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So before I even start typing out the book, I just want to say this is just completely random. I had to write this book for a class because I don't really feel like failing a class, so yeah. I hope you enjoy the book. One last side note, the pages I had to work with were the size of a small flip- phone. So, the chapters are pretty short. 


                                                                    Chapter One

   It was just another day for Chris, a three-headed dog/human hybrid. He was walking to school, thoughts swimming through his head. He was the son of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog that guards The Underworld. Chris had the same black fur on his three heads, but one head had blue eyes, the second had green eyes, and the third has red eyes. Though, Chris has a human body, and not the four-legged beast his father is. 


                                                                   Chapter Two

  As Chris walked, slowly the school came into perspective. A huge brick building, with a clock in the highest tower. The school looked like a castle from far away, if not for the well-kept sports fields around the school. Chris walked up the stone steps leading up and into the school. He climbed the second flight of stairs and walked to the hallway for his grade. 



                                                                  Chapter Three

  Avoiding tails, huge antlers, and poisonous spikes, Chris reached his locker. Turning the lock to the correct combination and putting the contents of his bag into the locker. Just as he was about to go to his first class, Andy, the school bully, pushed Chris into his locker. "Look who it is, the school's three- headed freak." said the unircorn. 


So yeah, those are the first 3 chapters of my story. If I have time later, I will hopefully post the other 7 chapters. 


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Branch: Ekaterina

I like this!

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Branch: Ekaterina

Its short, but good. I like it.

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I have loved you all for years, and I will never stop.

My friends, my family, stay awesome.





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