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I’m Benjamin Carson but you can call me Ben I am 12 years old.  My adventure started when my family, my mom, dad, 13 year old sister and I got home from the Air and Space Museum. I ran upstairs to go to the bathroom after the trip. When I came back down my dad said that they were going on a date.

“Ok,” I said. “I’ll stay here.” 

“Hey,” my sister called from her room, “Don’t forget about me.” She peeked out of her room and walked to the railing and looked down.  She put two fingers in front of her eyes and pointed them back at me. 

Apparently that was her way of telling me she was in charge while my mom and dad were gone. But I never listen to her anyway. I mean who listens to their older sibling if they’re only a year older than you. I looked behind me and saw my parents weren’t watching and stuck my tongue out at her. 

“We’ll be back in an hour or two,” my mom said.

“Who’s in charge?” my sister Becca asked.

“You can be . . .,” my dad interrupted my mom.

“Just be good,” he said, as he opened the front door.

“But-” my sister started to complain.

“But nothing,” my dad said.

My mom shot my dad a weary glance. “It’ll be fine,” he said, “Won’t it kids?”

“Yes sir,” Becca smiled.

“Maybe,” I mumbled, “If I survive the torture.”

Becca glared at me and I just laughed. A few seconds later she started laughing too.

“If Ben doesn’t kill me we’ll be fine. Bye!”

I ran upstairs and fed my cat Luke, who was an Egyptian Mau. One of the rarest cats in the world. They were also the only domesticated cats in the world with spots.

About ten minutes after they left I heard a knock on the door.  My sister was on the phone probably talking about useless things that would never happen.

 “Coming,” I called from my room. I ran down the stairs and opened the door, standing there was a stranger I had never seen before.

“I am Michael Hale CIA agent number 27,” he said, showing me a badge, this man was about 5, 11, had light brown hair and to me he looked exactly as I would expect a spy to look like.  He was wearing a tuxedo; his hair was so shiny it looked like he used a whole bottle of Hair Gel.  The only thing that was off about him was that he was a little older than I thought a spy would be. He looked about 50.  I stared at him blankly but I guess that was all he needed. He pushed me aside and barged into my house. 

“Wait!” I yelled, chasing after him into the living room.

“Why are you here ‘Agent Hale’ if I can even call you an agent?”

 “Well, you see,” he started to say but trailed off and instead he asked. “Do you have anything to drink?”

“Yeah we have some water,” I replied, dully.

 “I would prefer something more like an energy drink.  You know because I had to ditch some undesirables on the way over.” 

“Oh yeah undesirables,” I said, trying to sound as if I discussed this sort of stuff every day.  “What kind of . . .”

“I am afraid I cannot say,” Michael interrupted.

  “I’ll go get you something in the kitchen.”

 I went into the kitchen and pulled a Gatorade and poured it into two cups.  What should I do? I thought. Should I call the police while I had the chance? Or should I yell and get Becca’s attention? But I just decided to stay quiet. I mean if this guy really was a spy just think of all the bad things he could do to me. When I walked back into the living room I handed him a cup of Gatorade.

“Thanks,” he said, waiting for me to take a sip. I took a sip and after I did Michael almost immediately took a drink of his.  I guess it was something you learned as a spy.  Wait for the other person to drink theirs incase its poisoned or something.

“Benjamin do you have any weapons?”

“No,” I choked.

“Well this tennis racket will work,” he said, picking it up out of the corner. He swung it around almost as if it was a sword and accidently knocked a vase with flowers off of the coffee table.

“Ok where was I?” he asked, completely ignoring the mess he had just made.

“Oh yes,” he said, sitting down on our couch. “Ok we would like to invite you to join St. Peterson science academy. . . Oh and yes the scholarship is free.”

 “What!” I exclaimed.

“Let me get this straight first you barge into my house, claim you’re a spy, and plop down on my couch and now you’re offering a scholarship to a science school?”

“Pretty much,” he replied.

“I can’t believe this!” I yelled at him. Michael looked at me surprised that I blew up at him like that, I was also surprised.

“Sorry,” I said, feeling the tiniest bit guilty.

“You never let me finish Benjamin,” he said.

“Er . . . yes I did.”?

“Well it didn’t feel like it. Anyhow, let me continue,” he said, taking another sip of his Gatorade, “Everyone will think you will be going to a science school when in actuality you will be going to a spy school.”  

“What about my parents?”

“Like I said . . . Everyone.” 

“Oh . . .”

“Well, anyway I’ve never heard of a spy school,” I said, already sounding bored. 

“Well would it be a very good spy school if everyone knew about it?” he asked as if he were the smartest person on earth.

“I guess you’re right,” I replied.

“Well I really only had one reason to come here,” he said. Michael Hale handed me a letter with four seals, one which must be opened with a steak knife.

I opened the letter and read it.  The next moment I had to sit down. The letter said I

had just been accepted into the CIA. I looked at Michael. I was feeling excited, confused and worried all at the same time.  Just then something popped up in my mind.

“Wait a second why are you offering me this job?”

Michael stared at me as if the answer was obvious.

“Ok,” he sighed “How many times have you accessed are website?”

“721 times,” I said embarrassed.

“Correct,” he said, slightly impressed. If you know me I might not be the smartest kid in school but when it comes to math I can remember anything.  It’s kind of like a photographic memory, but just with math. 

“So Michael continued you have aced all of our games and half of the time you look at the job page.”

“Will you except?” he asked me.

At that moment I made the worst decision in my life. “Yes I accept. But just don’t tell my sister she’d be really upset she couldn’t go.”

 “Anyway,” he said standing up, “Your parents will be home soon I got to go.”

 Right before Michael left he turned around and said “Do you want a tip?”

“Sure,” I replied. 

“Sewers,” He said. “Benjamin we will be in touch.”

  What was he talking about I wondered.   So that is when my life got interesting.             

              My parents weren’t really opposed to me going to “St. Peterson science academy” the only person who was, was my best friend Nate Lenard. Nate and I met in preschool grade. If we had met any time later we would probably not even be friends. My parents were really excited about me going to the science school because I got a scholarship. Yep, that is the only word they needed to hear “Scholarship.” But their biggest problem was the fact that I’d let a stranger into the house and after that of course my sister got in trouble because she was on the phone and didn’t hear the door ring.  But after mom and dad explained what had happened she was so angry she screamed her head off all night. You see my sister is this big science geek, who doesn’t care about anything but science so to her it was like I was going to the Bahamas. When I woke up her eyes were red and droopy.     

The next day it was snowing pretty hard but of course Michael did not care. So he picked me up from my house. It was not that far it was only in Washington D.C. On our way there we almost got into a car accident involving a deer, drunk driver and ice but that’s a whole other story.  This story is about how I started “Spy School.”

When we finally arrived Michael slammed on his brakes at the curb.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

“We are being attacked!” he exclaimed.

“When I say “go” run inside as fast as you can,” he said.

 “Go.” He shoved me out of the car and I started running to the door.

Of course it was much harder to run in the snow but I eventually made it to the door.  When I got inside I could hear gun shots in the distance. This was hopefully Michael’s gun.  I locked the door behind me which seemed like a good idea at the time. Then just like a ninja dropping out of the sky someone pounced on me.

“Who are you?” my attacker hissed.

“I – I’m Benjamin Carson I go to school here.”

“I’ve never seen you here before,” they said.

 “I just started here today.”

“A newbie right now?” My attacker asked, in disgust.  The voice I heard was surprisingly high pitched.

I stared blankly at my attacker. “You’re a girl.”

“Wow she said taking off her mask, how did you guess?” This girl was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen. She had blond hair and icy blue eyes, and even better she smelled like lilacs and gunpowder.

“Follow me,” She said. “Tell you what if we survive this we can get to know each other.”  She quickly glanced at her watch and murmured something I couldn’t understand.

Of course I had nowhere else to go so I followed her.

“By the way I’m Benjamin Carson.”

 “So you’ve said,” she replied. She ran up the stairs and of course I followed her.

 “Is there a bathroom nearby I got to go?”

She turned around so rapidly I slammed right into her and while she stayed standing up I toppled onto the ground.

 “Why didn’t you go before the gun fight?” she inquired, running around a corner.

 “Well,” I replied, standing up and following her. “I didn’t know there was going to be a gun fight.”

“Well unless you want to get killed you should stick with me,” She replied

 “Do you know how to use a gun?” she asked me.

 “Well I can handle my cousin’s BB gun pretty well,” I responded.

 “Ok here,” she sighed, handing me a little pen looking thing. 


“It’s a Taser it only works from a couple feet away,” she explained.  She quickly showed me how to turn it on and off. 

“So if you were about to ask then yes you can hurt me with it.”

I was about to say something when she put a finger to her lip. Then she put her lips to my ear and whispered so softly I almost couldn’t hear.  What she whispered into my ear was the most terrifying and exciting thing that had ever been said to me. “Three enemy agents not far behind us,” were the words. My heart skipped a beat.

“When I say go run upstairs to the principal’s office.”


“Wait,” I replied. “I don’t know where it is.”

“Ugh,” she sighed. “It’s up the stairs. Didn’t I just say that?”

“Now go,” she said, shoving me towards the stairs.

I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, finding at the top there were lots of rooms with name plates on them. I ran across the hall hearing several pairs of footsteps coming up the stairs behind me. I ran all the way to the end of the hall finding more stairs with many more pairs of footsteps coming up. Also at the end of the hall I saw the principal’s office. I slammed into the door expecting the door to open. But instead it was locked and it flung me back onto my butt. I quickly stood up and kicked the door open in only three kicks. I ran in only to find another door, which was unlocked. I ran in, locked the door and hid behind the computer. Of course after that the enemy kicked the door open. I grabbed the Taser the girl gave me and zapped the key board, which did not work out well. All the lights flashed on and off for several seconds until BOOM! There was a huge spark and I was left in the darkness. I tried to run away but all that did was make me run into a bookshelf and land on my butt for the second time. When I stood up again I saw a shadow about to pounce on me so I grabbed the heaviest book I could find on the shelf and through it at my assassins head and knocked him out cold.

Of course right after I did this 4 more assassins came out and I did the only thing I knew how to do. I put my hands in the air and said “I surrender.”

 At that second the lights flicked back on and I saw four people Michael Hale, the principal and two other people who I had no idea were.

The principal turned to me who was so angry his face was already red.

“That wasn’t so hot,” said the man whom I didn’t know.

“Well,” Michael said, trying to find something good to say, “It wasn’t terrible.” 

“You failed,” The

“Failed what?” I inquired.

 “Your SACS test of course,” said Michael.

“What is SACS?” I asked.

“Survival and combat Skills,” said the woman that I had no idea was.

 “You mean this was a test!?” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” the principal replied angrier than ever, “A test that you Benjamin Carson failed.” After that the principal stormed out of the room. Michael sighed than looked at me.

 “This is Ronald Hill, Mary Thompson and of course you’ve met Erica,” he said, pointing toward the door. I turned around surprised to see the girl that attacked me.  I gave her a half wave hello but got nothing in return.

“You mean you all new about this?” I asked.

“Yes we did,” said Mary.

Right after that the principal stormed right back into the room and handed me a bunch of papers in a document. Then the principal shoved me out of his office. I looked back in disgust. Then I opened the document he gave me and found a map and followed it to my room. When I got to my room I found all of my belongings in a pile outside my room. I picked them up and brought them into my room. I took in my surroundings. It was definitely smaller than I thought. It was more like a cell than a room. There were daddy long legs in every corner. There was a sudden vibrating feeling in my back pocket which made me jump and since my room was so small I jumped right into my wall. I knew it was just my phone but I was still surprised.

I took out my phone and found a text from Nate that said: “Hey Ben how is your lame science school?”

“It’s not lame,” I lied. I hated lying to my best friend but I probably would get killed if I told him the truth.

 I put my phone away and sat on my bed. Then I heard a knock on the door. Of course I jumped and hit my head again. I walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole thinking this might be another test. 

“Hey Ben I know you’re in there. The voice said, this is not another test,” I reluctantly opened the door and saw a muscular, tall, handsome, athletic guy. If you asked me to draw a spy I would have drawn him. He looked like as if he was about sixteen years old. He stuck out a hand that dwarfed mine and I shook it.

“Hey I’m Martin,” he said.

“Hi I’m Benjamin,” I replied.

 “Do you want to be friends?” Martin asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied happy to meet someone kind.

“Ok,” Martin said. “I’ll show you around if you give me one favor.”

“Ok . . .” I started to say. “Wait what favor?” Martin checked out the door to make sure no one was watching and then he closed my door and locked it.

“Nothing much he said just a bit of computer hacking. And if you get caught I will personally turn myself in.”

“Computer hacking?” I asked suspiciously.

 “Computer hacking for what?” I asked.

“Oh you know,” Martin said, “For school work.”

 “Isn’t there a policy for that?”

“Listen Ben you can be on my good side or my bad side and believe me you don’t want to be on my bad side.”

At that second I realized that you don’t want to be on Martin’s good side or bad side.

“Umm Ok,” I replied, feeling stupid that I’d ever agree to something like that.

 “Really?” he asked looking surprised. “Ok let’s go get that computer hacking over with.”

“One more thing,” I said, trying to stall him. “If you’ll turn yourself in why don’t you just do it yourself?”

“I’m just not as good as you are at this stuff.”

He unlocked the door and opened it than he fell to the ground knocked out cold.

Standing in front of me was a boy my age. 

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Robert.”

“Hi,” I said , hoping he was not like Martin.

“I’m Benjamin but you can call me Ben.”

“Hey how did you do that?” I inquired.

“I’ll tell you at the Mess Hall that’s where we eat by the way.”

When we sat down at the Mess Hall I took in my surroundings. There were twelve round tables scattered all over the room with six chairs at each one. There were dark blue table clothes on the tables. Apparently there were not enough tables so every couple feet there were people sitting on the ground. At the food bar they were serving something that looked like pizza.

 “Do they have any good food here?”

 “No not really,” he replied. “Tonight they have pizza.”

“How could anyone make bad pizza?” I chuckled.

“Just wait until you see,” said Robert.

When I got my food I looked down and saw burnt crust, unmelted cheese and anchovies on the pizza.

“Yuck!” I said pushing my food away.

“I would eat it if I were you it’s the best food they have here.”

 “Oh Robert,” I said, examining my pizza.

 “What sup?” he asked.

 “Will you tell me what happened to Martin?”

“Oh well you must know that at the beginning of the year we all get spy goodie bags.”

“Goodie bags?” I asked.

“Yeah so they have cheap weapons and I got a Taser.  So I zapped Martin and well it only works for a few minutes but good for you I was there,” he said. “Never ever listen to Martin no matter what.”

“What did he even want you to do anyway?” Robert asked, chomping down on his pizza.

“He wanted me to do some computer hacking,” I replied.

“Of course,” Robert mumbled.  “For what?”

“School work,” I said.

“I asked him if it was against the rules but he said no,” I explained to Robert.

“Well technically he’s right,” Robert said, taking a sip of water.

“You mean it’s not against the rules!” I exclaimed.

“Well, we’re training to be spy’s here.  If you can hack into the computer properly to get a cheat sheet you can get an A plus.”

“So you are saying that I should have helped him hack the computer?”  I asked.

“Oh no way,” Robert whispered, looking around.  “If you don’t do it cleverly enough who knows what will happen to you.” He shivered.

“Well he said he would personally turn himself in,” I said, “He wouldn’t go back on his word would he?”  


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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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Branch: Lucian


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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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Branch: Ekaterina

I like your story! You should continue!

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Queen Awkwardness!




 "Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if the contact Is lost."



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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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Branch: Lucian

 . . . my story continued. . . 

“Like I said,” Robert laughed.  “Never listen to Martin.”

“How long do we have to stay here for?” I asked.

Robert looked at me like it was the world’s dumbest question “six years.”

“What! Six years?” I screamed. Everybody looked at me and laughed.

“Six years?” I asked Robert in a hoarse whisper.


