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So some news I have is I have only stayed in touch technically with one person from this MB. :) I love her so much because she and I seem to understand each other and just overall get along well. She knows who she is. And if she sees this, I want to let her know I am doing so much better than I was a couple days ago. 


Anyways, some other news I have is that soon in one of these next 7 months I will be turning 18!! I’m super excited about it. 


The last thing I have to share is that I am finishing up my junior year of high school which means....I will be the next graduating class of 2019! I’m super excited to be graduating soon as well! It’s not that far away If you think about it. I have been waiting for so long and I’m finally close enough to the date to talk about it and think about it and to think about my future more. I’m just super excited and I am super proud of myself and all of the people who have been supporting me from the beginning. 


Check back later. 





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*huggles* I’m glad things are going well for you. No way! I’ll be the next graduating class of 2019 too! *sticks hand out to high five*

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I responded on an older post BECAUSE I did not  see this one !!! I don’t know if you remember me (Ria) but we used to write 1D fanfic hahaha (last time I was here zayn was still in the group sjjssjjssjsjjdhajanxkls I also was fortunate enough to see them live when zayn was still in the band. I hope you’re doing good ! If you don’t remember me that’s okay! It’s been a long time . I saw on your other post youre taking ap physics ! I took regular physics as a freshmen and STRONGLY DISLIKED IT but my teacher could not teach but I now refuse to take it . I’m a sophomore rn going to be class of 2020 and I feel old :~) but you probably do too lol 

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*Tackle hugs* Hey! Congratulations!!!!

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