Did the Scholastic websites just crash?

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All of a sudden, the MB (and the SAMB as well, and from there, I can assume every Scholastic MB) just didn't load. One minute, I was reading through a thread, and when I clicked on the button for the next page, it went to the dreaded grey "Please Reload" Google screen. I tried to reload it and it refused. I went to a different MB tab I had open, and the same exact thing happened. The moment I tried to open any kind of MB page - and then any Scholastic Community (series like the OG T39C, IR, and SA, and all the new ones like Horizon and the [admittedly less recent] WoF) page at all - it adamantly wouldn't load. This crash, as I'm guessing it was, started at about 12:05 (that's PST), and went on for 5-10 minutes.


Did this happen to everyone? Was I just a part of something? However inconsequential? I've never actually been present when a website crashed before, even though I've heard all about it, so I'm (hopefully) understandably excited. Hooray for new experiences!

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It didn't happen to me at that exact moment, but it has happened a lot while I'm scrolling through the board.

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Happens relatively frequently. It's annoying, but harmless. Don't worry about it.

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