Wow I thought. “Is there anything good about this school?” I asked.

 “Oh yeah some of the classes aren’t half as bad.”

“Ok thanks,” I replied.

“Oh no,” he said

“What’s wrong?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t look now but here comes Martin,” Replied Robert.

I felt like hiding under the table, curled up in a ball and never seeing Martin again. I would have done so if I was by myself but unfortunately I was surrounded by people and I would have been terribly embarrassed. Martin glared at me and walked over to my table.

“Which one of you did it?” he asked cruelly.

“Did what?” asked Robert.

“You know exactly what I mean Robby!” he said.

“Oh,” said Robert. “You mean what happened to Ben today. No that was definitely not me!”

I looked at Robert wondering if he was going to betray me. Because if he was I was out of here and that was final! It already stinks enough here.

 “Listen Martin if it were me I would have taken a video and lots of pictures of you and show it to everyone.”

“So it wasn’t you or Ben?” he inquired.

“Nope,” he said.

Martin who bought it said, “Well whoever it was tell them one of these days I’m coming for them.” Martin turned around to leave but stopped and turned back around.

“Is that clear?” he asked.

“Crystal,” Robert replied.

“Few,” he said.

 “Ben do you want a tip?” He asked me.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Ok I’m a second year but I’ve been held back.”

“Ok,” I said confused.

“Everybody thinks it’s because I’m stupid.  Are you catching on?” he asked me.

“Not really,” I admitted.

He sighed.

“Don’t you get it? I did it on purpose.”

“Wait oh no you don’t want a desk job do you?”

 “Ding, ding, ding you got it.”

 “But why?” I inquired.

 “Why do you think? I don’t want to be killed on the grounds.  Listen Ben I would love to talk all night but I got to go.  See you later Ben.”

“Bye!” I called.

 There I was sitting alone at dinner. I decided to go back and get some sleep. Or so I thought. I headed back to my room, only to find lots of students staring at me, quickly averting their eyes to something else whenever I looked over.  When I made it back to my room I found out that in all the excitement I locked myself out. So I went to the principal’s office and of course the principal did not want to see me.

“What are you doing here Carson?” he asked.

“Listen I know we got off on the wrong hand today but I think you could treat me like all of your other students,” I replied. 

“Benjamin,” The principal replied. “I am treating you like all of my other students.”

“Oh,” I said, slightly embarrassed.

 “What do you need?” he reluctantly asked me.

“I locked myself out of my room.”


“Sorry,” I replied.

The principal shook his head and asked me which room I was staying in.

“Room twenty eight.”

“Here,” he said handing me a key.

“Now scram!” he screamed into my ear.

I quickly ran back to my room and unlocked the door. I ran in and locked the door. I fell onto my bed only to find my bed was as hard as a rock if you plop down on it. My school books had not yet come so I grabbed my phone and saw I had a text from Nate.

“Oh yeah what’s so good about a science school?”

“Well,” I responded. “There are a lot of nice and cool people and the classes are great. I even get to take chemistry.” The good thing about texting is that no one can tell when you’re lying. My phone vibrated again.

 “Oh yeah name some of the nice people.”

 I couldn’t help feeling bad about lying to him so I said:  “There are plenty of people including: Robert and a really pretty girl named Erica.” 

Once I sent the text I decided to find out why my bed was so hard. I lifted up the mattress and fond lots of metal boards. Rocks I thought to myself why would someone put metal boards under my bed? I lifted every single metal board from under the bed then I put my mattress back down. I lay back down on my bed which was so much more confrontable. Then Nate texted me back.

“Erica? Who is Erica?”

I texted back :  “Just some girl in my class. Oh and Nate I got to get ready for class tomorrow so don’t keep texting me.”

“Ok,” he texted back. “Bye.”

I unpacked my bag and put my clothes into a one drawer dresser. I put my tennis racket in the corner with the daddy long legs. My phone beeped again and I saw that I had a text from my sister.

“Hey Benny,” It said. “How is your science school?  If you want to tell them about me feel free. By the way Nate came over today and said your science school was so lame that all you do is chemistry. (Sounds like heaven to me) Mom says to take pictures and make sure you call every day. Call me.  Love you ~ Becca.”

 I decided to ignore it and call her later so I plugged my phone in to charge it and checked the time. It was already 10:00 pm so I decided to get some sleep. At about 1:00 in the morning I woke up to a voice in my ear.

“Wake up Ben.”

“What?” I asked still groggy.

“Who are you?” I asked now fully awake.

“Tell me about Pin Disk.”

“What’s Pin Disk?”

“Are you Benjamin Carson?” my attacker asked.

“No,” I lied.

“Then who are you?

“Albert Alexander,” I responded.

 It actually worked for about two seconds. I caught him off guard. “Liar,” he hissed. He held a gun to my head and said, “Tell me what it is or I will shoot you.”

“Ok,” I said, trying to think of what to say. “Calm down it has something to do with cryptography.”

“I already knew that.”

 “It disperses 16 character daisy chain passwords.”

“Really?” he asked.

I jumped out of my bed onto the floor and grabbed the tennis racket.  I took the racket, caught him by the wrist and flung him around.

“Help! Help!” I called. The walls were so thin I could hear people waking up.

“Help!” I yelled again. I let go of the racket and ran out of the room, the door next to me opened and I don’t know why but I ran in as fast as I could.

There was a girl standing there about 5, 5 had long light brown hair and was wearing a bath robe.

“Hi,” The girl said calmly. “I’m Rebeca.”

“Hi I’m Ben could you please help me?”

“What’s up?” Rebeca asked. 

“There is an assassin in my room.”   

She did not even reply. She pulled a gun out of her robe which was actually quite disturbing. I mean to think that she was sleeping with a gun in her robe.  Rebeca ran into my room and searched around but found nothing.

“Ben come here!” she called. I ran into my room, which was crowded with students.

“Everyone get out of Ben’s room right now!”  She yelled.

Everyone fled out of my room and watched from outside. When I turned around I saw everyone laughing at me. Then I remembered I was only wearing my underwear. I ran to my dresser and put on sweat pants and a t shirt. I ran back to Rebeca.

“Ben there are no assassins in your room.”

 “Do you mean I killed him?” I gasped.

“No of course you didn’t kill him. He just . . . must have escaped.”

“Oh!” I said relived.

“You should go to the principal’s office,” She said, shoving me out of my room.

“Oh and Ben if you ever need any more help here is my phone number,” she said, handing me a slip of paper.

 “Thanks,” I said.  I walked to the principal’s office and found the principal asleep.

“Excuse me,” I asked.

 “How could you let this happen Benjamin!?”

“How was I supposed to know?” I asked, angrily.

 “Benjamin I’m sorry to do this but I must send you to the box.”

 “What’s the box?” I inquired.

“Your new room,” he answered, slyly.

I was sent to my room to pack up then I was escorted down stairs to my new room. I was taken to a room that was as big as a bathroom. There was a bed and that was really it. There was only enough room to turn around in. I set my stuff down and looked at the clock in there it was 5:00 am so I decided to get another hour or two of sleep, although I could not fall asleep. I looked at my clock again and saw it still said 5:00 am so I tapped it to see if it would start working. It did work for about five seconds then it stopped again. Every time I heard a creak I thought the assassin was coming back. I heard another creak and of course I thought it was an assassin. The next time it happened I saw a shadow and just like that someone pounced on me.  Before I could scream a rag was stuffed into my mouth, my body was flattened and my arms were pinned down.

But I was surprisingly calm I think it was because of that exceptional smell an intoxicating mix of lilacs and gun powder. I knew right away it was Erica and I could be calm.

“If you scream she said I will hurt you. Do you understand?” I tried to say of course but I turned out to be mpphhhhh… so instead I just shook my head in agreement. She took the rag out of my mouth and sat down on the side of my bed which was the only place to sit in my small room.

“How did you get in here?”

“I just dismantled the sound on the cameras so don’t make any sudden moves.”

“Why are you here?”

“Why do you think didn’t you have an assassin in your room?”

“Yeah I guess so. How did you know?”

“I could hear you screaming.”

 “Oh,” I said, embarrassed. “Then why didn’t you come and help me?”

“Because I didn’t feel like it,” she sighed, “Anyway Ben we need to talk.”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

“Listen Ben I don’t have time for this. How do you think the assassin new about you? Is there anything that he mentioned?”

“Well he did mention something about Pin Disk.”

“What’s Pin Disk?” she asked.

 “I don’t know,” I admitted.

“Ben don’t you get it they have a mole.”

 The phrase mole in spy language is typically used when the enemy has someone on the inside.

“A mole!” I gasped.  

 “Pay attention to the people around you Benjamin. I’d love to talk all night but I got to go.” Then Erica disappeared into the darkness.

 I could not go to sleep at all that night.  At 7:00 am I went to breakfast and found Robert.

 “Hey Robert,” I said.

 “Hey Ben,” he said, happily.  

“What’s for breakfast?” I asked him.

“Waffles,” he responded.

 I went to get in line for breakfast because I did not eat any lunch or dinner yesterday. When I saw the waffles they were burnt and soupy. I did not understand how it was burnt and soupy at the same time. I decided to try one. I headed back over to the table and found Robert devouring his waffles.

 “Why do they make the food so bad?” I asked.

“I think its training like if someone tries to poison us,” He replied. I ate my waffle and told Robert goodbye.

It was time to start my training. My first class was Self Preservation. I was trying to figure out how to get to my first class when my phone rang. Of course it was Nate. I was already lost trying to find my classes and if it were anybody else I would not have answered it. But of course I was desperate to hear a friendly voice. So I picked up my phone.

“Hello,” I said, looking at my map confused.

 “Hey bro,” Nate said.

 “Oh hey Nate how are you.”

“Good. Listen Ben it’s my birthday party in 1 month. My brother is taking me to the skating ring and almost everyone from our class will be there. Do you want me to spring you?” I noticed while he was saying all of this everyone was staring at me again.

“I don’t think I can make it Nate. I’m sorry and why are you calling me a month before you birthday?”

“Because you have been really busy lately and well never mind if you’re not coming it doesn’t matter,” he said, disappointed.

I had never missed one of Nates parties before so I tried not to disappoint him.

“I don’t know I will have to see.  I got to get to class I’ll call you later.” Before he could say another word I hung up and put my phone in my pocket.

I finally found my class at exactly 8:16 even though the class started at 8:15. I was shoved into a group of people running into the class. So of course I ran in with them. I was about to take my seat when I heard someone call my name.

“Ben come here!” I turned around and saw Robert. I walked over to him.  Thankfully he had saved me a seat.

“Never sit in the front row,” he warned me.

“Why not?” I questioned him.

 “Well Prof. Thompson is an old man and you can’t get any sleep because he will see you but thankfully he can’t see much past that.”

Prof. Thompson spent about three minutes into the class looking for his notes than about five more minutes looking for his glasses that were on top of his head. When he finally started talking I tried to listen. But it was so boring that I passed out during the first three minutes of his lecture. Ten minutes later Robert was shaking me awake.

“If you’re going to snooze he said you should put these on.”

He handed me a pair of glasses with the real lenses out and fake ones from a magazine put in. I really wanted to stay awake during the lecture so I could acutely learn something though.

“Don’t fight the sleep,” he warned me.          

“Leave him alone,” a girl said. Normally I wouldn’t engage in a conversation in class but half of the class was while the other half of the class was asleep.  

“Hi,” the girl said. “I’m Mia Patterson.”

“Hi I’m Benjamin Carson.”

“I know,” she said, “I’ve read your file. I think everyone has read it.”

“What!” I asked. “Isn’t it classified?”

“Nope not usually until something big has happened, like going on your first mission. But that is strange didn’t you get attacked by an assassin last night?” she inquired.

“Wow, things sure do get out quickly around here,” I estimated.

“Hi I’m Austin Smith,” said a weaselly looking kid.

“Hi I’m Ben.”

At that moment Martin turned around and said “I would stay away from this kid if I where you.”

“Well you’re not me,” Mia replied. “And I’m glad you’re not.”  

“Yeah,” said Austin.

At that moment Prof. Thompson called on me. Everybody faced forward even Robert who was just fast asleep jolted up like he was paying attention the whole time.

“Yes sir?” I answered.

“Come here right now.”

I stood up unaware of anything happening but everyone else was they flooded out of the room as if there was a tornado about to kill them. That was enough for me I wanted to leave right away.

“You are going to have a little pop quiz on our subject today.”


I looked out the big window and saw all my classmates watching me.  Mia looked like she wanted to run in and save me but to be on the safe side stayed put and Austin smirked and walked away, while everyone else was cheering me on.

Oh no, I thought how did I get myself into this. The lights turned off and the only light was coming from outside the room. Then the walls opened up and four ninjas came out on all of my sides. I grabbed my backpack and threw it at one of them. They chopped it in half. I ran towards the door and tried to open it but it was lock. The only thing I remember was when I turned around something big and hard hit me in the head and I passed out cold. When I finally came to I was in a very nice room with Michael Hale staring at me.

“Ahhh!” I screamed jumping up.

“Oww!” I howled in pain. My head felt like there was a brick in it and that it was on fire.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“That is classified information Benjamin.”

“Are you hungry? I got some pizza.” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I responded, “Pizza would be great.”

“Ok I will go and make it while you get some sleep.”

“Ok,” I said, already nodding off. When I woke up about three hours later I felt much better. I could actually walk around.

“Michael!” I called. Michael walked into the room with some warm pizza.

“I heated it up for you,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said and this time I really meant it. After I ate my pizza Michael gave me some water and then he blindfolded me.

“Why are you blindfolding me?” I asked.

“Because,” he replied. “I need to get you out without you knowing where you are.”

“Ok,” I said, reluctantly.

 Michael walked me to what sounded and felt like an elevator than we went up some stairs and got into a car we were in the car for about three minutes. When he finally took the blindfold off we were in the Mess Hall.

 “Good bye Benjamin, we will be in touch,” he said.

I pulled out my class schedule it was now 2:00 in the afternoon. My next class was gym it started in five minutes and if I made it on time I would break a record at my old school. I ran outside in the heavy snow and found a bunch of students talking to coach Charles.

“Ok,” he said. “Today we are going to play war.”  

The phrase war here at spy school is not even really a game it is more like how to defend yourself from people with guns. We each got a loaded paint ball gun when you got shot you were out. The game was basically Capture the flag with guns. Robert who was a lazy head claimed he got shot 30 seconds into the game when he actually shot himself and went off to take a nap. I saw a cave and ran into it only to find Mia and Austin.

“Hey Ben how did you find us?” Mia asked me.

 “Umm I kind of got lost,” I admitted.

“Don’t play dumb Ben,” Mia said. “We all know you kicked an assassin’s butt yesterday and that you’re a hero.”

Mia had done something no one had ever done to me. She acted like I was perfect and that when I was beaten by the ninjas that I was joking around with them. It was nice having all the glory for once.

“Thanks Mia,” I said.

 “I don’t think he’s joking,” Austin mumbled, thinking neither of us could hear. “I think he is dumb.”

At that moment I realized Austin must have had a crush on Mia and thought she liked me and he was jealous. It was noticeable to everyone but Mia who, merely thought they were only good friends. Austin gave me a distinct glare then went back to his usual self.

“Ok Chameleon,” Mia started to say.

“Chameleon?” I asked.

“Oh I’m big with nicknames. Austin is chameleon since he can camouflage into almost anything, Erica is Ice Queen since she is so distant from everyone else, Robert is Lazy Potato but Potato head for short since he is a lazy head, Rebecca is Cool Beans since she is so cool, Jillian is Jilly bean since she eats the most sugar, and I think it just sounds cute on her, Martin is. . . Rudo the red nosed reindeer since he is rude and whenever he gets mad his nose turns red. Just don’t say it when he is around.  I guess this means we just need a nickname for you. Let me think a second. . . I got it Smokescreen!”  

“Smokescreen?” I asked.

“Yeah, because we don’t know why you are really here right?  It was all covered up.”

