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I never wanted to be gifted. 

I always was. It seemed like It just happened. My enemies slipped on ice in the middle of summer. I shoveled the driveway buy lighting my hands, which never seemed to burn. Nobody knew until I realized that I made the ice and fire. I could set my hands ablaze or make a whole crowd popsicles. I was scared. I told my parents, who took away all flammable things and locked me in my room, until the fateful day that The messenger arrived at our doorstep.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. I'm here for Catrina. She has been accepted into Miss Forster's School for Gifted Children. Do not worry, everything is at order at the school. I just need her."

My parents, eager to get rid of their demon child shoved me into the man and slammed the door. He looked at me, looked at the door, and gestured to his car. It was a Sedan, 5 seater. I sat in the back staring out the window, in shock. Gifted? I thought. I haven't been to school in months!.

"Miss Roberts-" 

"Catrina, please." I interrupted him.

"Catrina, I know you must have many questions. All will be answered by Miss Forester."

As we arrived at the school, I sa a towering white marble mansion with spires and towers, like a medieval castle built by angels. A girl about my age waved at me and ran to the car.

"Hi! I'm Rosette. You must be Catrina! Miss Forester told us ALL about you! Come on! You're gonna be bunking with me! We're gonna have SO much fun!"

She opened the door with no hands, and grabbed my hand, pulling me out. SHe dragged me to the doors, which also seemed to open by themselves. 





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(Everything mentioned in this short story is fictitious. Any resemblance to any real places or people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.)

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會 - opportunity 


They are one in the same. We are the future. We are leaders.




Front sm


Branch: Ekaterina

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