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Chapter 1: Congrats You’re Not Normal Anymore


I felt punches raining down on me. I know I need to do something. I felt adrenaline coursing through my body. It was...nobody. It didn’t have any face. I started running. I turned a corner and knocked into somebody. It was a boy around my age. He was about five foot seven. He had black hair that got into his shocking green eyes.

“Are you okay? I’m terribly sorry. I should have...” He stopped once my faceless pursuer rounded the corner. “You too? I was chased by one of the Cutwhels just an hour ago. Come on, follow me.” He said, as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me along. We ran past houses with Halloween decorations up. We stopped after about three or four miles. We sat down, panting, at the edge of a forest. “I’m Cadmael,” He said, after we calmed down for a bit. “My name means war chief, which I am. Don’t tell me your name, because it will probably change.”

“Okay, can you tell me what Cutwhales are?” I ask.

“Cutwhels, not Cutwhales. Cutwhels are one type of monster that nobody but the gifted know about. They track down the gifted like you and I. My gift is enhanced strength. You probably don’t know your’s yet since you’re new to this.” He answered. I look at him like he was crazy, because he was.

“I’m not ‘gifted’. I’m a normal human being. You are, too. You just think you’re really strong just like all the other boys in this blasted world. Cutwheels, or whatever they are, is just a sign we’re going crazy. I’m going home and I’m gonna ask my Grandpa to see what’s wrong with me. Good day.” I say and start to walk away. Then I heard a growl. I whirl around and see a wolf next to Cadmael. Then it morphed into a boy.

“This is Uffe. His name means wolf man. His gift is animal morphing.” Cadmael said. Uffe was at least five inches taller than Cadmael. His hair was black and really long. His eyes were a startling gray.

“Hello.” Uffe said, in a gruff voice.

“Hi. I know for a fact that I’m crazy. I’m just imagining all of this. Catwhels, you, the wolf man are all just a figure of my imagination.” I said, putting my hand on my forehead. Cadmael sighed while Uffe chuckled.

“You better start believing, because you have a gift.” Cadmael said. I looked at them. I’m probably faster than both of them. I could outrun them to my house and lock them out. Then, call the police. I slowly started to walk away.

“Cadmael, she’s walking away.” Uffe said. I took off. I heard them running after me. I wish I put my hair up this morning. My blonde hair was getting in my face. My house was just up ahead. My grandpa was outside. He looked at me and a sad look grew on his face. He saw the boys behind me and his eyes started to become misty. He went inside the house and closed the door. I got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. I banged on the door.

“Let me in! Please!” I said over and over again. I heard sobs from inside the house. Somebody stuck a needle in my neck. I could fell myself slipping away from reality. I saw Uffe’s smug look and Cadmael looking at me with determination, then I slipped into darkness.

I woke up in a truck. I looked around me. “She’s awake!” I heard Uffe yell. He was sitting next to me. I tried to unbuckle myself, but my hands were bound. Uffe laughed.

“Let me go! This is kidnapping.” I said, still struggling.

“Yeah, well...we’re trying to protect you and train you for Cutwhels and other creatures.” Cadmael said, from the drivers seat.

“I’d rather take my chances with the Chutwhels.” I said. Cadmael groaned. Uffe looked between us with an amused look.

“So, Uffe,” I said after a while. “what animals can you change into?”

“I can change into any animal or shape part of me into a part of an animal. I prefer to be a wolf though.” He answered. We went a while without talking.

After a few hours, we stopped. Cadmael got out. Uffe unbuckled and unbound me. Uffe kept one hand on my arm to make sure I don’t try to run. There wasn’t a lot of people there. I counted only forty-eight people, not including us. Everybody watched us as we walked in. We walked to an office. There was a plaque that said:

“ALVINA: friend of the elves”


Alvina was a tall girl with straight green hair and green eyes. Her dress was made out of flowers sewed together. Her hair was pinned back.

“Welcome to G.A—Gifted Academy,” She said. “Let’s see what your power is, shall we?” She extended her hand out to me. I took it. As soon as I touched her, I felt sharp pain. Alvina gasped and let go.

“She is part fairy, therefore she has fairy powers. Your name from now on is Fairy. It’s a rare gift, use it well.” She said. She looked at Cadmael. He nodded. Uffe led me to a room.