“I guess,” I said, thoughtfully.

“It’s Smokescreen than.”

“Anyway,” Austin said, changing the subject, “We need a plan.”

We were all brainstorming for about five minutes when Mia got an idea.

“I got it!” she said, “Do all of us have watches?”

“Yes!” Austin and I said in unison.  

“Ok we need to synchronize them for in about ten minutes. Austin when your watch beeps I need you to create a distraction. Ben when your watch beeps I need you to run and get the flag with this grappling hook,” she said, handing me one.

 “Oh,” I replied, trying not to look bad. “I only know how to use the German ones.”

“Great,” Austin mumbled.

“Oh,” Mia said blushing. “I don’t know how those work.”

“I trust you with this one. I’ll keep a look out while you go and grab the flag.”

“Ok,” she replied.

“Everybody synchronize your watches and go!” I yelled.

We ran out of the cave. Mia and I quickly climbed up a tree while Austin finished his camouflage. Exactly two minutes before are watches were supposed to go off Austin started his distraction. He looked like a giant log dancing around.

“Oh great,” she mumbled.

Mia swung her grappling hook and grabbed onto the roof. Just to make sure it was secure she gave it a little tug then she jumped out of the tree. I watched Mia in suspense wondering what to do. I looked back at Austin who was getting covered in blue paint balls and looked like he was a Smurf. Unfortunately they spotted Mia and shot her. But right after that someone popped out of the snow. There was only one person who I knew that would have done that and my prediction was right. It was Erica. Erica grabbed a grappling hook out of her backpack and 

“What do you want?” he asked sleepily. I explained what happened and surprisingly he got mad at me.

hooked it on to the roof. Before they could shoot her she shot them, grabbed the flag and swung back onto a tree.

“Way to go Ice Queen!” Mia was shouting.       

While Austin was trying to roll in the snow to get the blue off I went inside and walked to the Mess Hall. When I got there everybody was leaving because lunch ended at 3:00. I decided to see if there was any food left. When I saw the food it looked like a cooked burnt cat. Which at spy school it was probably a cat.  I decided I would explore campus. I was walking around for about an hour when I found a vending machine, so I ran back to the box, which was my new room, and grabbed a ten dollar bill. After I got my money I went to find Robert. I finally found him in his room.

“Hey Robert do you have change for a ten dollar bill?”

“Yeah here,” he said, handing me ten ones.

After I said good bye I ran back to the vending machine and got lots of assortments of nuts and chips. I looked at them and many of them were way past the expiration date. Of course I did not care because I had not eaten in a long time. I walked back to my room and ate some Doritos and cashews. After that I thought I should get a refreshing nap so I went to bed for about two hours. At that time it was 5:30 so I thought I would go find Mia. Of course when I found her Austin was with her.

“Hey guys,” I said.  

“Hey Ben,” Mia replied, cheerily.

“Have you ever explored the buildings?” I asked.

“No,” Mia said.  

“Neither have I,” Austin added.

“Well I found a vending machine.”

“Really?” they said in unison.

“Yes it’s pretty unbelievable,” I replied happily.

“Wow,” Mia said. “I have been here for more than four months and I never knew that.”

“Does it have any good food?” Austin asked.

 “Umm . . . sort of,” I mumbled.

“What do you mean sort of?” Austin questioned me.

“Well the food is normal vending machine snacks just expired.”

“Of course,” Austin mumbled.

“Ben we got to go,” Mia said, pulling Austin away.

 As soon as they left I turned around and saw Martin approaching me. So that’s why they left I thought. I started to walk away when Martin grabbed my shirt and pulled me back towards him.

“Listen don’t hang out with that Robert person!” he warned me.

“Ok,” I agreed, sarcastically.

“I’m serious!” he said firmly.

“Ok, ok!” I agreed.

              Then Martin let go of my shirt and we went our separate ways. I looked over my shoulder and saw Mia had left but Austin was still there. I started to walk over to him but of course he glared at me and walked away. It was time for dinner so I walked to the mess hall.

              When I got there I invited Mia and Austin to sit with me and Robert.  I went to see what gross food they had today. I saw slimy broccoli and something that looked suspiciously like canned dog food. So I decided I would just try some of the broccoli. After that I sat down with Robert, Mia and of course Austin.  I sat down next to Robert and we all talked for about 15 minutes then I headed back to the box. I looked at my schedule again. At 6:30 I had a history class with Prof. Thompson. Prof. Thompson I thought not again. I was so scared and mad at Prof. Thompson that I decided to skip his class. Just then I heard a knock on my door.

               I walked over and looked through the hole it was the principal. Great I thought what kind of trouble am I in now. I opened the door and the principal handed me a bunch of books and turned around and left. I closed my door thinking the principal was probably still mad at me for no reason at all. I set down the books and looked to see what they were. They were my school books. Finally I thought. I started reading my self-preservation book and fell asleep on the second page. When I woke up I checked my phone it said it was already 4:00 in the morning so I decided I would walk around since I was not tired. I got up and used my phone as a flash light since it was dark. I was walking around for about ten minutes when I saw someone, someone very familiar.

              Oh no, I thought. I knew who it was without even seeing their face. I could tell by his muscles. It was Martin. Oh great, I thought now what do I do? I decided I would follow him. He went outside, it was snowing and I was only in my under shirt and sweat pants. But if I didn’t follow him I would not ever get to prove myself, not just to my friends but to the principal and Michael Hale. I followed him to a shed outside he went inside. After about a minute I peeked in. It was like he vanished. I walked around for a minute then felt a panel on the ground. I pulled the panel up and found lots of stairs. Of course there was no one else so I had to be brave and go in. I climbed down the stairs and saw probably the most disturbing thing I’d ever seen. A bomb, I thought what would Martin be doing with a bomb? Whatever he was doing he should not be doing. I ran back up the stairs but on my way up I slipped and went tumbling down. At that moment Martin spotted me and of course he started running towards me. I ran up the stairs and when I got to the top of the stairs Martin tackled me. One thing I learned at my old school is the armadillo skill. All you have to do is tuck yourself into a ball and roll around. It actually worked for about ten seconds then the lights were flicked on.

“What is going on here?” the principal shouted.

“Benjamin inside now!” he yelled at me.

I checked my watch it was already 5:00 in the morning when everybody was getting up. I started running inside with the principal and Martin on my heels. Martin caught up with me and took my phone.

“Give it back!” I yelled, tugging on his arm.

“If you want it back then you better fight for it!” Martin laughed.

I jumped on top of Martin and pulled his short hair. He didn’t seem to notice. He looked at my phone and made a high pitched sound.

“Who is Becca?” he asked.

“My sister!” I screamed.

“Oh.” He seemed disappointed.

“Benjamin get off of the poor boys back!” ordered the principal.

“But he stole my-”

Martin slipped the phone back into my hands and snickered. I glared at him.

              When we got inside I think just to embarrass me Martin tripped me. Everybody looked at me and laughed. Erica popped out of the crowd, got on her knee and picked my head up in her hands.

“Are you ok?” she asked me. Everyone looked surprised that Erica gave any affection to me.

“Yeah,” I whispered. “But Erica there is a bomb under the school.”

“I’m on it!” she answered.

The principal called me and Martin into his office.  Then he left us alone when he went to go get his breakfast.

“Listen,” Martin whispered to me, “If you tell anyone what you saw I will hurt you.” I nodded in acceptance.

 We were sitting there for about five minutes when I heard a voice in my ear. It was Erica so I turned around but saw no one.

“Ben I slipped a transmitter into your ear when I bent down so don’t make any sudden movements.” Now Martin was suspicious because I turned around. But I tried to act normal.  Whoa, I thought so that’s why she did that to me.

“Listen I need you to do something it will be fun but you can’t talk to me. I need you to be rude to the principal.”

 What?! I was about to ask. It took all of my self-control not to talk to her. At that moment the principal came back in.

 “Benjamin I am sorry to do this but I must send you to the box.”

“I already live in the box,” I added.

“What moron put you in the box?” he questioned me.

“You,” I laughed.

The principal turned pink he looked mad, embarrassed and worried.

 “Benjamin when you mess with the bull you get the horns.”

“Really I think you look more like the end of the bull.”

Martin was using all of his restraint not to laugh. I gave him a small smile.

“Benjamin Carson you are now on probation,” he said logging on to his computer.

“The box isn’t probation?” I asked.

“Good job Ben,” I heard Erica say.

 I heard another voice in my ear which was not Erica it was Martin. “That was so cool.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

Then the principal pushed a red button and three armed men came into the room. “Please, escort Mr. Carson to the box.”

“This is supposed to be a button for an emergency!” one of them said.

“This is an Emergency!” the principal yelled at them. The three men grabbed me and pulled me to the box.

Then they locked me in the box. I can’t believe this, I thought. Why would Erica do this to me? Was she working with the enemy? I was locked in the box with expired food. What have I gotten myself into? I played temple run and fruit ninja on my phone for about two hours. Then I took a five hour nap. When I woke up I ate some nuts. It was now 12:00 pm. I wondered if they forgot about me. I fell asleep for the rest of the day. Then at about 12:00 in the morning Erica came into my room.  




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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


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Any chance you're a SPY SCHOOL fan...?

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Story Thief

Child of Exile




Shadow Child










Something to believe in for even a night

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST BOOK EVER!

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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I hope you like it!

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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I am really liking it!





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Story Thief

Child of Exile




Shadow Child










Something to believe in for even a night

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

 . . .“Come on,” she called. I followed her to the principal’s office.

“What did the principal do when he grounded you?”

“Well, he got on his computer and typed in a passcode.”

“Perfect,” she said. Erica searched around and found the password on a sticky note. The password was “I am so awesome.”

“No way is that the password,” I said.

“Believe it or not it worked,” Erica exclaimed. “We are in. Ben I am sending a letter that you are now out of the box.” She was typing so fast I couldn’t even read what she was typing because the page was scrolling down so fast. 

“Wait no won’t the principal notice?”

“No way,” she said.

“Please don’t send it Erica.”

“Sorry Ben I already sent it.”

“What did you just do Erica?” I asked, angrier than ever.

“Pack up,” she said, shoving me out of the office. When I woke up the next morning I moved back into my old room.

“Benjamin!” the principal called.

“Yes sir,” I answered, opening my door.  I hoped I wasn’t in trouble because if I was I was going to be very, very mad at Erica.

“I am sending you on your first mission.”

“Really?” I asked excitedly.

 “Yes I don’t feel like you’re ready but I am sending you with Erica Hale-”

“Wait a second Hale?”

“Yes she is Michael’s daughter.”

“Oh wow.”

“Anyway I am sending you with Erica, Mia Patterson, Austin Smith and Martin Shaun.”

“Martin?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said, “He is a fourth year after all.”

“What is our mission?” I questioned him.

 “Robert and Daniel Gibson have been kidnaped and it is up to you all to rescue them. Mia, Erica, Austin and Martin are out front waiting for you.” I walked out of his office hoping I could find Robert and Daniel with no problem. I found Erica and the others out in front of a van.

“Hey are you guys ready?” I asked.

“Yeah!” everyone shouted except Erica.

 “Get in the car,” she ordered everyone. She got in ready to drive.

“Wait,” I asked. “You can drive?”

She looked at me as if the answer was obvious. I sat in front with Erica while the others sat in the back. We drove to a Walmart about a half an hour away. When we got inside Erica told me to give the orders.

“Ok Austin you can go get camouflage stuff. Mia you can get back packs and utility belts. Erica you can go get weapons. Martin you can go and get some chemical weapons. And I will go get food.”

 For food I got energy bars, Beef jerky, Gatorade and lots of water bottles. When we all met up at the cash register the lady didn’t even blink an eye.

 “Looks like you folks are going to have some fun tonight.”

“You have no idea how much,” Martin said.

 Martin and I weren’t exactly friends but he did not bully and beat me up anymore but I’ve learned sometimes it is worse to be on Martin’s good side.

While Erica was driving Mia and I switched seats so that I could put the backpacks together. Every backpack got one water bottle, one bottle of Gatorade, six sticks of beef jerky and four energy bars. But everyone was shining in their own way: Martin took a class on chemical weapons, so he was mixing formulas, while Austin was doing everybody’s camouflage. When we finally stopped Erica whispered something to Martin who shook his head in agreement. Then Martin got out of the car with a couple hundred dollars.

“Where is he going?” I asked.

 “To get us a room for the night,” Erica responded.

“Here he comes,” Austin called.

 “Do we have a room?” Erica asked.

“Yep,” he answered.   

“Good,” she said.

“We have a room for two nights,” he said, proudly.

 “Ok everyone,” Erica said. “Let’s go.”

 We drove along the high way for about three hours. I checked my phone it said it was 12:00 am. I had no idea why we rented a room if we were driving around. A couple minutes later Erica smiled and made a U-turn.

My phone buzzed and I saw that I had two texts one from Nate and the other from Becca.

“Hey bro, it’s Nate I was wondering if u wanted to hang out tomorrow morning? My brother can pick u up if u send me your address. See u ~ Nate.”

“Nate, I am going to a school! And so r u! I do not know what is wrong with u. Maybe another day.  How could you even get out of school anyway?”

I sent the text and the next thing I knew I fell asleep and Austin was shaking me awake. “Get up sleepy head,” he said, yawning. “We are here.”

“Where?” I asked.

“At the hotel,” Erica said, opening the back door.

I checked my watch which said 3:30 AM. We sneaked inside and found the concierge sleeping at the front desk. We decided the elevator would be too loud so we went back out to the van and grabbed our supplies. We tiptoed inside, ran up the stairs and unlocked the door. When we got inside we all took turns taking two minute showers.  I went first then Erica, Mia, Martin and Austin. When I was done I dried off and forgot in all the excitement I forgot to pack clothes so I just put on my old clothes. When we were all waiting for Austin I noticed nobody got to pack. When Austin came out I noticed he had on new clothes.

“Austin,” Erica asked. “Where did you get those clothes?”

“I sort of bought them at Walmart,” he laughed.

Erica looked at him in disgust.  “That was my money you know.”

“I’m going to get some sleep. We have a big day later,” I said.  

There were only two beds, which were very uncomfortable. I took the sheets off the beds and aired them out. After that I grabbed the four pillows off the beds and took one cushion off the chair. I passed out one of each (there were not enough pillows so I used the chair cushion). We all spread out on the floor and fell asleep. When I woke up it was 12:30 pm. I woke everyone up and noticed Erica was not in her bed thing.

“Where is Erica?” I questioned.

When nobody knew where she was I got worried. Mia looked like she might explode of fear.

“But Ice Queen is the only one who can protect us,” she confirmed.

“We all know that!” Martin yelled in anger.

I tried to calm them down by saying, “Its ok we still have each other.”

 Obviously that was not the best choice of words. Everyone looked at me as if I had told them we would win a war without any weapons. I looked around and did not see Austin either.

“Where is Austin,” I asked. “He was just here a second ago?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” Martin responded.

I knocked on the bathroom door and Austin peeked out. His skin was all wrinkled up.

“Austin what were you doing?” I asked.

“Taking a shower,” he replied, slamming the door in my face. and Martin staring at me.

When Austin came out I told everybody to wait here while I went to look for Erica.

“Be careful!” Mia shouted as I closed the door.

“Why are you worried about him?” Austin mumbled.  

“I will!” I shouted back, hoping it would be true.

 I closed the door and put the key in my pocket. I pressed the button on the elevator. I waited there for about two minutes and then realized the hotel was in such a bad condition the elevator was broken.  I ran to the stairs and walked to the front desk. I saw the concierge at the desk eating a donut.

“Excuse me sir,” I asked.

 “What do you want kid?” 

I didn’t want Erica to look bad so I just said.

 “Have you seen a girl maybe sixteen or seventeen pass through here?” I asked.

 “No I haven’t kid. I’m sorry.” I thanked him and ran up the stairs again.

 I noticed that all the other rooms were empty. This hotel must be so old and run down that nobody wants to stay here I thought. I grabbed my key and opened our room door and found Erica standing there with the others.

