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Chapter 2: Everything Mart Has Well...Everything!


We walked on in silence. Diana leading us.

“Do you even know where Everything Mart is?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. I am the Wise Ones’ daughter you know.” She said matter-of-factly. I rolled my eyes. Adam chuckled at my childness.

“So, after all this is over, what do you think will happen?” Adam said, looking over at me.

“I don’t know. Who says this will ever be over? We might be dead before then.” I said sadly.

“No! Don’t think like that. You need to think positive. We will make it through this.” He said taking my shoulders and looking me straight in my eyes. I couldn’t help but feel happy that Adam cared about me and how Everyone might die. I didn’t notice tears started to roll down my cheeks until Adam wiped them away and he pulled me into a hug.

I didn’t want to let go but we had to run to catch up with the rest. Lupe looked at me with a knowing look. I started to blush. I noticed Jason was slowly walking away from the group. I poked Adam and pointed to Jason.

“Jason, where are you going?” Adam yelled out. Jason looked over at us with a smug look. The rest of the group looked at us to see what was going on.

“I don’t need your help. I can survive on my own. The only reason why I saved that little, ugly, pathetic excuse of a girl was to get Opal’s attention and it worked. Until she said that I was just a player You know what? I can find way hotter girls that ya’ll.” As Jason continued to talk and point, a zombie slowly walked towards him. I was going to yell for him to run but I felt a hand clamped  over my mouth. I looked back to see Adam staring at Jason with a resentful glare. The zombie kept walking slowly to Jason. As it was right behind him, Jason looked back to see what we were staring at and when he turned around he was face to face with a zombie. Before Jason could run, the zombie sunk its teeth into Jason’s neck. They both went down. I couldn’t watch it so I put my head into the crook of Adam’s head.While I was doing that I heard the others say things.

“OH MY GOSH!!” I heard Opal and Kelly scream. While Lupe, Jim, and Nancy were gagging, and Ed, Gary,and Billy were screaming while running in circles bumping into each other. Adam laid his head on mine, whispering softly.

“Don’t worry. It’s not our fault. He was talking too loud. We could’ve told him, but we didn’t because he wasn’t our responsibility and also he shouldn’t have said those things about you.” He whispered into my ear. He held me and rubbed circles on my back. We suddenly heard a sound and turn around to see Lupe and Ed fighting that it was their fault and Diana and Opal staring at Billy, while Remington was mumbling something to quiet for anyone to hear and the rest were either talking or crying. When suddenly Diana turned around.

“Well let’s get going…..and I’m sorry for your friend but let me just tell you now.” Diana said taking a deep breath.

“This journey is going to be tough and may of you might not make it alive but I have a feeling no one important is going to die because I am the Wi-”  

“WE KNOW,... we know you're the Wise ones daughter.” said Opal trying not to get upset. While Diana and Opal were talking.(more like arguing.) I gazed of and looked at the gray clear sky, when I felt a cold tug on my hand. I looked around to see who it was but the only thing I saw was something glowing gold. When I looked closer to see who it was I saw an gold glowing apparition. It gestured for me to follow it. I hesitantly released myself from Adam’s embrace and followed it. The apparition looked like a woman but it was strange because she looked almost like me. The only differences was that I had blue eyes and she had hazel eyes. Also, she only stood at about five feet. Where as, I was five foot three. Other than that she looked exactly like me.

She led me to a building. I could sense the others following me. It was Everything Mart. She took me behind the building, where she lead me on a path that was faded away and took me to a grave marker that read:

“Heather Love-a wonderful wife and mother. R.I.P”

It was my mother’s grave. I knew that she had died but I didn’t know where her grave was and how she died. The ghost looked at me with longing eyes.

“You’re my mother, aren’t you?” I asked. The ghost nodded it’s head slowly. My eyes started to water. I was about to hug the ghost when I felt somebody put their arms around my waist and pull me back. The ghost started to transform. It no longer looked like a human form. It was a monster. It was tall and skinny. It had eyes darker than the night. I saw it’s skinny, white hands reach towards me. Diana stepped forward and pulled out a scythe that was glowing blue. She swung it at the monster, but the monster jumped back.

“WHERE DID SHE GET THAT SCYTHE FROM!?!” yelled Gary and Ed. Diana ran while swinging and trying not to pay any attention to what Gary and Ed were saying. When Diana was suddenly was behind the monster ready to swing, so when it looked back it was too late. She swung at the monster and chopped it to itty bitty pieces. While she was doing that I was crying my eyes out that I couldn't hear anyone talk.

