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 3 months ago me and my family got this tiny little pup from a private shelter out of a little of 8, he was 1 out of the ONLY 2 golden dogs turns out his mother was a golden retriever and his dad was a black lab. almost all the pups were black labs but he and one his sister's got his mothers gene. It was funny, me and my family walked in and we the last ones there and there family's sitting around with a puppy in their hands and inside the play pin a black lab and a golden puppy with a twisted right ear were wrestling....I got the golden one, named him Simba since he loves to chew on my hands...wish I could post pictures...


I will try to post interesting or funny stories daily on this page when they happen of me and him! Although I will need crowd approval to continue the storys..... :)



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I know people who also have a dog named Simba. Except that their Simba is a chow chow and not a lab and golden retriever mix. Oh, and we also joked that their Simba was related to our cat because they were both fluffy and orange.

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