“You’ll be staying with us and two other people. Their names are Eindride – one who rides alone and Shayla – blinded. You must be on your best behavior. No problems. Uffe will be with you at all times.” Cadmael said. I nodded even though I wasn’t listening. I was looking at the room. The room was gigantic. There was five sections. Four of them were decorated. The last one was empty.

“That’s your section,” Uffe said, snapping me out of it. “You can decorate it however you want.” I nodded, indicating that I understood. I walked over to my bed. I touched the blankets and they turned blue. I stepped back and they turn back to white. Uffe chuckled.

“They’re mood blankets. Blue means you’re sad. What’s wrong?” He asked sounding concerned. I shook my head. I didn’t trust myself to speak. All around me, the section was changing according to my likes. I walked over the wardrobe. Uffe watching my every move. Inside was clothes to my taste. Skinny jeans, t-shirts, a few skirts and dresses, a pair of jean shorts, combat boots, and converse. There was also a mirror. I looked at myself. My normally wild blonde hair was even crazier. My sky blue eyes were bloodshot. My peachy whit skin was really pale. I looked like a disaster. Even my glasses were crooked. I quickly fixed them so they were straight.

“What time is it?” I asked, looking for a clock.

“It’s ten thirty. Time for you to get some sleep.” He responded. I changed into my pj’s. I laid down. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.






















Chapter 2: My Death Is Foretold Or So I’m Told


I woke up to dog breath. A puppy with the most grayest eyes I’ve ever seen. The puppy was licking my face. I pushed him off, but he got back up. He walked in a few circles then lay right next to me. Then, he turned into a cat. “Leave me alone, Uffe.” I mumbled, rolling over. I felt the bed weigh down, then the freezing cold air when Uffe ripped the blanket off of me. I glared at him.

“What time is it?” I groaned and shivered.

“Midnight.” Uffe said, then ran off turning into a rat. That made me mad. I only slept for an hour and a half.

“Hi, I’m Eindride. Sorry about Uffe. He’s a prankster at heart.” somebody said. He had black hair and dazzling brown eyes. His skin was so pale.

“Hi, I’m Reb...Fairy.” I said hesitating. He nodded then went back to sleep. Uffe walked in. He put my blanket back on me.

“Can I be a kitten and sleep on your pillow, please?” Uffe asked. I sighed but nodded. He climbed on to my bed and turned into the cutest kitten ever. He circled the pillow then laid down. I fell back asleep.

When it was morning, I awoke cuddling the kitten. He was still asleep. Everybody else was awake with their phones out, except Eindride, who was watching with amusement.

“Sorry, we just had to get a photo of you two. It was to adorable to pass up. I’m Shayla, by the way.” She said. Her eyes were blank, meaning she’s blind. How did she see us?

“Hi, I’m Fairy.” I said. Uffe cuddled even closer and purred. I giggled.

“It’s time for breakfast. We’ll leave to get ready. Tell Uffe to take you to your lessons. Your breakfast is over there.” Cadmael said, pointing to a tray. They all left. I got dressed. I put on skinny jeans, combat boots, and a camouflage tank top. For my hair, I put it up. I thought about how to wake up Uffe. Then, I realized, now’s the time for revenge. A plan formed. He was a cat and cat’s hate water. I looked for a cup. I found one near the sink. I filled it with water and poured it on him.

He made a hissing sound and jumped about two feet in the air. I laughed so hard. He changed back into a human. He was dripping wet, but he was also laughing. He got a look in his eyes like he just had an idea. He ran up and gave me a hug.

“Uffe! The water was payback for waking me up last night. We were even. Now, I have to get you back again.” I whined. He just laughed and went into the bathroom to get ready. I ate my breakfast while he got ready. He comes out and ate his breakfast in less than five minutes. I still had half of mine left. Our breakfast contained scrambled eggs, a biscuit, bacon, and orange juice. After ten minutes, all I had left was my bacon and biscuit. Then, all of a sudden, my bacon was gone. I glared at Uffe. He tried to look all innocent but he wasn’t fooling anybody. I rolled my eyes and ate my biscuit.

When I was done, Uffe took mine and his plates and placed them on a table. I wiped my mouth and got up. Uffe led me to a classroom. I had seven teachers in all. Their names were: Fahim – scholared, learned man, Hye – intelligent woman, Aethelred – wise or learned counselor, Buena – woman of good, Walmond – one who protects others in battle, Xenia – women of hospitality, and Zaida – to raise, boost. They were all very nice. They taught me math, history, science, language arts, music, and how to control whatever powers came my way. Just like a normal school day. I was the only student in the classes except for Uffe, who told me that everybody already knew what I was learning.

