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I'm just wondering if anybody has seen these movies and what their opinions are.


 1. Mr. Lemoncello's Library (I guess I won't get to see it until it comes out on DVD.)

 2. Wonder (I've heard it's really good, but not necessarily from people who read the book.)

 3. The Maze Runner:The Death Cure (It hasn't been out too long and I've not heard anything.)


What about upcoming movies? Thoughts?


 4. I'll see Peter Rabbit with my nephews so I don't look like a dweeb. =)


 5. The War on Grandpa is an old book that is supposed to be funny, but I haven't been able to find to read. The movie is supposed to be bad, though.


 6. A Wrinkle in Time. I kind of liked the other movie, I do hope this one is better. The special effects HAVE to be better!


 7. The Darkest Minds - I haven't read that book in a good while, but I liked it. The actress who played Rue in THG is the main character. Should be good.


 8. I'd like to see Farenheit 451, but it comes out on HBO first.


 9. Monster by Walter Dean Myers looks interesting


10. The Jungle Book - how many times has this been done?


11. Little Women - again, it has been done and redone.


12. Mary Poppins - seriously? Why do they have to challenge the classics?


13. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - again? I just hope it's better than the one with Jim Carrey. It was weird.


I know there are a few others, but I don't know if I'll watch them. What books have you read that you just really want to see come out on the big screen, as long as it's done right (as if you were an advisor, along with the author, to the whole process)?


George =)


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"Fight the good fight

of the faith. Take hold

of the eternal life to which you were called

when you made the good confession

before many witnesses." 

I Timothy 6:12

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I loved WONDER! So close to the book! And I’m VERY excited for A WRINKLE IN TIME

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I'm suspicious about A Wrinkle in Time. I LOVED the How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey! I can relate to him in many ways. XD And I heard that the Mary Poppins movie is going to be set with Mary and Jane grown up and I think it's Mary Poppins helping Michael with his kids??? IDK, I looked it up once. XD But no matter what, Julie Andrews (and Yondu, cuz I'm a nerd like that) will always be my Mary Poppins. :) 

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"But I don't regret,

Nor will I forget all who took the road with me.


To these memories I will hold

With your blessing I will go.


I bid you all a very fond farewell."

-Billy Boyd

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Farewell everyone, it was fun while it lasted....









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jungle book was already done also scorch trials was bad so I have no interest in seeing death cure 


I'm on the fence about Mary popping because no one can replace Julie andrews

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