister gave this idea to write a story on it, but we culd make an rp, or i could countinue writing it with your guys s help




the story



Anna’s day had been fine, until she had been hit in the head with a soccer ball during recess and Julia had continued to bully her. Then, she had been pulled out of school by her overprotective mother because of the kids had lice.

When she got home her father had insisted on taking her to the nearby farm her grandpa owned. She reluctantly agreed as she knew staying home with her mother would include shopping and she really hated shopping. When they got to the farm, Anna just saw animals and more animals. She was trying to find the best Wi-Fi spot when her father screamed and ear piercing scream. She ran to the barn, where she found her grandpa on the ground, with an axe sticking out of his chest, clearly dead.

Her father called the police and as she tried to keep the tears bottled up inside, they drove home. When they got home, her mother handed her a flyer, it said:

Join Black Forest Academy ummmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know what else it says yet, fill with the poster I made Lizzy

“My grandpa just died I don’t want to go to some snotty rich kids school!” exclaimed Anna. “And besides it is way too far away!”

“Do you think she’s ready?” My mother looked at my father for approval.

“She’s 13, of course she’s ready,” said her dad. “Your grandpa was a dreamer. It’s tradition that one of his grandchildren will inherit the powers he had.”

“What powers?”

“You just have to wait and see until we get to the school,” said her father. “Which we’ll go to on August 22nd.”

“I still don’t want to go to the school,” said Anna.

“But it’s a school for the dreamers! So you must go,” her dad said.

When she went to sleep that night, the strangest thing happened. Anna heard a voice that sounded strangely like her mother’s. It said, “It’s okay Anna. I was a dreamer too. I got it from your grandpa’s mother.”

It must have been a dream, Anna thought the next morning.




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