“How many kids or whatever live here?” I asked

“Fifty-one before you, so now fifty-two.” Uffe said. He looked proud of doing the math. Sometimes, he can be so childish and I just met him. I feel bad for all the others. All my classes were in the morning. Finally, it was lunch time. Uffe grabbed my arm and pulled me into the cafeteria. He got really happy when he realized we were having nachos. It’s funny how when we met, I never thought he would be so goofy. He seemed more mature when we met. I got my nachos and followed Uffe to a table where Cadmael, Eindride, and Shayla sat. They were all laughing and joking around, except for Cadmael.

I looked around the cafeteria. It was huge. The walls were a pale teal color. There was about twenty tables that fit about ten people each.

“So, Fairy...why was Uffe curled up with you last night?” Shayla asked raising her eyebrow at me. I forgot about that.

“He asked me if he could sleep on my pillow as a kitten. I said that he could. After I woke up, I poured a cup of water on him. It was payment for waking me up.” I responded. I looked at Cadmael.

“Cadmael, exactly why did you assign Uffe to guide me?” I asked.

“He’s funny and easy going. Somebody that makes you feel like you’re at home. Also, nobody else wants to put up with him.” He explained, lightheartedly. As soon as he said home, I remembered. I actually forgot about my grandpa and grandma. It got really quiet. Uffe looked upset about what Cadmael said about him. Cadmael then realized what he said. A silent tear rolled down my cheek. I felt Uffe put his arms around me and pull me into a hug.

“It’ll be okay. We talked to them about you coming here. They sad that they know that you have to be trained and that you have to live here.” Uffe whispered to me. I wiped the tears off. Cadmael muttered an apology. We finished eating our lunch in silence, the playful atmosphere now gone.

“Uffe, take Fairy on a tour of the place. We have many hours to waste. Afterwords, do something to pass time with her.” Cadmael said.

“You’re putting my life in his hands. I’m so dead.” I said. Uffe pretended to look hurt. Cadmael just rolled his eyes. Wow, everybody, including me, loves to roll their eyes. Uffe grabbed me and put me over his shoulder.

“Wow, you’re so light, just like a fairy.” I hit him upside the head. While he carried me, he pointed out different rooms. My favorites were the game room and the library. The game room had millions of games: board games, arcade games, old and modern game systems. The library was humongous. I could have spent hours in there but Uffe dragged me along. There were hundreds of rooms.

After the tour, he took me to watch a movie. We fought for about half an hour on what to see. He wanted to watch The Hulk but I wanted to watch Spider-man. We decided to watch both of them because we had about five hours left until dinner. We watched Spider-man and then The Hulk.

We had beef stew for dinner, which had Uffe complaining because he hated carrots. A girl of about eight approached our table. She had long auburn hair and brown eyes. “Hello, Iekika.” Shayla said.

Iekika got a distant look in her eyes. She looked at me.

“Vous êtes condamne a une mort terrible. Faites attention a la respiration sombre. Si vous échouez, nous allons tous payer le prix. Vous aurez bientôt besoin de quatre compagnons pour vous aider. Sans eux vous echoverez certainement. Bonne chance, Faire.” She said. I did not understand a single word she said. I looked around for a translator. Shayla turned to me and said,

“She said, ‘You are doomed to a terrible death. Beware the dark breath. If you fail, we will all pay the price. You will soon need four companions to help you. Without them you will most certainly fail. Good luck, Fairy.’ You see, Iekika can see your future. Sometimes it’s uncertain or not correct. Let us hope it’s not correct. Je vous remercie, Iekika.”

“Vous êtes le bienvenu. Ne pas gâcher, Faire. Ne mourrez pas sil vous plaît.” She responded.

Shayla told me that she told me “Do not mess up, Fairy. Don’t die please.” I couldn’t eat any more after that.

“Shayla, how do you know where we are?” I asked, walking back to the room.

“Echolocation, it sends me an image of my surroundings.” She responded. Once we got to the room, I got dressed in my pj’s which consisted of a pair of shorts and a tank top and brushed my hair and teeth. I laid down. My blanket instantly turned black. Uffe walked over and sat on the edge of my bed.

“What’s wrong, Fairy? You’re scared.” He whispered, concern etched across his face.