“There you are Ben.  Don’t ever do that again you could have gotten killed!” she said, angrily dragging me back into the room.

 “Sorry,” I said.

“I don’t think I would have gotten killed though,” I said, thoughtfully.  

“Alright let’s go!” Mia yelled.

We ran down the stairs and found the concierge at his desk. Erica asked if she could have a refund for the night and he said yes.

She got the money back and ran back up the stairs and of course we followed. Then she handed out our bags and utility belts.

“Everybody to the car!” she ordered.

We ran down into the van and Erica drove for three hours to the same place where we were the night before.

“Where are we?” Mia asked.

“At a friend’s house,” she smiled. It was surprising to me that she even smiled. I don’t know if I had ever seen her smile.

 She locked the door to the car and ran to the front door. She rang the doorbell and waited there for about ten seconds then a girl with blond hair opened the door. Erica walked in the house and closed the door behind her.

“Hey Ben I have something for you,” Mia said, handing me a telescope.

“What is it for?” I asked.

“Just call it a late birthday gift.”

Austin snorted in disgust.

Erica walked out about five minutes later and started to drive.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“A friend,” she replied.

We stopped at a McDonalds on the way back to our hotel.

“Where are we going?” Austin asked.

“The airport” she said.

“What?!” we all exclaimed.

“What did that girl say?” I asked.

“She made our reservation for in about 45 minutes.”

“Where are we going?” Martin asked.

“Chicago,” she responded.

 “Why are we going to Chicago?” I asked.

“Because that is where they have Robert and Daniel.”

“Really?” I gasped.

 “Yep,” Erica said, with a smirk on her face. Then her smirk disappeared. “Or so the principal says. And we all know how he is.”

 I thought about what the principal said.

“Are Robert and Daniel related?”

 Erica glared at me through her mirror.

“Yes they are related,” Mia said.

“How?” I questioned.

 “Cousins,” replied Austin.

We arrived at the airport exactly ten minutes before our flight. We dashed through the airport and quickly made it to our exit. Everybody was breathing hard except for Erica and Martin who looked like they just woke up from a nap. We went through security which I thought we would get caught at. But of course Erica had a fake ID and passport which said she was 19 years old. But I think she was only fourteen or fifteen. When we got on the plane I sat next to Erica, Martin sat by himself and of course Austin sat next to Mia. It wasn’t exactly a first class plane but the food was ok (After all I had only had a burger from McDonalds that day and the food at spy school tasted like trash). I got about an hour of sleep but that was fine for me because I wasn’t that tired. When I woke up we were about to land.

Nate had texted me back and said. “You are obsessed.”

When we got off the plane we took a cab to a hotel called the Chicago Stay. It must have been a very popular hotel because parking was about 20 dollars per hour and all the parking spots were taken. Martin who was the oldest was sent in to get us a room for two nights. When he came back out Erica payed the cab driver and went inside the hotel. When we got inside it looked like a five star hotel. As we walked up to our room I saw someone intriguing almost as if I had seen them in a dream. We entered our room which was more like an apartment.

“Whoa,” Austin echoed.

 “Is there a reason we are at this hotel?” he asked Erica.

“Maybe but my friend told me to stay at this hotel.”

“Who is your mysterious friend?” I asked.

“None of your business,” she confirmed.

              We were unpacking our bags when Erica’s phone rang. She stepped into the bathroom locked the door and turned on the shower so we wouldn’t hear. I decided I would walk around the hotel so I sneaked out and started to go on my expedition.

              First I went to get some food. After that I walked to the arcade and won ten fun dips which I put in my back pack. When I got back to the room I noticed that I locked myself out. I was knocking on the door for about a minute when I saw the stranger again. When I was just getting interested Erica opened the door and pulled me in.

“Ben I don’t know what I am going to do with you,” she whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” I questioned her.

“There are some unpleasant people here that might be after you or should I say after pin disk.”

Oh no, I thought.

“The good thing is,” Mia said, cheerily, “You mean more to them alive then dead.”

I looked over at Mia and could see even though she said that she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“Your right Mia thanks!” I exclaimed, hoping to make her feel better.

“I have to go to the bathroom I will be back,” she said, running into the bathroom. 

I knew she ran in to cry but I didn’t want to make her feel bad so I kept quiet. Mia was in there for about five minutes when Martin told me to go get her.

“You got to go get her,” he smirked.

“Why me?” I asked. I thought twice about what I just said and frowned. I already knew the answer to that question.

 I knocked on the bathroom door but got no answer. I knocked again and again and still got no answer so I decided to go in and get her. As I opened the door I could hear her crying.

“Mia,” I said, calmly, “I will be fine but right now we need to meet and talk to each other . . . all of us.”

 She looked up and nodded, wiped her face and walked out with me.

Of course since Erica was the only girl I expected her to say something soothing to Mia but instead she acted as if Mia was fine.

“Alright I will rent a car while Martin and Austin scope out the left side of the building and Mia and Ben can scope out the right side. Here are phones so that you can call or text any of us anything interesting and I mean interesting,” she said.

“You got us phones?” I asked. “Where did you get them from?”

“The agency gave them to me before we met at the van,” Erica explained.

Austin and Martin left first then Erica. Since Mia was crying I decided to take her to the gift shop which was on the right side of the building.

“Hey Mia would you like a fun dip?” I asked remembering the ones I won.

“Sure,” she said recovering quickly. I handed her a razz blue fun dip then we looked around the gift shop.

“There is that man again,” I murmured.

“What, what man?” she asked, excitedly.  

“Just a man I keep seeing who looks very familiar,” I replied.

 “Cool,” she whispered. “Let’s text Erica and the guys. I will text them.”

“Wait no please no.”

“Sorry,” she said. “Already done.”

Great, I thought, you can text fast!

“Ben, Erica just texted back,” she whispered.

“Let me see,” I said, grabbing the phone away from her.

“It says to describe him,” I read out loud. 

“I will do it!” Mia said, grabbing the phone from me.

 While Mia was texting Erica I decided to investigate by myself.

“Hey Mia, will you wait here I’ll be right back?”

 She nodded her head in agreement and I disappeared into the crowd of people.

 I tried to stay undercover but that only worked for about twenty seconds. Of course the man who I wanted to stay hidden from saw me and rushed away. Since I was now a spy I decided to follow him. This might be the actual thing I can do to prove myself I thought.

“Darn,” I said out loud.

               I guess I’m not a very good one I thought to myself. The man had just gotten on the elevator and it is not like you can follow someone on an elevator. But if I was correct I had a hunch where he was going but I had to hurry. I ran up the stairs to level four and just like that my hunch was right. He was on our level but what he did next almost made me pass out. The man was breaking into our room. I decided I had to text Erica and the guys so I got out the phone she gave me and told them what was happening.

“I am on my way ,” Erica texted.

The guys didn’t even text back, I could see them sneaking around the other way.

Austin ran to me and asked me what he should do. “Go down stairs and tell the concierge there has been a break in,” I said shoving him to the stairs.

Just as Martin was about to pounce I noticed something, something bad. Oh no I thought what am I about to do. Martin ran into the room. About twenty seconds later he was being shoved out the room. Just like that Erica arrived and ran into our room which was as clean as it was before.

“Benjamin Carson,” she yelled, “Get your butt in here.”  I ran in and just like that I was grounded. 

Unfortunately we were also kicked out of the hotel when the concierge came up and found out that the man was well “Breaking into his own room.”

Our door was open and I thought he had framed us, but of course Erica thought I was crazy.    

Then I remembered someone. “Erica I have to go right now.”

“Well thanks to you we are not allowed in the hotel so hold It.,” she groaned.

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Ekaterina

Love the story!!!!



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The butterfly’s end


the caterpillar’s beginning 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

LOL. You like him? :p

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

XD This is awesome! I love it!!!! And Ben is yours, you can keep him.

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If you ask me how I am, there are three default answers; fine, good or eh.




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Branch: Lucian


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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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Branch: Janus

It's really good!!

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Wolf Spirit Animal


Crystal (Pokemon)





Shadow Child through and through (Child number 8)

Ace Writer

Ehhhhhh Singer

I'm also 11


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Branch: Ekaterina


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Queen Awkwardness!




 "Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if the contact Is lost."



Front sm


Branch: Lucian

“I don’t have to go to the bathroom I have to go get Mia.”

 “That is what Austin is doing right now,” she said.

“Of course,” I muttered.

 A few seconds later they were running out being chased by the concierge.

“What is going on?” Mia asked, now fully recovered.

“Martin will tell you,” I said frustrated.

 While Martin was explaining Erica interrupted and said. “Listen you can tell her in the van. We need to get a move on it. I called my friend and thankfully she told us to leave this hotel as quickly as possible.”

“Thankfully the concierge did not see me or Martin so we will go in and ask for our money back,” Erica noted.

Just as they were leaving Erica turned around and said. “Ben stay put.”

Erica and Martin came back out with the money and we all got ready to go.

“Erica I took a picture of that man,” I related.

“Let’s see it then” she responded. Everyone crowded around me to look.

“Here,” I said handing Erica my phone. Erica said she had never seen him before.

“Where are we going now?” Austin questioned her.

“The Sheraton Stay,” she replied.

“How far away is it?” Austin complained.

“Only fifteen minutes,” she replied calmly. Erica was very patient today; if it were me I would have dropped Austin off on the side of the road an hour ago.  A few minutes later we stopped to exercise our legs while Erica took a phone call.

When we got back in the car I fell asleep for two minutes then heard Mia whisper something into my ear. “We are being followed.”

 That made me jump up and hit my head on the sealing of the car.

“Erica is trying to lose them,” Martin said.

“Ok guys we are making an emergency get away,” Erica noted.

“Where are we going?” Austin asked.

“The airport,” Erica responded.

Mia and I shared a nervous glance.

“Why are we going and where are we going?” I asked.

“Well it’s obvious why we are going but where we are going is a surprise,” she smiled.

 We arrived at the airport ten minutes before our flight left. Again we had to sprint to our exit but we made it just in time to get on our flight. I decided to get some sleep to make the time go faster. When we got there I could tell where we were it was my favorite vacation place. Colorado.

Erica walked up to me and said. “The principal just called he is sending in backup.”

 “What kind of backup?” I questioned her.

That question made Erica frown. “FBI backup the worst kind,” she groaned. Since Erica was mad I decided to back off since it was partly my fault to bring it up.

I heard my phone vibrate so I took it out of my pocket and saw I had a text from Nate.  “Hey Ben what are you doing?”

 I didn’t know what to say so I just sent an embarrassed, emoji. 

“Our backup should meet us here in five minutes,” Erica distinguished, “But we cannot wait that long we are leaving right now.”

“Erica calm down let’s just wait here for a couple more minutes,” I told her.

“Don’t tell me what to do Benjamin.”

 “Sorry,” I said, backing away.

 Gees, I thought what’s wrong with her.  Just then a man came out of the crowd walking towards us.

 “Hello I am Jason Walton FBI agent and you must be Erica Hale, Benjamin Carson, Mia Patterson, Austin Smith and Martin Shaun.”

Erica held out her hand and said. “Erica Hale CIA agent number 10. It’s about time you got here.”

She nudged me on the shoulder. So I decided it must have been my turn.

“Hi I am Benjamin Carson CIA agent number umm . . . 11.”

“You don’t even have a number yet,” Erica whispered, into my ear. 

“Benjamin Carson it is my pleasure to meet you,” he said, bowing.

“What are we waiting for let’s get to the Colorado Stay,” he said.

“Colorado Stay?” I asked, “That’s where we stayed in Chicago at the Chicago Stay and we were on our way to the Sheraton Stay.”

“That is interesting,” he said.

This man looked like he was maybe 20 years old. He had light brown hair in a crew cut hairstyle.

 “I will drive,” he said.

We all got into a school bus while Jason drove to the hotel.  When we got to the hotel we went to our room and Jason fell asleep.

“Great,” Erica groaned. “FBI agents are so lazy.”

We all went to eat down in the cafeteria except for Jason who was still asleep. When we came back up at about 3:00 pm our door was wide open. Erica ran in and found nothing. No supplies and no Jason. We looked outside the window and saw the bus still there.

“Where is Jason?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Erica admitted. 

“Do you think he betrayed us?” Mia gasped. 

“No way,” Martin retorted. “He was definitely kidnapped.” 

“No way he’s definitely eating,” Austin said. Everyone looked at Austin with confusion in their eyes.

“What are you talking about Austin?” I asked.

“That guy is way too skinny he needs to eat way more food!” Austin yelled. We all turned around and saw Martin rolling on the floor laughing.

“Will you guys stop acting like wild animals and become men,” Erica asked.

“I know what happened to him,” she said. At that moment everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Erica.

“He betrayed us. Well actually he betrayed you all because I didn’t even like him. But you all obviously thought he was now your hero.”

“But I said he betrayed us,” Mia whimpered.

“I know Mia, which is why I did not say your name.” 

Mia smiled at her and all she got in return was a distinct glare.

“How do you know Erica?” Austin challenged her.                            

“Austin, Austin, Austin you think you are so smart don’t you, you think you can outsmart me. Well . . . you can’t. Do you think if he was kidnapped he would have packed a bag or if he had gone to go get some food, do you think he would have brought his bag?”

Austin stood there so still I couldn’t even see him breathe. We all waited excitedly for a response then all of the sudden a smirk made its way onto his face. 

“Oh yeah how do you think he would of payed for his food!” he claimed.

I put my head in a pillow.

 “Austin don’t you ever give up? It is so simple. We had our food for free why shouldn’t he get free food?” she remarked. 

There was an awkward silence in the room and I unfortunately was the one to break it by yawning.

“You see he must have had a getaway car waiting for him,” Erica noted.

I decided I had to say something.

“I will be in the gift shop if you need me.”

I was walking out when Erica grabbed my shirt and pulled me back towards her. “Not so fast, you’re grounded remember.”

Oh yeah I’m so grounded that I can’t leave the room, I thought to myself. There was a knock on the door right as she said that.

“Ben, Mia and Austin hide it could be an enemy attack, Martin come with me,” Erica whispered. 

I didn’t know where to hide so I called them all into the bathroom. I know it might sound weird but there were windows in every corner of the bathroom in case we needed to escape.  Unfortunately it was an enemy attack.  Martin told me to unlock the bathroom door and kick the windows open so of course I did.  Erica and Martin ran into the bathroom, locked the door and jumped out the window.

“Well, what are you waiting for Ben?” Austin yelled.

“Go Ben, Go!” Mia screamed.

I jumped out of the window and landed on my back.

“Ouch!!!” I yelped in pain.

Even though there was snow it still hurt when I fell but what happened next would have really hurt if I didn’t move two inches away. I rolled over hoping to feel better but if I didn’t roll over I would be smashed. Austin and Mia jumped out of the window tucked in balls and if they had hit me I would be toast.

“You almost killed me!” I screamed at Austin. 

“Umm nope I think they are about to kill you!” he screamed back.

I looked up at the window and saw enemy agents trying to get through the window.

“RUN!!!” I yelled.

Austin and Mia already had a head start but Austin wasn’t exactly the athletic type so I caught up to him pretty quickly. I was struggling up a hill in two feet of snow so it wasn’t exactly a picnic.

When I got to the top with Austin and Mia on my heals five minutes later I found a note attached to a sled, it read. “Ben this is from Erica, Martin and I already took a sled down there is a car waiting down there. It is a blue Subaru I need you to drive it and meet us at the airport there is a map that will show you where to go. Take this sled down the hill it will make you go much faster.” By the time I was done reading the note Austin and Mia where at the top of the hill with me.

“Guys hop on the sled,” I commanded.