I heard soft whispers but couldn’t make out any words. Somebody pulled my arm roughly and drag me away. I suddenly felt myself being picked up. Somebody kept calling my name but I couldn’t figure out who it was. We went through doors of Everything Mart. Everything seemed dark and the lights were flickering on and off. Somebody placed me down on something cold and hard. All I could do was cry and think, What did I do wrong? Why did she show up? Was she fake?

I heard distant banging and shouting. I tried to sit up but couldn’t. I tried to open my mouth to say something but all that would come out were some weird noises. What was wrong with me? I thought.

“She got that slime from that creature's mouth on her. Is it doing something to her?” I heard somebody say. Wait,... who am I again?! Oh no,... I forgot who I was!

“The slime will eventually make her forget who she is and who everybody else is and eventually lose her memories.” somebody said.

“She won’t remember who I am.” Somebody said sadly.

“I can fix her.” the first voice said.

“Are you sure? I…...I can’t live without her.” I heard the second voice say while their voice cracked. That brought tears to my eyes.

“Mary? Mary, can you hear me?” The second voice said.I took a deep breath.

“Who’s Mary? Is that me?” I said to the voices.

“Yes, Mary. That is you. I’m Adam, remember.” The second voice said slowly and shakily.

“Nope, you’re a guy named Nick,” a third voice said.

“No, you’re Donald Trump,” another voice chimed in.

I heard someone mutter under their breath, and then I heard two people try to talk but somebody hushed them.

“What’s my real name?” I asked.

“Your real name is Mary Love. You’re fourteen years old. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten. Slime from a monster had hit you and you forgot everything. Don’t worry though. We’ll fix you.” The second voice said.

My breathing started to steady. I will get my memory's back. No matter what. That's when it hit me. I couldn't see. ¨Why can't I see though?

“Guys, I can’t see.” I said shakily.

“It’s just a side effect. You’ll regain your sight after a couple of hours.” I heard the first person say. “She needs to sleep and we need to fix this place up. Also, take stock of what we have.”

“Ok, I’ll find a place to put her to bed.” Somebody’s hands guided me. Finally, we got to wherever we were going.

“Go to bed. Make sure you stay in here and don’t move until I come and get you. By the time, I come back you should have you sight back. Get some sleep and have good dreams.” he helped me lay down. I felt him kiss my forehead. I fell straight to sleep.


I opened my eyes and groaned at the pain. My head felt like it had been smashed to pieces. Where am I? I looked around confused. The room was a terrible shade of yellow and the furniture was ripped up in places. There was a really creepy painting of a woman with white eyes. Adam was passed out in a chair across from the couch I was laid on. I tried to remember what happened but all I could remember was Jason being attacked. Adam looked so peaceful, then he started to stir.

“You’re awake.” he said, sleepily. I giggle at him, noticing his hair stuck up in all sorts of directions.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, eyeing me warily.

“Oh, nothing much. Just your hair.” I said, still giggling. He shot up and went to the mirror that was hanging on the wall. He started to flatten his hair but it wasn’t helping his case.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better. You had me worried. Let’s make a rule for you: no going anywhere without telling anybody. I think that’ll go for everybody though.” He said. I rolled my eyes.

“Rules aren’t no fun though.” I whined. He just shook his head and started to drag me out the door to the others. Everybody greeted me with hugs, except Lupe, she hit me.

“You had me, I mean us, worried. Don’t you ever do that to me, us again. Do you understand?” She said, cracking and hugged me.

“I’m sorry. I saw my mother though.” I said, with a smile, remembering how much a like we looked. Diana smiled nervously.

“Actually, that's not what your mother looks. Besides, it’s impossible for that to be her grave. I mean, she isn’t even dead.” Diana said laughing. Everybody looked as shocked as I was.

“What do mean she isn’t dead?” I said. My thoughts starting to race. I think I would’ve known if she wasn’t...I think. What if dad lied? What if she is alive, but doesn’t like me? What and how?

“She had to be put in protection. Your father was and still is after her. She had to put you up for adoption. I thought you knew.” Diana said.

“Mary...everything will be okay.” Adam said slowly. My fists were clenched so hard. My nails were digging into the palms of my hand. I could feel heat around me.

“Mary, keep the anger reeled in. If you don’t, you’ll hurt someone. I know you don’t want to do that,” Diana said. I could feel heat burning up inside of me. I wanted to release it but I knew I shouldn’t. I thought cool thoughts; ice cream, ice, snow, etc. I felt myself cooling off. Everybody looked at me scared, except Adam. I looked at everybody and ran to the room where I first awoke. I sat on the couch sobbing. I was monster. I didn’t belong here. Adam walked in and sat next to me. He pulled me into a conforting hug. We stayed that way until it came.

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