“I’m scared for my grandparents. I’m scared for myself. That girl at dinner scared me. This is all so new and too soon. I feel as if I don’t belong here.” I said, not being able to contain the tears any more, I cried. Uffe put his arms around me and whispered that it would be alright. I fell asleep with Uffe next to me and being like a big brother, that I never had.

I dreamed of fairies and elves and wolves. It was full of magic. “Time to wake up, love. Fairy, wake up. Fairy!” I sat up quickly. It was only Uffe grinning down at me. I groaned and laid back down. I heard a sigh. I screamed as Cadmael pulled me out of the bed by my feet. My head hit the floor. I grunted in pain.

“Sorry, but it’s time for you to get up. Today, you’ll be with me, since Uffe has work to do.” He said, apologetically. Oh boy, this is going to be so much fun. We went to all my classes. I’ll spare the details. The classes were so boring. The only class that was any fun was in Walmonds class. He was teaching me how to fight. Which turns out I’m a natural. Walmond even put Cadmael against me. I was able to easily beat him.

“Lunch time!” I sing, skipping out of my last class. Cadmael looked at me weirdly. He was still limping from Walmonds class. I had accidentally hit just the right place to hurt him. Alvina suddenly appeared out of thin air, causing me to jump and shriek. Cadmael coughed to hide his laughter.

“Sorry, Fairy. I forgot you’re new to all of this. I just wanted to tell you that we’re holding a party tonight and you’re the guest of honor. We do this every time a new gifted comes. So wear something nice, preferably a dress.” She said as she vanished again. This time Cadmael just laughed as I jumped.

Instead of saying something, I just started walking to the cafeteria. We were having subs. Yummy! I sat next to Uffe and Shayla. Shayla and I talked about what to wear tonight. Turns out Uffe’s in charge of the music. We tried to talk him out of an all country theme.

“Country is awesome but too much is not good. Just add in some pop and classic rock or something.” I suggested. It took a little while but he caved in.

“Only if I get to be a kitty and sleep with you for a week.” He said.

“Okay, deal.” I responded. He did a victory dance which consisted of twirls and jumps.

“I hope you know that I wasn’t going to play all country anyways but thanks for the deal.” He said, hugging me. He took one look at me, kissed me on the cheek and started to run. I looked at Cadmael and asked,

“Do I have time to kill and bury Uffe before dinner?” He looked at his watch.

“You have seven hours. It depends on how fast you are.” He answered.

“Okay. I’ll spend an hour catching him, maybe less. Then, three burying him. Then, shower and afterwords, I’ll still have three or two hours left. Yeah.” I said, gleefully. I took off, with them all laughing. Once I got in the hall, I slowed down. Uffe can become any animal. I, I won’t. I checked every door that I come across. I’ve already wasted forty-five minutes. I’m gonna have to. I concentrated really hard. I felt small. I looked down, sure enough I was a fairy. I was very petite with beautiful gold wings. My hair was braided down my back. I focused on finding animals in the building or whatever it’s called. I felt the presence of someone behind me. I swirled around to see Cadmael.

“Fairy! Please tell me you didn’t actually kill him. Fairy! Where are you?” He kept calling out. Nobody could see me in this form. I felt an animals thoughts. It was definitely Uffe. Fairy will never find me. As long as I’m a lizard. Mwahahaha! I could tell he was on the wall. I saw a purple lizard walking on the wall.

“Uffe! Please tell me that’s you!” Cadmael said. The lizard turned into Uffe. He fell on the ground.

“Uffe, Fairy is after you and she’s going to kill and bury you before dinner, but we don’t know where she went.”

“You let her go after me! How hard will it be to find her?”

“Easy, she’s only a girl after all. She hasn’t discovered her powers yet.” I laughed at that one. I should scare them.

“Also, she’s too loud. Way to easy.” They both laughed at that. That’s it. I flew in front of them. I focused on being a human again. I looked them straight in the eye.

“Too loud, huh. Haven’t discovered my powers, yeah right. Never underestimate me again!” I said and walked off. Everybody always underestimated me. I went to the library to read. It was time for dinner by the time I cooled off. It was taco night. I sat at the usual table. Alvina walked towards me.

“Congratulations, Fairy. You found your powers, or did you always know?” She asked.

“I always knew but I didn’t accept it.” I said, quietly. She nodded as if she understood.