They didn’t even have time to reply because the enemy was only a few feet away. We hopped on the sled and went zooming down the hill. When we got to the bottom I told everyone to follow me. I led them to the blue Subaru when we got there I saw someone very disturbing… Jason. I told everyone to buckle up in the back seat. Everything made sense in the note except for one thing. I had no idea how to drive. I mean I knew how all the pedals worked but that is where it all stopped. I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be driving on icy roads either, but either way it was safer than staying there. I told Austin to give me directions with the map. We eventually made it to the airport that was supposed to be ten minutes away but of course we got there in thirty minutes instead. When we got inside we saw Erica and Martin waiting for us. 

“What took you guys so long?” Erica asked.

“It’s a long story,” I responded.

“Well unfortunately we don’t have time for that because we have a plane to catch,” Erica sighed.

Great, I thought where are we going now? When we got on the plane I ate all of the food I was given and even asked for more. When we got off I felt surprisingly warm in the middle of winter.

“Where are we?” I asked Erica.

“Rome,” she responded. 

Whoa I thought why are we in Rome?

“Hey Erica-” I started to say.

“Ben please calm down you are really getting on my nerves. Be quiet?” she asked, politely.

Erica was in such a good mood I decided to back off.

“Sorry,” I told her. 

Even though I told her sorry I didn’t really mean it I had so many questions like: Why are we here? Are Robert and Daniel here? Where are we going?  Who were those people were at our hotel room? I saw Jason. But I decided I could hold off on those questions and just be quiet. 

We got in a cab that took us to a hotel called the Roman Stay.

“It can’t be,” I gasped.

“What’s wrong Ben?” Mia asked me.

“You haven’t noticed that all of the hotels we have stayed at had the same theme?” I asked.

“I have noticed that,” Erica said.

“Wait a second Erica, who told you to stay at the Chicago Stay?” I asked mesmerized. 

“My father,” she said in disgust. I realized Erica and her father might not get along very well so I tried to keep quiet but it only worked for about ten seconds.

“Erica I know this might be a long shot but do you think your father’s working for the enemy?” I suggested.

“That would be a very good possibility but I don’t think they would take my father,” she laughed. Her laugh was very surprising it was sweet and childish and since I had never heard her laugh before I almost tripped.

Why would you say that Erica I was about to ask but before I could Austin started to talk with his big mouth again.  As we walked into the hotel I noticed it was not that different from 1,000 years ago. The concierge was wearing a roman gladiator costume which made him look like a woman, and then I got a little closer and noticed it was a woman. 

“Well,” Erica said. “We already have a reservation so let’s get going.”

Of course they had no elevators so we had to go up the stairs. As we were working our way to our room which was on the top floor I asked Erica which room we were staying in.

“Room 118,” she whispered not wanting to let anyone else here.

I sprinted up the stairs and found our room. I decided since everyone else was still walking up the stairs I would try to open the door disturbingly it opened. I peeked inside and saw the room was ransacked.

“Erica!” I called.  Erica ran down the hall, pushed me aside and barged into the room. A lot like her father I thought. 

“Oh my gosh what happened!” she screamed. Erica had screamed so loudly I thought my eardrums might burst.

Since everyone was still down the hall they ran when they heard Erica scream.  I decided I would go and get concierge. When she came up she shrieked in fear. 

“What in the world did you kids do to this room?” she shrieked again and again. I tried to explain to her that it was not our fault but she just ignored me and yelled at me.

“Calm down lady!” Erica yelled at her.

 The concierge calmed down and told us we had to leave immediately.  We ran down the stairs and found out there were no cabs around.

“Well we still have our supplies at least,” Mia said cheerily. I looked over and saw Mia looking so afraid I thought she might cry. Whoa why would Mia ever be recruited into the CIA if she was a crybaby I wondered?

“Well,” Austin groaned. “Sounds like we have to walk to the airport.”

“Wow Austin,” Erica exclaimed. “You are right for once in your life.” 

Everyone at Spy School knew to stay away from Erica because she was very distant and not always the nicest person in the world. I was surprised she even laughed at all in her life.  And thus we started our journey.  We found a cab after we were walking for about an hour. I was so winded I thought I might pass out, Austin was faking his own death, Martin looked like he just threw up, Mia looked like she would explode her face was so red and Erica looked like she went for a nice stroll in the park. She ordered us to get in the cab so we did. When we made it to the airport I saw….. Jason!

“Erica,” I whispered. “Look to your left.”

 She looked to her left and gasped.  I smiled because it was not every day that you caught Erica off guard.

“Everyone we need to attack Jason she commanded. Martin you take him from the back, Austin you take him from the left, Mia and Ben take him from the right and I will take him from the front.”

“Go!” she yelled. We ran as fast as we could and tackled him. After that Erica tied him up in the family restroom.

“Where are Robert and Daniel?” I interrogated him. 

“Start talking or we will hurt you Jason,” Erica ordered him. 

“Ok,” he said. “Calm down I am not working with the enemy.”

“Then who are you working for? I asked, confused.

 Jason slapped his head. “Who do you think the FBI?” 

“Why did you leave then?” Erica asked, also confused.

“Well, it all started when I met you all there at the airport. I decided I would take a refreshing nap on the plane when I woke up I thought I had missed my stop. I ran out of the plane hoping to find you and when I did I found the bus they told me to drive. As soon as we got to the hotel I decided to take another nap. While you all were gone eating I got a phone call from the headquarters. They said they had a major breakthrough in the case and I needed to see them immediately. And that is my story.” 

“What was your major breakthrough?” Erica questioned him. 

“If you untie me I will tell you.” 

“Fine,” Erica said, untying him. 

“Well you must remember the concierge at the Roman Stay and please don’t ask me how I know. He is a double agent for the enemy,” he explained.   Lots of gasps echoed through the room.    

“You can go Jason,” Erica said, opening the door. 

“Really?” he asked, unbelievingly.

“Yep, she said enthusiastically. We have had enough of you.”

Jason walked out of the door and we followed. Wait I thought I knew there was something wrong something we missed but I couldn’t put my finger on it. 

“Where are we going now?” I asked in a daze.

“Back to headquarters” Erica replied.

“Where is headquarters?” I asked.

 “Spy school,” Erica responded. 

“You mean the one in D.C.” Martin asked.

 “Guys,” Erica shouted. “Please be quiet you are so annoying.”

Everyone was silent for the rest of the trip there. Again I had many more questions such as: There is something we missed do you know what it is? Do you know where Jason hurried off to? I decided I could be quiet though. When we got on the airplane I stuffed myself with food. When we got off Erica drove us back to spy school. 

Michael was waiting there for us.  “Hurry up Benjamin the enemy is coming for you,” He said excitedly.

I stopped walking. “Why would you bring me back to spy school if the enemy was coming for me,” I yelled at him.

“Umm…. Well I…. the principal told me to!” he blurted out. 

It took me a second to figure out if he was telling the truth or not. Whoa I thought Michael Hale was a…….. Fake.  I knew I had to tell Erica somehow so I acted like I believed him.

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

“Let’s go Mr. Carson,” he said shoving me inside a building. 

“Where are we,” I asked.

Michael almost tripped as I asked him that. “Where do you think Benjamin you’re in the Hale Building.”

“Hale Building? I asked, do you mean this building was named after you.

 “Oh no it was named after my ancestors: there is my father Cyrus Hale than my grandfather and grandmother Obadiah and Jenny Hale and so on and so on all the way back to my great, great, great grandpa, Nicholas Hale.”

“Oh wow,” I gasped.

 At that second I realized it was impossible for Michael to be a fake because all of his ancestors were great spies and he had to be one to. That explained why Erica was so good.   

As we were walking we came across a tunnel. “What tunnel is this?” I asked.

I knew it could be any tunnel but Michael turned around and said:  “It was one of the tunnels from the Underground Railroad.”

“Cool,” I said. 

“Benjamin no one and I mean no one can know what you are seeing. Do you understand?” he asked firmly.

What I was seeing was so awesome I almost said no but I knew I had to say yes. “Yes sir,” I grumbled. It took him a few seconds to say something. An awkward silence flooded through the room.

“Good,” he finally said breaking the silence. 

Michael blindfolded me and walked me through the tunnel. A couple minutes later we stopped walking. I was waiting for about five minutes when I was bored so I decided to take off the blindfold. 

When I took it off I was surprised to find me by myself in my room.  Then I remembered something.  Oh no I thought I need to talk to Erica. I ran around the campus about two times until I was out of breath but still could not find Erica.  I turned around and saw Austin approaching me.

“Ben we need to go right now,” he whispered into my ear. 

“Why,” I whispered back. 

Austin shook his head in disgust. “Why do you think? The enemy is coming for you.” 

“Oh yes I forgot about that,” I mumbled. 

“Erica knows where Robert and Daniel are.” Austin added.  I followed Austin to a car and saw Mia, Martin and Erica waiting for us. 

“What took you guys so long?” Martin asked. 

“Martin we don’t have time for this,” Erica yelled at him. 

I sat down next to Martin who pushed me away. “Martin sits by himself and I am Martin therefor I sit by myself.” 

“Sorry,” I said backing away. At that second I noticed something about the car… it was a limo. 

“Erica I asked, where do you get all these cars?” 

“I borrow them from the agency,” she said with a smirk on her face. 

“Erica you didn’t,” I started to say. 

“I did,” she laughed. “And it was quite easy.”

Great I thought Martin was in a bad mood, Erica was stealing cars from the agency and-

“Ben we are on our way to your house. And by the way I rent these cars,” She interrupted.

 It was so shocking I couldn’t talk.

“That is where they have Robert and Daniel.” Erica said.

  “Do you mean my parents are…? I- I can’t even say it.” 

“What you were asking me is, are you’re parents double agents for the enemy,” Erica finished.

  “I guess so,” I gulped.

 “To tell you the truth Ben I have no idea,” she admitted.

  Just like that my phone vibrated I looked down and saw I had a text from Nate.  “Hey Ben are you awake?”

 I was so excited about everything I completely lost track of time it was already 10:00 pm.  I knew I shouldn’t have texted Nate and shared secret information but we needed back up so I decided to text people and ask for help. It came with the math skill that I could remember any phone number.

 First I texted Nate to sneak out and come to my house in 20 minutes. “Nate meet me at my house in 20 minutes I don’t have time to explain why but just do it.”

  After that I remembered Rebeca’s number. I texted her and told her to bring weapons and be very quiet. Both of them texted back and said they would be there soon. I decided I would get some sleep if I had to do some sleuthing later.  When I woke up we were at my house. Erica handed out backpacks with weapons, food, and water after that she passed out flash lights. I told them there was only one secret place in our house.

“Well show us the way Mr. Smarty pants,” Austin challenged me.

  I led them to the back of our house.  I broke into the shed, grabbed a ladder and climbed into my room. Everyone took turns climbing up.  I took them to my basement and opened a secret panel that led to a cellar. Lying there was Daniel Gibson tied up. 

“Is he dead?” Mia gasped.

  “No of course he is not dead,” Erica said.

“I took a class on CPR. Ben go and get water and band aids.  Mia go and find some Neosporin. The rest of you wait with me.”

 When I came back Daniel was coming to.  “Martin I need you to go and find some cloth,” Erica whispered.

  When Martin came back Mia was with him. Erica wrapped Daniel up while the rest of us sat and watched. Erica and Martin carried him up the stairs as quietly as possible. When we got there Nate and Rebeca were there.  Oh no I realized I had just gotten myself into a bunch of trouble.

 “Nate I thought we should play a game but I am too tired,” I said yawning, hoping he would believe me.

“Ok I will see you tomorrow than if you’re not at your lame science school,” He said climbing out of the window.

 Rebeca also left right after Nate.  When we got to the car I was grounded.


 Erica drove to Duncan donuts while the rest of us were asleep. When we got there she woke us all up.  Daniel was now fully awake. 

“Daniel how did you get into that cell?” Erica asked.

“Well it all started when Robert was kidnapped I was in the room with him so I chased after him. It was not the smartest thing to do obviously.  There were three men dressed in black, they knocked me out cold and that is all I remember.” 

“Whoa you survived that?” Austin gasped.

 “Yeah it was in training for the second year students.”

 “Really they have training for that kind of stuff,” Austin asked, now interested.

 “Guys be quiet we need to get Daniel back to school safely,” Erica ordered.  As we were driving Erica slammed on the brakes. 

“Great,” Erica complained. “Can’t we go anywhere without being followed.”

“Everyone evacuate the car right now,” Erica screamed.  We jumped out of the car and started to run to the woods. 

Erica told us to stop at a bridge so of course we did.

“Erica please tell me you aren’t about to do what I think you’re about to do,” I asked hopefully. 

“Ok sorry Ben we are not going to jump off the bridge,” she said kindly.

She gave me a small smile and jumped into the lake carrying me down with her.  It was pretty deep so I had a few seconds to spare on my way down. 

“Ben,” Erica said calmly. “Just point your toes and keep your arms and legs together.”

I did as she said and surprisingly instead of feeling the impact I just went slicing through the icy cold water.  But that wasn’t the worst of it. I felt the coldness spreading through my body.  I hit lots of rocks and whenever I tried to get to the top of the water it would always pull me back down. My worst fear came true.  I was beginning to black out. I could feel my body beginning to shut down but a miracle happened I was spat out by the water and washed to the shore before I blacked out.  I pushed myself onto a rock and started coughing up water. Then I saw Erica jogging out of the water.

“That was intense,” She remarked.

“I think I realized that Erica,” I told her.

I had a few scratches and aside from me not bringing my back pack with food and water we were fine.

“Come on Benjamin do you really think the enemy decided to chase us in a car for some amazing thing called pin disc and then just leave you?” She asked. 

“I guess you’re right,” I admitted.  “Hey where are Daniel, Martin, Mia and Austin,” I asked worried.

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “But I do know we need to get back to civilization. 

“But Erica-”I started to say.

“Listen Ben if your friends mean so much to you we can find them once we get back to civilization but in the meantime please be quiet,” she said in anger.

              “Sorry, sorry I didn’t mean to-      

“Benjamin Carson did you not here what I said be quiet,” She screamed. 

I decided not to reply but to think about the things I didn’t understand. At that moment I remembered something.

              “I knew there was something I missed,” I said out loud.       

Jason had to be a fake. He had a great cover but he messed up on one small detail.  He said that the concierge in Rome was a double agent working for the enemy.  I remembered as soon as I went into the hotel that it was a lady but he said it was a man.

“Erica, I gasped. Jason is working with the enemy.” 

“Really,” she asked stopping. 

“Yes because,” I started to say. 

“I know I figured it out too Benjamin. I’m training to be a spy too. I might be called a third year student but I have been in the spy force my entire life,” she said annoyingly.

“Sorry I just think we should go after Jason,” I said in an annoying tone.

“Oh well good luck finding him because while you’re going to be trying to find him I will be doing something useful!” she yelled at me.

“Oh yeah and what might that be miss Hale,” I challenged her.

“What do you think Mr. Smarty Pants I will be looking for Robert, Daniel, Mia, Martin and that nonsensical moron Austin.”

At that moment I had no words in my mouth. I just stopped walking and stared at Erica. Whoa I thought I didn’t know she was so rude.

“Listen Ben it is not my duty to keep track of you.  You can leave to find Jason.  But if you want to stay out of danger I suggest you stick with me.  You need to stay with someone who knows how to drive, knows CPR, knows how to survive in the wilderness and to top it off I am a way better spy than you.  And I found out some crucial information about you,” she said in an angry tone.

“You found out crucial information about me?” I gasped.

“Yes I did,” she replied calmly.

“What is it?”

“I want this to go to your heart gently so all I am going to say is. You were never meant to be a spy they only wanted you because of your math skills and because they needed you as bate for the enemy,” she said smiling.

It took me a second to process it all but when it came down to it I was sad. I knew I thought about leaving spy school but it would be sad to leave all my friends that would one day make great spies.

We were walking for about an hour when I thought I would pass out so I decided to sit down. I sat down and got scolded by Erica.

“Ben we don’t have time to sit we have to keep walking. Because I have a feeling we are not alone.”

“Do you mean the enemy is on our trail?” I asked worried.    

“I don’t think so but I know who the CIA sent.”

“Who?” I asked excitedly.

