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You'll pass over a few bumps along the way. You will. You have too. But you'll dive around others, too. Losing hope- well sometimes that's just part of the ride. Burnt bridges. Maybe a few candles to light your way. Only if you're lucky, though. Sometimes you won't be. And that's okay. You can't control your path- but the hero of your story has always been you, you know?

You, with your wit and your skill. You play a mean game. You wield a quick blade. So don't you worry about the few stones and pebbles. Or the oceans and rivers in your way. Because you haven't been lost. At least not since the beginning.


Happy New Year everyone, It'll be okay


Love mimi

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He wears his heart


safety pinned to his backpack


His backpack is all that he knows


Shot down by strangers


whose glances can cripple


the heart and devour the soul





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Branch: Lucian

That was awesome, Mimi. :) *huggles*

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"But I don't regret,

Nor will I forget all who took the road with me.


To these memories I will hold

With your blessing I will go.


I bid you all a very fond farewell."

-Billy Boyd