“At ten, the party will start. Make sure you’re there.” Alvina smiled. After that she left, and by left, I mean teleported somewhere. The others came and sat down. Cadmael and Uffe looking at me cautiously.

“Okay what gives? Cadmael and Uffe have been looking at you as if you’re dangerous or like you’re going to attack them at any minute.” Eindride asked, looking at me. This was the first time he actually talked to me.

“You should ask them why.” I said, giving Cadmael and Uffe a pointed look.

“So you all know how Fairy was going to kill Uffe. Well I was worried that she would actually kill him, so I went looking for them. I found Uffe first and we kinda started bad towards her. We didn’t know that she there and all of a sudden she was in front of us. I don’t even know how she did it.” Cadmael said, looking at me the whole time.

“I turned into a fairy so I could track Uffe down. I knew he would turn into an animal. While I’m in fairy form I can hear what animals think. It wasn’t that hard to tell what animal was Uffe. Then, Cadmael and Uffe started talking and I went in front of them and turned back into human form. I’m still mad at them too.” I said, glaring at them. Uffe just moved closer to me. He put his head on my shoulder and looked at me with puppy eyes.

“I sorry for being mean. Pwetty pwease, forgive me.” He said, babyish. I tried to fight back a smile and not look at him and his adorable puppy eyes. He kept his head on my shoulder. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore.

“Okay, okay. I forgive you.” I said, laughing. He gave me a giant hug.

“I’m sorry for talking bad about you, Fairy.” Cadmael said looking me in the eyes. His eyes were so green. I thought about it.

“I don’t think I forgive you. You might be sincere, but you also pulled me out of bed this morning. Also, you can’t be as adorable as Uffe.” I said. He shook his head.

“What do I have to do to gain you forgiveness?” He asked.

“Well, tonight there is a party and I’m stuck going have to dance with me for one complete song.” I said.

“Oh, no, please anything but that.” He said sarcastically, with a smile.




Chapter 3: The Party Get’s Crashed


Shayla and I met up in her section. She was going to wear a long, red dress where the sleeves were cut off at the elbow and her shoulders were exposed. Her dress clung to her body shape. I’m gonna wear a long, black dress with long sleeves and my shoulders exposed. The dress clung to my waist and flowed out at the waist down. We decided to straighten our hair, because both of us have curly hair. We were going natural no make up and hair down.

“We still have an hour to go.” I said.

“Let’s practice dancing, so you can be decent when dancing with me.” Cadmael said.

“Actually, it’s the other way around. I can’t have you embarrassing me while I’m dancing with you.” I replied. Eindride started the music and Cadmael and I got in position to dance. He had one hand on my waist and the other holding mine. I had one hand on his shoulder and the other holding his. I didn’t realize how tall he was until now. I saw Eindride and Shayla start to dance. Cadmael and I started to dance along with them. At first, Cadmael had trouble keeping up with me, then I slowed down for him. I smiled in amusement. The song ended.

“Well, it’s my turn.” Uffe said, pushing Cadmael away. I laughed at his expression as he landed on the floor. Eindride started the music up again. Uffe had no problem keeping up with me. If anything I had trouble keeping up with him. He was a lot better at dancing then he gave off. I laughed as he twirled me around for the last time.

“Well, sorry Cadmael, but Uffe is a better dancer.” I said.

“Well that is most certainly a problem. I only have an hour to get better. Dang that’s cutting it close.” Cadmael said. The rest of the time Cadmael practiced dancing. We just sat on our beds laughing at him. Uffe then got up and asked Cadmael to dance. That just made it even more hilarious. Cadmael rudely turned him down. Uffe shook it off and sat down on my bed. Finally it was time to go.

“I hope you’re ready for all the attention to be on you.” Cadmael said as we walked to the cafeteria.

“No, I am not and you better not make it worse.” I warned.

“Oh, Alvina’s only going to say at the beginning that you’re our guest of honor. That’s it. I mean when you’re dancing with me. At all the party’s I never dance. So you’re lucky.” He said.