“My brother,” Erica said happily.

“You have a brother?” I asked.

“Yes, my older brother,” She said.

“What is his name?” I asked in confusion.

“Josh,” she sighed.

“How old is he?” I inquired. 

“Eighteen years old,” she answered.  “Look there he is now,” she said pointing to the left.

I turned around and saw a 5, 10 boy, who was wearing black Nike shoes and dressed in black head to toe.

“You must be Benjamin Carson,” he said excitedly.

“I don’t see why I am so important to everyone!” I exclaimed.

Then just like that more people dressed in black came out. At that moment I realized we were being attacked.

“Run!” Josh screamed. “I will fight them off.”

“Not without, me!” Erica yelled.

   I started running only to find five minutes later that no one was with me. 

“Erica!” I screamed. 

Obviously that was not the smartest thing to do, four more agents in black popped down from the tree and I got ready to fight. I punched the first one in the nose and he yelped. I knew that yelp from anywhere.  I yanked off my attackers mask and saw…. Austin! 

“Austin!” I screamed, “What is the big deal of attacking me?” 

“Ahhh!” He screamed. “My nose is bleeding. You are going to pay for that Carson.”

“Leave him alone,” said Daniel taking off his mask.

Mia and Martin were there too.  “What are you all doing here?” I asked.

“We would love to chat but we should run,” Martin screamed.

I looked behind me and saw the people in black. “You mean they’re not with you all?” I asked.

“No Benjamin,” Mia yelled, running. 

“Well actually that is not completely true,” Daniel said smiling.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“My sister’s friend’s uncle’s daughter is here,” Daniel remarked, happily.

“So in other words your sister’s, friend’s, cousin,” I confirmed.

“Yeah I guess,” he said.

“How do we know she’s not working for the enemy?”

“Benjamin, are families have known each other for eighteen years. Do you really think she is a double agent?”

I shrugged.

“What is her name?” I asked.

“I have heard all about you from Austin so I will answer all the questions he told me you would ask. She is fourteen years old, her name is Gabriella and she is very nice.  But let’s just run for now,” he said out of breath.

We were running for a while when Austin suggested: “Maybe we can take a break.”

“We need to keep moving!” Martin yelled.

“Wait what about Erica and Josh?” I asked.

“Who is Josh?” Mia asked.

“Erica’s brother,” I said.

“Erica has a brother?” she asked.

“Yeah he is eighteen,” I said.

“Whoa!” she shrieked.

We kept running through the woods. It actually would have been pretty nice if we weren’t running from a bunch of assassins. It was 

We stopped running about ten minutes later.

“Oh no a storm is approaching let’s go to that cabin,” Daniel commanded.

We ran to the cabin and opened the door. When we got inside I decided to make something good to eat since we were all cold and hungry.

“I’ll be back,” I called walking out of the door.

I had grabbed a pot, cup and bag that I had found in the cabin. I looked around and saw some blueberries growing in a little patch. I grabbed the blueberries and some snow. When I got back inside I lit the fire place and started to melt the snow. I looked in the cabinets and found some rice and chocolate powder. They were both expired but only by a few weeks. We ended up having rice, blueberries and hot chocolate and we enjoyed our time… for about ten minutes. Our wonderful time playing Uno with a deck of cards Martin found was interrupted by two musical Notes. The doorbell rang. Of course I never expected a doorbell on a little cabin.  I ran to the door only to find the door had been kicked open. I was about to turn around when I was knocked unconscious.

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

hope u like it

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Ekaterina

More! I have nothing to read so this Is like the book I'm reading. Moreeee

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Queen Awkwardness!




 "Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if the contact Is lost."



Front sm


Branch: Lucian

The next thing I knew I was tied up in a sack in a van on the ground.  I tried to scream but found out I was gagged. My head felt like a rock.  If I had learned right I should just lay still so they think I am still unconscious I thought. I listened as much as I could but they spoke a different language.  I knew how to speak Spanish but this sounded more like Portuguese (Which Nate spoke).  The funny thing was that they were listening to the radio in English. Probably to tip me off I thought. I remembered I had a pocket knife in my pocket so I reached into my pocket, pulled out the knife and started cutting through. Just as I was almost there they slammed on their breaks and I cut myself.  I screamed in my gag and they through me out the van. I quickly closed my knife so when I landed I wouldn’t cut myself again.  I took the gag off my mouth and broke the bag.  I looked in the car and saw Josh fighting the guys who kidnapped me.  While I was waiting for him I started to feel nauseous.  Josh jumped out of the van and dragged me to another car behind the van.

“Hop in Ben,” he said.

I hopped in the car and buckled up. Josh started the car and drove to a gas station. He dropped the car off and pulled me inside.

“Are you hungry?” he asked me.

“What kind of question is that didn’t you realize I was just kidnapped?” I asked unbelievingly.

 He slapped a hand over my mouth and very quietly said: “I have a feeling we are being watched so keep your mouth shut.”

At that moment the clerk came out from the back and asked us if we needed anything.  Josh said we were just looking around and handed me a wad of cash.

“How did you get all of this there is at least 500 dollars?” I asked in a whisper.

 The clerk gave me a strange look as if we knew each other. At that moment I knew who he was. He was the strange man from the Chicago stay.

“You are working for the enemy and I know it!” I shouted at the man. He looked at me as if not knowing what to do so he grabbed his keys and ran out the door.

“Get him!” I yelled. Josh and I ran out the door. You should know that Josh was very athletic so it was easy for him to catch the pudgy man. He tackled him and dragged him back inside. He tied him up and told him he would leave him tied up if he didn’t start talking. Then at the worst convenient moment someone came through the door. I turned around and saw a man.

He had not yet seen me, Josh or the clerk because he was texting someone so he said:  “Sorry I’m late boss but I got a call from Jerry that they through the kid out of the truck. He is such a moron.  What do you want me to do with the other-” At that moment he looked up and saw us.  “I understand I caught you at the wrong time sorry I’ll leave,” he said trying to change his voice.

“Well don’t just leave me Marcus!” the clerk screamed.

Marcus ran out the door and unfortunately he was very fast so he outran Josh. 

“You tried Ben,” he said jogging back up to me.

“I thought I would become a hero but I guess not,” I said.

“Don’t worry it takes a while,” he laughed. “Let’s go back to headquarters.” 

“Actually Josh I have no idea where we are like what state or city,” I whispered, embarrassed. 

“I would imagine being knocked out like that would do something to your head,” he said.  “But we are in your hometown Virginia.”  

“Ok thanks do you mind if I get some sleep after the long day?” I asked.

“Go right ahead,” he said.

I laid my seat down and fell asleep.  When I woke up we were at spy school.

“It’s been nice knowing you Ben,” Josh laughed. “I will see you soon.”

“But I still have friends out there,” I said.

“I got them here safely before I even knew you were kidnapped,” he said kindly.

“You know what Josh you are a lot nicer than your sister. I am saying that as a compliment,” I laughed.            

“Thanks but she is just sad and mad and doesn’t know who to blame,” he sighed.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Meet me at the Hale building at 8:00 pm and I will explain,” he said.

“Ok,” I agreed. I walked inside and walked to my room. I was frustrated because I had no leads to where Robert was.  Then I remembered something, something Michael told me. “Sewers.” That night when I went to meet Josh I ran into Daniel. “Daniel do you remember anything about sewers?” I asked

“No but we were underground for a while,” He yawned.

 “Ok thank you so much,” I said gratefully. I finally found Josh and we sat down on a couch.

“So why is she mad and sad?” I asked.

“Well… last month my mom died,” he murmured. “She had cancer and she and Erica were really close.  Erica usually kept to herself but she was more kind…. Sort of.”

“I am so sorry Josh if I had known-” I started to say.

“It is fine just don’t bring the matter up again,” he said firmly.

“Ok but I think I have a lead to where Robert is,” I said.

“Wherever you think he is we are going…… right now,” he said joyfully.

“Alright follow me,” I said. I led him outside and took the sewer cap off.

“Let’s go,” he said jumping in pulling me with him.

“I wasn’t expecting you to pull me down!” I yelled at him. Then we crashed into umm let’s just say gross

When we were finally spat out it was shallow enough to walk. As we walked farther and farther it got darker and darker and finally it was pitch black. I was about to call for Jason when I heard someone talking, someone I had heard before. They were talking in Portuguese but I still knew who it was. I almost screamed because it was . . . Robert!!!!  Than I thought for a second just because he speaks Portuguese doesn’t mean he is a bad guy.

“It’s Robert,” I whispered.

No response.

“Josh where are you?” I asked quietly.

No response.

I decided since Josh wouldn’t answer I would turn around and go back to get help. I started running through the slush on the ground to the exit. I was running when I ran into a wall. I was about to scream when I knew I couldn’t if it really was the enemy. I thought I would pass out when something big dropped on me, something liquid. Oh no I thought, I ran into a booby trap. I turned around and heard people running towards me. I was about to surrender when I remembered how many times I wanted to prove myself. “I should do something,” I said out loud confidently.

 I looked and saw a rope. Another booby trap I thought. I jumped over it and waited. Lots of men came and jumped over the rope . . . all but one. They turned around but that was all I needed, I started running towards the enemy.

“Robert I’m coming for you!” I yelled.  Everything went quiet for ten seconds.

“Help! Help!” Robert yelled over and over.

I ran in, tripped and fell into a pit. I think I was knocked unconscious.   A couple minutes later I stood up and started walking around and shouting.  I saw Robert appear he looked like he had been in a sauna the whole time I was looking for him.  I could tell he was working with the enemy.

“Why would you do this Robert?” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“They pay better but I better come down there to show you the real deal,” he laughed.

He came down some stairs and stood in front of me.

“We would like to offer you a job,” Robert smiled.

“Who are we?” I asked.

“Our organization “BLACK WIDOW,” he said.

“I can’t I’m sorry Robert,” I said.

“You know what Ben I really liked you I thought we would be great friends but you ruined it all.  It is so sad having to die at such a young age,” he snickered.

“You’re going to kill me?” I asked unbelievingly.

“Do I look like a murderer to you? Because I like you I will give you a choice. Ok?” he questioned me.

“Ok, I reluctantly answered. “What are my choices?”

“Number one we can leave you down here while we leave to starve to death or number two we can tie you up and throw you in a river with rocks tied to your back so you will sink,” he said kindly.

“Both of those seem like they would hurt so could you just like reconsider and make me promise not to tell anyone?” I asked.

“Ben I am willing to give you an offer,” he said.

“And what might that be?” I asked him.

“We can act like this conversation never happened and you accept the Job,” he offered.

“No way,” I said.

“Then choose starvation or being thrown into a river?”

I had no answer.

“Choose or I will choose for you,” he yelled.

“Starvation,” I murmured.

“Starvation it is than, it was nice knowing you Ben,” he said giving me a pat on the back.

He locked the door and yelled goodbye again.

“I’ll see you again Robert . . . in jail,” I yelled.

“Actually I will be seeing you in Jail if you survive,” he laughed.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him.

“I am framing you. I will go back to headquarters, tell them you were the enemy and well you will be executed and I will escape to Columbia,” he said evilly.

“You won’t get away with this Robert,” I cried.

      “Help me,” I screamed over and over again. I sat back and thought of something, something that could save me it was a long shot but it might just work.

“Robert! I changed my mind I want to be thrown into the river!” I yelled.

    No response.

Great I thought now I am going to die in a basement underground.

“Wait a second,” I said out loud. “I can pick the lock with my knife.”

 I started picking and I finally got it about an hour later. I ran up the stairs and found a door. I opened it and started climbing out.  When I finally got to the top I saw Austin running towards me.  “I can’t believe it Ronald was right,” Austin said.

“My name is Robert and I wouldn’t lie about something about this,” He cried.

Mia, Martin, Erica and Daniel were there too.

“So it was you, you hired people to kidnap me and Robert,” Daniel shrieked. 

  “You told me yourself that you chased after Robert when he was kidnapped,” I yelled at him.

“Are you admitting to kidnapping us?” Daniel asked.

“Ben you didn’t did you?” Mia asked with tears in her eyes.

“Of course not Mia I would never do something like that,” I said sympathetically.

“Mia don’t believe him. How could you after he left us at the cabin and now he might be the master mind behind kidnapping and don’t forget if all of this is true he lied to us,” Martin said putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Mia that is not . . .”

Mia interrupted me and said: “Don’t bother Benjamin, I trusted you. Goodbye.” She turned around and left.

“Sorry to do this Benjamin but I need to arrest you,” Erica said handcuffing me.

“Are you even aloud to handcuff me?” I asked.

She dragged me inside and put me in a jail cell.

“This is where you will stay till further notice,” Erica said as she turned around.

“Wait, Erica you believe me don’t you?” I asked, softly.

She turned around and said:  “I want to believe yo+u I really do but I need to find out more information.”   

“Wait I have proof,” I said.

She walked back over and asked: “Where is your proof?”

“Where is your brother he was down in the sewer with me,” I said.

“Ok I will go find him,” she smiled.

“Thank you,” I said.  

She stopped walking and turned around. It took her a second to reply but she said:  “Anytime.”

I fell asleep on the ground for the next hour and when I woke up Josh and Erica were staring at me.

“Ben Josh told me everything. Here,” she said opening the door.

“I’m glad you’re ok but Robert escaped,” he said.

“Whaaatt!?” I asked surprised.

“The principal wants us to give up on the case because it’s too dangerous,” Erica told us.

“He can’t do that I was finally starting to like being a spy,” I mumbled.

“It is alright Ben because Erica and I decided just you, me and her would work on the case,” he whispered.

“Really!?” I exclaimed.

“Keep it down Ben,” Erica groaned.

“Do you have any idea where he might be hiding?” Josh asked me.

“Yeah but I need you to drive me to the airport,” I said.

“You should get some practice driving,” Erica chuckled.

“Did you forget I am only twelve?” I asked.

“I’ll drive,” Josh said.

When we got to the airport we got on a plane and headed back to Rome.

“Why are we going to Rome?” Erica asked.

“Remember how Jason said the concierge in Rome was a double agent. Well maybe he really is,” I suggested.

              “Or maybe Jason is a double agent,” Erica pointed out.

              “Possibly,” I agreed.

                  When we arrived in Rome we got on a bus that took us to The Roman Stay.  As we were arriving at the hotel I saw the man from the gas station.

              “Josh look,” I said pointing to the man. He looked over and gasped.

              “Erica that is the man me and Ben tied up when I rescued him,” Josh whispered.

              “You did what with him?” Erica asked.

              “It is a long story,” I smiled.

              When we got to the hotel Josh handed me a gun.

              “How did you get that past security in the airport?” I asked.

              “I am a spy I have connections,” he smiled.

              We ran into the hotel and saw Robert.

              “Put your hands in the air!” I yelled at Robert. I turned my head and saw Josh whisper something to Erica while they were hiding behind a plant.

              “Is there anything he can’t ruin,” he whispered.

              “Not really,” she whispered back.

              Robert turned around and shot me in the leg. Before I knew it I was fast asleep.  When I woke up I was in a closet with Josh and Erica.

              “Why would you do that Ben?” Erica asked me.

              “I was just trying to catch the bad guy,” I whined.

              “You could have gotten us killed,” Josh shrieked.  “I’m sorry to do this Benjamin but I have to take you off the case.”

               “Go try to live a real life at spy school while we get the bad guys,” Erica said.

              “How was I supposed to know? I was just doing what my instincts were telling me to do,” I cried.

            “Benjamin if you were a real spy you would have thought this through before you got us into this situation,” Erica whimpered.

“I am sorry Ben but being a spy is more than just following your instinct, it’s about following what your mind is telling you to do,” Josh said.

“First of all I tried to think and how was I supposed to know he would shoot me?” I asked.

“We could have discussed all of the possibilities,” Erica suggested.                           

“Or we could have waited them out until we knew their plan,” Josh said.

 “Look I’m sorry I got us into this situation but please don’t take me off the case,” I pleaded.

