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aka AgentOfficer39

Branch: Ekaterina

Wazzup, my doods. Hope y'all are doing swell and you're all having a kool winter break. I got you kids some dank Christmas presents wahoooooooo.


Chewy: Procrastination for Dummies, the book. Premium Spotify. 


Ogre: Lifetime supply of nonexistent heartfelt replies.


Ashy: A broken vase that's glued back together.


Lyssie: A framed copy of your meme.


99: Audio recording of my screaming HE'S EIGHTEEN. 


Oz: A life.


Hope: A bottle of sanity because you tried to debate with Obnoxious?? 


Fardosa: Day-end-doughnations from Panera for you because BRUH UR A KOOL KID

Monty: A coffee mug that says "Joe" on the side.


Everyone else: Disembodied hand brownies / Dauntless wedding cake


Happy Christmas, merry Hanukkah, andddddd that's all for now folks. See ya next year.

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no bullying pls

mber since 2013

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aka FieryLucian3

Branch: Lucian

Klary: Anti-senioritis spray, Sherlock DVDs


Lyss/Oz/99: A semi-interesting email


Ashy/Megwhale: A semi-interesting skype


Fardosa: A semi-interesting ig message


Hope/Katherz/V/eKat/Saf: A semi-interesting discord message


Everyone else: See above

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ChuCahill & MBer siπce '12

professional craftinator.

#NeverAgain | #SayNoToRacism | #MeToo

"In 2022, who was best man at Dan and Phil's wedding?"

"A terrifying hybrid of of Chris and PJ."


#It's A Chain Reaction of Compassion

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

Dauntless cake? You shouldn't have! XD :D Thanks, Chu. :D

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"But I don't regret,

Nor will I forget all who took the road with me.


To these memories I will hold

With your blessing I will go.


I bid you all a very fond farewell."

-Billy Boyd