Which story starter is better?

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So I've been writing for this thing and I made two stories. Now I'm trying to decide which one I should use. Which is better?



First one,


Waking in complete darkness was nothing new to me. No light, no food, nothing. It had been like this for who knows how long? How I was still alive? No one knew. I think even my captors are surprised how long I've lasted. Being clean is no longer a priority, and if I got out of this I don't think I'd even care if I fell in a sewer on the way to school. I'd once been that always clean girl. Couldn't stand it if I hadn't had a shower in a day. I hated the sense of being dirty. Now, who cares really? The constant feeling of dirt, mud, waste, just ew. Who woulda thought I'd be in this place today? Having no will to move or go on with life. I had always been that happy girl. Happy and clean. Complete opposite from what I am now. The others are getting sick….like I did. I don't want this to happen to them to. You see, I'm infected. Infected how? Infected as in I am sick, basically dead…yet somehow alive. Pain is constantly shooting through my bones, if they are even still there. I no longer speak normally. I talk like I'm writing letters…in riddles. I'm a monster. That's what they've made me. I'm an experiment. A human who is being injected with fluids that make me grow long arms and legs with green spots like seaweed bits....the fluids eat my bones and replace them with some sort of thick hard gross…something. It changes my way of thinking. When I see sweet animals like rabbits, I'm filled with rage and anger. I picture myself tearing into the flesh of that animal. Then I do it. My teeth sink into it and rip out its insides. It's like I'm some sort of werewolf. It hasn't stopped there either. Deers, bears, wolves, elks, etc. I don't think it's just animals, I think I'm heading eventually for humans. I'm writing this now to tell you to beware.They are injecting others too. We're coming for you, whether we like it or not. It's not out fault we are doing this. We are still human on the inside. We care, are weakness is our pack. We protect each other with our lives. My name is Alicia Hodges. I have a family. I have friends. We are all in this together. So I'm asking you, If there is any way possible to help us, I'm asking you from my heart to yours. Please. Please help us.




Second one


All Estelle saw was blackness. Nothing but blackness. Is this what it feels like to be blind? Am I blind? My hands felt ground....dirt I assume. My head ached and I felt my heart in my head. My hand reached up for a wall to help me stand, but instead my hand hit....ceiling. Where am I? I asked myself for the 13th time. The small space I was in was about...maybe 3ft tall. I should have felt that....if your blind, can't you use something called echo location? Guess not...unless I'm not blind...but then again I know nothing about being blind. How does it work I wonder... As I was thinking, I had been crawling forward and the small...tunnel or whatever turned sharply. What was I planning to solve by moving? I honestly don't know. The "ceiling" was medal-ish and the ground was dirt. What could this be? It kinda seemed like a air vent or Something, but they wouldn't have dirt on the bottom...right? I looked a try hands. Scars scraped up them all the way to my shoulders. I was Waring a white tank-top I guess. Then I realised Something. I could see! I'm not blind! I can see my arms! I moved faster, hoping to get to the end of this as soon as possible. More light shown through. Blinding.....I kept reminding myself that it was only extremely bright because I had been on udder darkness for so long. I shielded my eyes with one of my scared arms. Blood dripped from them. I'm losing a lot of blood...hopefully I don't faint.... I smelled sweet air...and a faint waterfall. I crawled faster, realising how thirsty I was. My lips were cracked because I had been dehydrated. Then I fell straight down. I closed my eyes in fear (and also because it was so bright) and felt the wind ripple my hair and pull at my shirt. I definitely had fallen outside because the air flow was much faster and the waterfall, louder. I was falling...but where?


Please let meh know.

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OH MY GOD! THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with this story!

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