Josh looked at Erica, Erica looked at Josh and they nodded their heads in agreement.

“I’m sorry Ben but it’s too dangerous for someone who isn’t even a full first year student,” Erica said calmly.

Josh kicked open the door and pulled me out. We ran out the back door while Erica stayed to spy on the bad guys. We got into the car and he drove me to the airport. When the plane landed Josh rented a car and drove me back to spy school.

“Well get out Ben I can’t just leave my sister at their secret hide out!” Josh yelled.

              “Please don’t do this Josh,” I pleaded.

              “I’m sorry Ben but I gave you multiple choices,” he said. “And how did your wrist get cut?”

“When I was kidnapped I got cut with my pocket knife,” I explained.               

“You better go to the first aid building it looks like it might leave a pretty bad scar,” he said.

I jumped out of the car and started walking to the door.

“Ben,” Josh called. I turned around and looked him in the eye.

“Don’t be sniffing around where you’re not supposed to be,” he finished.

I didn’t even reply I just looked back at him in disgust. As I was walking inside I ran into Martin, Austin and Mia.

“Ahhh it’s the criminal,” Austin screamed. “Don’t worry I will protect you two from him.”

“You know what Mia I bet he knew it was me when he punched me in the nose. I mean he was accused of: kidnapping, lying, murder and betrayal,” Austin yelled.

“Murder? I never murdered anyone and I didn’t betray you or lie to you,” I gasped.

“I know but murder sounds cooler than all the other ones,” he whispered.

    “Are you admitting to kidnapping than?” Martin asked.             

“No of course not because I didn’t do any of them. I am completely innocent!” I yelled.

“That is exactly what I would think the criminal would say,” Austin shrieked.  

“How can you guys not believe me?” I asked.

“I’m leaving,” Mia cried. She ran off and Martin and Austin surrounded me.

“We are not letting you go Benjamin,” Martin said meanly.

His voice reminded me of when we first met I knew there was only one thing I could do.  I ran to the door and hopped into a car which thankfully still had its key in it.  I started the car and locked the doors but I was too late Martin and Austin were already in the car. I yanked the door closed and pressed the gas down.

“Ahhh!” Martin and Austin screamed at the same time.

 I slammed on the brakes two minutes later and made sure the doors were still locked.          

“I’m sorry I can’t let you out of the car,” I said.

“Let’s see this is your third time kidnapping?” Austin asked himself out loud while writing in his notebook.

“No this is the first time I have ever kidnapped anyone! And how did you get that note book?” I screamed.

“So you are admitting to kidnapping people,” he said jotting it down.

“Give me that!” I yelled taking his note book.

He took out a note pad from his pocket and said: “Is also in a terrible physical and mental condition, also none as crazy.”

I noticed I was getting crazy so I calmed myself down and let them out of the car. 

“Sorry but you guys have to help me find Robert he escaped,” I said.

“I bet he would be escaping I mean I would after what you did to him,” Austin said.

“How did you even get out of jail?” Martin asked.

“Erica let me out!” I yelled in frustration.

“Ice Queen? No way she is so how do you say it . . .” Austin started to say.

“Astonishing, Impressive and she would never help you get out of a jail,” Martin finished.

“Yes that was just what I was going to say,” Austin said heroically. Martin glared at him.  

“Here I will call her,” I said grabbing my phone out of my pocket.

“No you won’t,” said someone behind us.

I turned around and saw Robert holding a gun at us.

“You wouldn’t,” I said hopefully.

“I really don’t want to Ben but you sent some of your friends to spy on us didn’t you?” He asked.

“What have you done with them?” I asked.

“Oh nothing . . . Yet!” he laughed.

“What do you want Robert?” I asked. “Why have you done all of this?”

“Because of the money, do you know how much they pay? Probably not but I will tell you.  They pay $5,000 a month.”

“Really?” Austin spoke up.

  That was what I needed a distraction so while they were talking I ran into the woods with Austin on my heels.

“Were you about to leave me?” he shrieked.

“You would have caught up,” I panted.

“It’s time to do it,” I said.

“Time to do what?” he asked.

“JUMP!” I screamed.

  We jumped into the river.  The current was so high I was washed up on a rock than hit with a giant wave. Waves I thought this place just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  When I finally made it back to land Austin was waiting for me.   

“Hurry up he jumped into the water after us,” Austin said.

We were running in the woods for about ten minutes when we ran into a girl. She looked like she was about eleven.

“Hi I’m Briana,” she said.

“Hi I’m Ben and this is Austin. We sort of need help though because we are being chased,” I said.

“Follow me,” she said. “I know the woods like the back of my hand.”

We followed her to a little cabin.

“Come on,” she said. We followed her to a secret panel in the cabin on the ground.

“Hurry up and climb down the stairs,” she said shoving me and Austin towards them.

“Where is Martin?” I asked.

“He went the other direction when we ran,” Austin said.

We ran down the stairs into a room which looked like a bedroom.

“Do you live here?” I asked as she closed the panel.

“Yeah I have lived here for five years,’ she said.

“Since you were six?” Austin asked.

She climbed down the stairs and said: “Yes.”

“Where are your parents?” he asked.  I nudged Austin on the shoulder and gave him one of those it’s none of your business glares.

She looked up with tears in her eyes and said: “They died when I was five.”

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

Some more of my book will be coming out in a little while. The moderators are checking it as I type this. 

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian

I couldn’t help but feel how helpless she must have been without them, Just the feeling of being alone all the time. 

“Have you been alone since you were six?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I had and uncle that lived with me but he died three years ago.”

“Are you all hungry?” she asked trying to change the subject.

 In all the excitement I forgot about eating. I looked at my watch and saw it was already 7:00 pm.

“Yeah,” I said for both me and Austin.

“Ok get settled in you can stay for the night in the guest room next door,” she said gesturing to a door in the corner.

I told Austin to get settled in while I watched her cook. She turned on a stove and chopped up some red peppers, onions and carrots; she put them in a pan and set them on the stove.  After that she cut up some steak and put it in with the veggies. Then she put some toast in the toaster. She turned around and told me to get Austin and wash up for dinner.

“There is a bathroom in the other corner,” she said as she put food on the plates.  She put one piece of steak and veggies toast and pulled some chopped up corn out of the fridge onto each plate.

“Follow me,” she said as we followed her into another room.   This room had a bunch of pillows as chairs on the floor.  We sat down, said grace and started to eat.  I finished my food first because I had not yet eaten anything for two days.

“If you’re still hungry there is plenty of food for seconds,” she said pointing to the kitchen.

“No we are fine,” I said stopping Austin from leaving.  “Thank you so much you are a very big help.”

She walked out to put the food away then came back in whispering.

“There is someone upstairs you have to follow me,” she whispered. We followed her from room to room.

“I had no idea a cabin could have so many rooms,” I gasped.           

“He might have figured out we are down here so we have to go to the basement,” she said.

We followed her to more stairs that went deeper and deeper underground. As we approached the bottom Briana told us there was a small panel in the wall that led outside.

“Briana we have to go because we can’t lead anymore danger to you,” Austin said. I nodded agreeing with what Austin had said. 

“Ok good bye,” she said waving to us as we exited the cabin through the hide out.  

We ran to the front of the cabin and saw Robert.

“Let’s tackle him,” I whispered.

“I might break an arm,” Austin whined. I looked at him with confusion in my eyes.         

“You won’t break your arm,” I reassured him.

“I will to.”

“You still don’t believe anything I say do you?” I asked. “Listen I will personally pay for the medical expenses if you break your arm.”

“Ok then lets tackle him,” Austin said.

“You take him from the back I will get him from the front,” I said. “Ready set Go!”

“Wait no my shoe is untied,” Austin said bending down.

I ran and tackled Robert, he flipped me over on my back and was about to shoot me when Austin came and jumped on top of his back. I rolled over and helped Austin, and then I ran inside the cabin and got some rope to tie him up.

We tied him up then Austin asked: “What are we going to do with him? I mean we don’t have a car to take him back to school.”

“I will go inside and ask Briana to come out,” I said.

“No way am I staying with this guy,” Austin complained.

  I gave Austin a glare.

“Fine I’ll stay here,” he said backing away.

I ran inside to get Briana.

“Briana!” I yelled over and over again.  Briana ran up the stairs and started to cry.

“What is wrong?” I asked her.

“Get out,” she yelled over and over.  I backed out of the cabin and she ran out.

“Robert is that really you?” She asked with tears in her eyes.

“Briana these monsters have tied me up will you please help me?” he gasped.

“Wait a second you two know each other?” Austin asked.

“Of course we do,” Robert said.

“Oh no,” I said out loud.  I could tell how they knew each other without them even saying it.  They had the same ears, same nose and same color eyes.

“How do they know each other?” Austin asked me.

I took a deep breath and said. “Robert and Briana are . . . brother and sister.”

“Ahhh!” Austin screamed. “We have been staying with an alien, a monster.”

“I am not a monster or an alien,” Briana cried. She untied her brother and helped him up.

“Don’t you see I have not seen him in six years since my parents died,” she shrieked. “Come on Robert let’s go inside.”

“He was the person that was tracking us!” Austin yelled.

Briana stopped walking and turned back to look at Robert.

“Is that true?” she asked.

“I would never do something like that. Let’s just go inside and have a nice dinner,” he said pulling her inside. Before he shut the door he turned around and said. “We will be in touch Carson.”

I looked around and saw the snow was almost completely melted. It was the first day of spring.

“Let’s go back to the car and head to the airport,” I said.

“What about Martin?” Austin asked.

“He’ll catch up with us later,” I said.

 We got on an airplane and headed to West Virginia.  On the plane we saw Josh and Erica.

“What are you two doing here?” Josh asked angrily.

“It was all Ben’s fault he tried to get us killed by jumping into the river, he made us stay with Robert’s sister and to top it all of he almost broke my arm,” Austin complained.

“You met Robert’s sister?” Erica gasped.

“Yeah, did you find out anything?” I asked, trying to change the subject. “And how did you escape?”

“We never needed to escape.   And yes we did find out something, Robert isn’t the master mind,” Erica whispered.

“Who is the master mind than?” I asked.

“His father is the master mind,” she replied.

“But his sister said their father died a long time ago,” Austin noted.

“It seems as though their father sent them to find us,” Josh said. 

“Whoa their dad is alive?” Austin asked.

“Yes and you know what-” Josh stopped talking.

“That is him right behind us,” Josh whispered.

“Ahhh,” Austin shrieked.

“Austin, how were you accepted into a spy organization?” Erica asked.

“Shhh,” Josh said in a hoarse whisper.

“Have you noticed the plane is landing?” I asked.

“Ladies and gentlemen please pull out the parachutes from under your seat I am afraid we are crashing,” the pilot said on the speaker calmly.

“Did he say we’re crashing?” I asked.

“Ahhh we’re crashing!” Austin screamed in a high pitch tone. “I’m going to die! I’m too young to die!”

We all looked at Austin in disgust.

“Well you heard him let’s get our parachutes,” Erica said.

I pulled out my parachute and waited for Josh to help me hook it up. He helped me then Austin and Erica.  

“How could he let us crash like this?” Austin cried. “I’m going to sue him!”

“Get ready,” Erica warned us.

“For what?” Austin asked.

“Jump!” Josh yelled pushing me and Austin out.

“I can’t breathe,” Austin gasped in exaggeration.

“Cut it out Austin this is serious,” Erica said.

“I get it is hard to breathe but you don’t have to act like that,” I gasped.

“Oh no,” Erica said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Look down!” she screamed.

I carefully looked down and saw trees.  Not just a few trees but all trees. There were only trees.  

“How are we going to land?” I asked.

   “I don’t know,” Josh admitted.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I asked. “Are we even in West Virginia?”

“Well, I have never jumped out of a plane before. What I do know is we should try to survive,” he gasped. “And from the looks of it we are somewhere far away from civilization.”

“Great, I’ll do my best,” I murmured. “Aren’t you supposed to be the spy?” 

“We are about to land!” Erica yelled.

“Where will we land?” I asked.

“I guess the trees will be like cushions,” Austin gulped trying to be positive.

“What are you talking about Austin?” I asked.

“You know the leaves will be soft.”

“And what about the trunk?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted.  

“Hey look over there,” Erica said, calmly pointing in another direction.

“It’s a river,” I gasped.

“We can land there,” Austin cheered.

“No we can’t,” Josh gulped.

“Why not?” I asked trying to change the direction of my parachute.

“Well, if I’m not mistaken we are in the amazon.  Do you want me to list the things in the water that could kill us alphabetically or chronically?”

“We might need to take that chance if we don’t want to crash into all of those trees!” Erica yelled.

“You’re right!” Josh screamed.  “Prepare for landing!”

We crashed into the deep water and sunk to the bottom. I tried to get out of the water not knowing what was in the water.   I grabbed ahold of a rock trying to push my body out of the water.  

“Josh!” I screamed in a panicking voice. “Austin! Erica! Where are you?”

I put my left foot on the rock and noticed it was very squishy. Oh no I told myself. I knew what this was without looking. I slid of the rock; well I thought it was a rock.

“Benjamin! Get off that hippo!” Josh screamed.

I looked around under the water trying to see what was in the water.  All I saw was murky brown water though.  I swam to the top hoping to see Josh, but all I could see was water and trees.  I was being dragged by the current towards a tremendously big water fall.

“JOSH! ERICA! AUSTIN! HELP!” I screamed over and over again. 

“Hold on Ben we’re coming,” echoed a voice.

I looked around hoping to see whoever just talked to me. But I could only stay above water for so long before the current pulled me back down.  I found another rock and by some miracle I managed to pull myself up onto it.  I looked around and saw a motor boat coming towards me. Inside the boat were three people, Austin, Erica and Josh.

“Hop on!” Josh screamed.

I looked at him gratefully and hopped onto the boat.   I slumped inside and fell on the ground.

“How is it that you washed up father and much quicker than the rest of us?” Josh asked.

“I bet it’s because he’s so skinny,” Austin laughed.

“Stop goofing around Austin,” Erica said.

“He does have a good point,” Josh pointed out. “Maybe he is just really skinny.”

Erica rolled her eyes at her brother and I think just for half a second I saw her smile.   I looked down at my hand noticing I was in pain. Erica looked at me then grabbed my hand.

“You have an infected cut,” she sighed.

“You didn’t forget to go to the first aid building did you?” Josh asked turning around the boat.

“Oops,” I said in a panicking tone.

“Is he going to die?” Austin asked, excitedly.

“Of course not,” Erica said.

“Good for you that Erica is here,” Josh grimaced. “She knows first aid.”

“To make your infection sterile I will have to put medicated oils and a bandage on it,” she said. “The only question is where we find the oils and bandages.”

“There is some leather on the seats,” Austin suggested.

“Good idea Austin,” I said, patting him on the back.

“I made a filter so we can get clean water,” Erica smiled.  “I can rinse it with water. I will be right back.” 

When Erica went to get the filter Austin ripped off a huge piece of leather from the chair and reached into his pocket revealing two small bottles.

“What are those?” I asked.

“Well one is Neosporin and one is olive oil,” He said heroically.  

  “Where did you get those?” I asked.

“I’m back,” Erica called.

“Hey Ms. Smarty pants I have Neosporin and Olive oil,” Austin laughed.

“Good job Austin,” Erica said as she poured water on my scratch.

“Ouch!” I squeaked.

“Did you really just say good job to me?” he asked.

“Come on Guys let’s get off this boat!” Josh screamed.

Austin looked at Erica with confusion in his eyes, “You actually said something nice to me.”

Erica laughed and said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I looked at Austin and Erica happy they were finally getting along.

“Oh no,” Austin gulped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You abandoned Martin,” he laughed.

 “I did not abandon him I just . . . left him,” I protested.

“Left, abandoned. They all mean the same thing,” he argued.

“Hurry up guys!” Jason called.

“We will finish this discussion later Carson,” Austin called as I walked off the boat.

“I’m soaked,” I complained to Erica.

“Well there’s nothing I can do about it,” she said.