“I can put up with that and I can see why you don’t dance with anyone.” I said. He scoffed. We opened the door. The room was beautiful. I gasped at how perfectly everything was set up. I saw Uffe smile at me. My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne was blaring. Uffe dragged me on the dance floor. We danced without a care in the world. Alvina went up and recognized me as the guest of honor. Then, they played the first slow dance of the night. Cadmael and I got ready. This time he was able to keep up with me. I was impressed by how quickly he learned. We didn’t exchange words throughout the whole dance. When it was over, Cadmael quickly let go of me. They played more party favorites and Uffe and I danced to all of them. We talked about what to do tomorrow. Uffe had the idea to watch the entire American Horror Story series. Every single one. I agreed. It was almost eleven thirty when things went for the worst. People in black cloaks stormed into the room. They were holding swords and any other weapon imaginable except for a gun. There was no guns at all. They started to attack. I don’t know where they kept their weapons but the others had them. I had nothing. A tall and lanky man with an odd crookedness to his stance. He had dark sunken in eyes and a bony nose. His forehead seemed to protrude giving his eyes an even more slightly evil look. His black, greasy, scraggly, untended hair appeared to have not been washed for weeks. His oily skin was covered in disgusting green bumps.

Uffe took one look at him and froze. His smile fading off his lips. He stepped in front of me. “Who is that?” I asked Uffe. Uffe looked back at me and whispered

“Sephtis – eternal death.” He looked back at Sephtis. I saw Cadmael also step in front of me. He glared at Sephtis.

“Sephtis. You are not welcome here.” Alvina’s voice boomed in the now quiet room. Sephtis looked at her. His tongue flicked out. It was forked like a snake.

“I’m here, because my daughter is one of you.” Sephtis said in a gruff voice.

“Your daughter? I did not know you had a daughter.” Alvina said, stunned.

“Ah, yes. That’s because she was taken by her mother’s grandparents. I could never find her. I want her back. She will be spared. Now, don’t think my plans have changed. I still want to kill your kind.” Sephtis said. He motioned for his minions or whatever they were to attack. Cadmael took and hid me in a closet before anyone could see us.

“Do not leave here until I come back. Promise me.” He said. I promised. I heard screams and swords clanging against each other. I stood there shivering in my dress. I felt useless. I wanted to be out there helping. I didn’t have any weapons to help with. I just waited for Cadmael. After what felt like hours, I heard Sephtis say,

“Retreat we did enough damage. They’ve hidden her. Alvina, I want Rebecca. I want my daughter and I will get her. What did you change her name to, huh?”

“Her name is Fairy and you will never get her.” Alvina responded. When I heard that, I froze. This was my fault. If Cadmael and Uffe had never come to take me, this would’ve never happened. Cadmael opened the door and found me crying. He took one look at me and said,

“It isn’t your fault. Every single one of us, protects the other. No matter who or what they are. We’re like a family here. We’ll protect you. I promise.” Cadmael said, hugging me. I walked out. Kids young and old were lying on the ground tired out or injured. Kids with healing powers walked around helping people. There were a total of four medics. I searched for Uffe. I saw him lying on the ground. I ran to him. Blood was spilling out of his stomach. I fell beside him. Cadmael following after me.

“It’s going to be okay, Uffe. I promise.” I held his hand. Tears were streaming down my face.

“I know I’m going to die, Fairy. Just remember that I’ll always be there, even if you don’t see me.”

“Don’t talk like that. We still have to watch American Horror Story and have lots of fun. You’re going to make it. Cadmael, get a medic over here.” Cadmael took off in search of a medic.

“If I don’t make it, be sure to cause trouble for me. Prank the others also, especially Cadmael. That guy needs to loosen up. I hope you know that you’re my little sister. You were annoying and fun at the same time.” He coughed up blood. Tears kept spilling. Cadmael came back with Buena. She tried to fix him. She looked at Cadmael and shook her head.

“Fairy, he’s not going to make it. I’m sorry.” He said. That caused another flood of tears. Uffe grasped my hand.

“Fairy, don’t you dare cry over me. I’m glad to have died protecting you. All I ask of you is to always be happy. Don’t become depressed. Please.” Uffe said. He coughed up more blood. He gasped for breath. Then his hold on my hand loosened. He drew his last breath. Uffe, my best friend, my big brother, my partner in crime, just died in my arms.

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I liked it you are one gifted person but...

Noooo whyyyyy Uffe? he was so nice and stuff he was like my favorite and he only made it to Chapter threeee!!!! well anyways nice story


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...welp hola got nothin to say here so scroll away



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Uffe is not a main character. Fairy wants to get revenge for Uffe , his death influenced her actions and if you find that heart wrenching. I'm sorry. You probably won't like the ending of the book. I am trying to write but I got writer's block. It might be a while before another chapter. Sorry.

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