“I have a question,” I said as I helped Austin out of the boat.

“Ask me while we walk,” Josh said.

“Why are we in the amazon?” I asked.

 “I’m still trying to figure that out,” Josh gulped.

“What is Robert and Briana’s dad’s name?” I asked.

“Briana? Who’s Briana?” Erica asked.

“Robert’s sister of course,” Austin said.

“No it’s not,” Erica protested.

“We met her Erica,” Austin pointed out.

“Well her name is Alicia. And she is thirteen years old,” Erica told us.

“Can we get back to when I asked you about their dad?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Erica said. “Their dad’s name is Carl Gibson.”

“So Gibson is their real last name?” I asked.

“Yeah and it turns out Daniel never knew this scheme was going on,” Josh said as he bended over to tie his shoe.

“That’s stupid that they didn’t change their last name,” I laughed.

“Criminals always do something wrong. In Jason’s case he said the concierge was a male when it was a female,” Josh said, standing up.

“I guess you’re right Josh,” I admitted.  

  “So where are we going now?” Austin asked.

“I have no idea,” Josh said.

“I wonder where the plane crashed,” Austin said.

“Hey look over there. A cave,” Erica said, running towards the cave.

“Erica wait!” Josh screamed.

We ran into the cave and found Erica trying to start a fire.

“Why would you do that Erica?” Josh yelled, “You never run into a cave! Especially in the amazon.”

 “Well the cave is safe and that’s all that matters right,” I said trying to be positive.

“Come on let’s get some sleep it’s eight pm,” Austin said, yawning.

I lay down on the hard ground and knew there was something strange about the plane crash but I couldn’t get my finger on it.  Something wasn’t right I knew there was something we missed.

I couldn’t get any sleep that night so when the others woke up I felt like a slug.

“You guys go catch Robert while I get some shut eye,” I groaned.

“Get up Ben,” Josh said shaking me.

“Can I do what my little brother used to do to get me up?” Austin asked.

“If it will get Ben up, yes,” Erica mumbled.

“Great,” Austin said cracking his knuckles.

Austin ran to the other side of the cave and started running towards me.  I knew what he was about to do though because my little cousin always did it to me.  I rolled out of the way and hopped to my feet. So when Austin was doing his canon ball the only person who got hurt was him.

“Ahhh!” He screamed, “Benjamin hurt me.”

I grabbed his hand and helped him up.

“How are we going to get out of the Amazon without getting killed?” I asked thoughtfully.

 Erica and Josh looked at each other with worry in their eyes.

“Dude this isn’t the old amazon this is the paradise island there are probably hundreds of airports around here,” Austin said.

“First of all this isn’t an island. Second of all there is only one airport,” Erica said.

“Ben I can wrap you’re hand up now,” Erica said.

“Ok here is my hand,” I said, holding out my hand.

She started to wrap my hand.

“Ouch!” I squealed.  

“Calm down Ben,” Erica said, patting my hand.

“Let’s go,” Josh said.

“Hey it’s a helicopter!” Austin yelled.

Austin started to yell at the helicopter and I ran out to create a light signal.  The pilot saw us and started to land. 

“They landed!” Austin yelled.

“Good job,” I said patting Austin on the back.

“Hop on!” the pilot shouted.

We hopped on the plane and I slumped over in a seat.  I fell asleep and when I got up we were landing. 

“It’s time to go,” Erica said.

We rented a car then drove back to school.

“We need to split up,” Erica said, “I will pack bags with Josh, and Austin and Ben have to go to the principal’s office.”

“Let’s go Austin,” I said pulling his arm.

We walked to the office and when we got in we were grounded.

“You can’t ground us!” Austin shouted, “We have to find Robert.”

“I’m sending both of you to the box,” The principal yelled.

“Please don’t do this we need to catch Robert,” I pleaded.

“Be quiet. If I hear one more word out of you I . . . I . . . will make you live in the box,” The principal yelled.

I looked at Austin and we both started laughing.

“What are you laughing about?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

“What do you mean nothing?” he asked, angrily.

“I told you it’s nothing,” I laughed.

“What he’s saying is that we’re laughing for no reason at all,” Austin said cracking himself up.

“Nothing?” he asked, “Then what were you just laughing about?”

“We have to go principal. Thank you for having us,” I said, running out the door with Austin on my heals.  

“See you later!” Austin yelled.

“Get back here Carson and Smith!” he yelled.

I ran to the back door and ran out.

“Hurry up Austin!” I yelled running into the woods.

Austin ran to my side and asked: “Where are we going?”

“The train station is about ten minutes away if you run,” I gasped out of breath.

“But we don’t have any money,” Austin pointed out. 

“I guess I didn’t think about that,” I said.

“Well I think the principal knows where we’re headed. Look behind us,” I said.

Austin turned his head and saw a black Toyota Camry chasing us with the principal in the front seat of the car.

“Hurry up there’s the train station,” I said.

We ran into the train station and hurried to the counter.

“Two tickets for Virginia,” I gasped.

“That will be thirty dollars,” The lady said.

I looked at Austin.

“Do you take credit cards?” Austin asked.

The lady looked at us curiously.  “You have a credit card?”

“No I was just wondering,” Austin said.

“Here,” Austin said pulling thirty dollars out of his pocket.

The lady looked suspiciously at Austin then snatched the money out of his hand and shoved it in her pocket.

“What time do you want your train to leave?” she asked me.

“As soon as possible,” I said.

“Ok the soonest train leaves in two minutes on track eighteen. If you want to catch it you better leave now.”

“Thank you so much,” I said.

At that moment the principal came in.

“Don’t let those kids get away!” he was yelling.

Austin looked around franticly.

“I’ll give you five dollars if you keep that man away from us,” Austin pleaded.

The lady looked at him like he was crazy.

“Fine twenty dollars,” I said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the money.

“It’s a deal,” she said grabbing the money. “Now go!”

I looked at her thankfully and started running to track eighteen.  When we made it to the track the train was already leaving.  I jumped on the back and held my hand out for Austin.

“Grab my hand!” I screamed.

Austin grabbed my hand and I pulled him up.

“Thanks,” he said.

“No problem.”

“Let’s get inside.”

We walked inside and sat down.

 “I thought you said we didn’t have any money,” I asked.

Austin just shrugged.      

“I wonder where Robert is right now,” I said dreamily.

“I don’t really care,” he said.

“Would you like anything to eat or drink?” asked a lady with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I jumped startled that a lady was staring right at us.

“Can I have some chips please,” I said.

“Could I have a bag of chips, a piece of pizza and a Pepsi,” Austin asked.

“Is that all?” she asked, scribbling something down.

“Wait no could I have two more pieces of pizza too?” Austin asked.

“Of course,” she sighed.   “Is that all?”

Before Austin could say something else I said: “No we’re fine thank you.”

“I’ll be back in a second with three pieces of pizza, a Pepsi and two bags of chips?” She asked.

“That’s right,” I said.

The lady gave me a small smile and walked over to the people sitting across from us.

“Why did you get so much food?” I asked. 

“Because I’m hungry,” he said.

“Where are Erica and Josh?” he asked.

“How should I know, I’m right here with you.”

About five minutes later the lady came back.

“Here you go,” she said, handing me my chips and handing Austin his pizza, Pepsi and chips.

 “Are you good?” she asked.

“Yeah . . .” I started to say.

“Wait!” Austin yelled, “Could I have two large fries and another piece of pizza.”

 “Of course,” she sighed, shooting me a perplexing stare.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked shaking my head.

“Is it a problem to be hungry?” he asked.

“Of course not, except if it’s all junk food,” I said in disgust.

“The train will stop in about half an hour, so if you want some sleep you better do it now,” I said yawning.  

“How can I sleep when I have food coming?” he gasped.

“Whatever,” I laughed.

I fell asleep for what seemed like an eternity but was really only ten minutes. When I woke up Austin was chomping on his pizza.

“Want some?” he asked me, his mouth full of food.

“I’m good,” I said.

“Come on this is probably the best food I have ever had,” he said.

“Fine, but just a little piece,” I said, breaking off a piece of pizza. I slid the food into my mouth and at once started gagging.

“This is terrible,” I gasped.  

“That’s just because you haven’t been at spy school long enough, cause once your there for a long period of time any other food will taste awesome,” he said, stuffing some fries in his mouth.

I snickered loudly.

“Why are you laughing?”

“No reason,” I said, as I popped a chip in my mouth.

“Next stop Williamsburg Virginia,” the lady on the speaker said.

“Let’s get ready to go,” I said, popping another chip in my mouth.

“Ok I’m done,” Austin said, stuffing the rest of his food in his mouth.

As the train came to a stop Austin and I stood up.  “What are we doing in Virginia?” Austin asked.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “But I think we should look for Robert.”

“I agree but where is Robert?” he asked.

“I’m not sure but he did say something about Columbia.”

“Columbia where? It could be in Maryland, Brazil or anywhere else,” he said trying to track down a taxi.

“I have no idea.”

“I think we should split up,” Austin said.

“You’re crazy Austin.”

“If you really want to know what I think than we should just let Erica and Josh handle this,” he shrugged.

“You know maybe your right,” I agreed.

“I know I’m -”

“Did you just admit I was right?” He asked.

“Yes I did,” I said.  “Let’s go.  Like, right now.”
“Where are we going?”

“I don’t know!” I yelled.

“Chill down dude!” Austin gasped.

“You know what maybe you should go back while I handle the bad guys!” I screamed.

“Did you know I’m a more experienced spy then you?” he asked.

 “I’m going home!” I yelled.

“Fine!” Austin yelled, “I’ll just . . . just go back to spy school!”

“Good bye!” I yelled. I ran inside the train station and sat at a booth. 

“Ben?” someone whispered.

“Great now I’m hearing voices,” I told myself.

“Psssst, Ben,” someone said.

I turned around and saw Martin Shaun.

“Martin?” I gasped. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I was trailing you the whole time,” he said.  “I even saw you leave chameleon. And you abandoned me. I never knew you were such a bully.”

“Me a bully?  You’re the bully Martin?”  I pointed out.

“Whatever,” he grumbled.  “So you’re going home?”

“Yes,” I said, crossing my arms in my chest.

“You can’t do that!” Austin yelled, popping out from a booth.

“Yes I can!”

“No you can’t!” Austin screamed.

Everyone stared at Austin and started snickering.

“You can’t go without talking to the director of the CIA,” Austin whispered, looking around cautiously.

“Where will I find the director?” I asked.

Martin and Austin started cracking up.

“You’re kidding right?” Martin laughed.

“Why should I be kidding?” I asked.  “I want to get out of here as soon as I can!”

“The director’s identity, address and phone number are all secret,” Martin said.

“Even his family doesn’t know where he lives,” Austin added suspiciously, ducking behind the booth again.

I stared at Austin.

“He does have a point,” Martin said, signaling for Austin to stand up.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” I asked, with irritation in my voice, slapping my hands on the table.   

“We could sneak you out under one condition,” Martin said, staring me in the eyes.

I knew from past experience that I should never listen to Martin.  But I was desperate to get home see my family and friends.  I wanted to get away from this place as fast as I could.

I stared Martin in the eyes and asked:  “What do you want me to do.”

“I just want you to clear any information about me that could you know . . . be destructive to my future job,” Martin said, gesturing his hands.

“What do you mean?” I gulped.

“Yeah what do you mean?” Austin asked.

“Austin, you should stay out of this if you want to stay out of trouble,” Martin warned him.

“Sorry,” Austin said, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Let’s get back to business Carson, let’s just say I got into some trouble yesterday.”

“Yesterday?  Where were you yesterday?” I asked.

“Spy school, To make a long story short: I needed some help computer hacking and I made a mistake, almost got caught, ran away, followed you and that’s it.”

“So what do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Just clear me up that’s all,” he said.

“How am I supposed to do that?” I asked.

Austin looked at me with fear in his eyes. He tried to send me a message such as: “He is threating you and I’m leaving!”

I looked back at him and stuck my tongue out.

“I don’t know?! Just do something!” Martin yelled, banging his hands on the table.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Martin.

“Do I even have a choice?”  I asked.

“No you don’t,” he said.

“It’s time for our exit,” Austin whispered, nudging Martin and I.

We stood up and walked out the door. I was about to make an exit but Martin grabbed my shirt and pulled me back towards him.

“Will you do it or not?!” he asked me, looking deep and menacingly into my eyes.

I was about to say no but I knew I had to say yes.

“Fine,” I said, as menacingly as possible glaring back at him.

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

Front sm


Branch: Lucian


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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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aka CatchingBlue120

Branch: Ekaterina

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Farewell everyone, it was fun while it lasted....









Front sm


Branch: Lucian

I felt fear race through my body, an icy cold pain, like someone jabbing knives into my spine.

“When do I clear you?” I asked.

“Tonight,” he said, sticking out his hand for me to shake.  “I will drive you back to school, you will sneak in, do the work, and then I will drive you home.”

I could feel my hands shaking as if something was not right.  I started to stick out my hand and Martin grabbed it.

“It’s a deal then,” Martin snickered, patting me on the back. When he patted me on the back it felt like nails jabbing into me.

“I’ll go get the car while you wait here,” Martin said, pointing to a parked car. Martin walked away and Austin let out a huge breath.

“It was nice knowing you Ben,” Austin said.

“Can you get me out of this situation?” I asked, hopefully.

“Nope. You agreed, Ben.”

“I’m leaving, can you stall him?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? I’m not going to die.”

“Here’s twenty bucks,” I said.

“It’s a deal,” he said, snatching the money out of my hands.

“Oh and Austin . . . Thanks,” I said, smiling at him.
“Just go,” he whispered.
I ducked behind a trash can and ran inside the station.

I went out the back way and ran to a taxi.  “I have ten dollars, how far can you get me?” I asked.

“four and a half miles,” the driver said.

“Ok can you drive me to Williamsburg Virginia?”

The driver looked at me as if I was crazy through his mirror. “That’s a two hour and thirty minute drive.”

“Well can you take me as far as possible,” I asked.

“Sure kid, I’ll take you to a bus station that is a couple miles away.”


When I got off at the bus station I realized I only had ten dollars left. 

“How much is one ticket to Williamsburg?” I asked. 

“Eight dollars.”

“Thanks, I’ll take it.”

I hopped on the bus and took a seat.  I looked through the window and thought about why I was leaving Spy School.  “This is stupid,” I said, out loud.

“Driver can you take me to D.C?” I asked.

“This is a bus kid. I have too many other people on the bus.”

“But-” I started to say.

“But nothing,” The man interrupted.

“Then can you let me off and give me my money back?” I asked.

“No!” The man yelled, “Just sit down and be quiet.”

I scooted forward to try to get a good look at the man.  When I saw him I recognized him from one of the hotels.  The man from the gas station I thought.

“Let me off the bus!” I yelled.

The person sitting next to me looked at me and scooted away.

“Excuse me Ma’am?” I asked.

The woman who was sitting next to me stood up and I darted past her.

“You stay right where you are,” the man said, pulling over.  The man told everyone to get off the bus because of tire problems, but I just guessed that was just a decoy.  

“Not so fast Mr. Carson,” the bus driver said, pulling me back inside the bus.  “You are staying with me.”

“No I’m not,” I said, struggling to get free.  I back kicked him in the spleen and ran out the bus door. I looked around franticly hoping to see a taxi cab but instead saw nothing. 

I ran across the street into a Starbucks to hide myself.  I got a drink of water and ran back outside to track down a taxi.  When I tracked one down I asked them to take me to McDonalds (which was only ten minutes away from spy school by foot).  When we got there I realized that in my other pocket I had some money. So I paid the taxi driver and ran to spy school.

I ran inside the Hale building and saw the principal talking to Michael Hale.

“Benjamin where have you been?” The principal gasped.  “You must go to the box right now.”  

“Okay,” I groaned.

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason. 

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A proud Christian 




~ Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tommorow. 

~ Don't  worry about those who talk behind your back, They're behind you for a reason.