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Just wanted to let the few people here who actually check my posts (I appreciate you guys btw) that I swing both ways. Yeah, I haven't told my parents yet... Because they'll say its, "JUST A PHASE."

I guess I've always felt this way. I mean, when I was younger I guess I did happen to have some  girl crushes as well as guy crushes but I guess I just didn't want to label the girl crushes, 'crushes.' I guess I just wanted to think that I really liked them as a friend. Well, now I'm admitting to you guys and myself that I like both guys and girls. You of course don't have to agree with all this, just please respect it.


Quite funny really, this is what happened when I came out one of my friends,


Me:*calls landline of friend*

Friend: *answers on fourth ring* HEY 

Me: Hey...? *gets nervous cuz she sounds mad* Did I interrupt you or...?

Friend: YES I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF WATCHING AMAZING RACE. (she recently got hooked on that)

Me:*laughs nervously* Okaay.... Before I let you go and continue watching, I have to tell you something real quick... 

Friend: WELL? 

Me: haha... umm... OH WHATEVER! I"ll just say it! I'm bisexual

Friend: AAAAUG! Did you seriously call me just to tell me that!?

Me: Wait.... You sound mad...


Me: Wait whaaaat??? Oh. Well, then. Okay....

Friend: *voice becomes more gentle* I'm cool with it you know... 


And I also told her cousin a few days later who was pretty cool with it when I told her on the phone as well. (She was visiting my friend's place that time and I first met her cousin when we went skating with her last year on our friend's birthday.) 


So yeah, I just wanted you guys to know...



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"I try very hard to be annoying. Don't insult my ability to annoy"




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i am too. Yoour story is actually very similar to mine almost down to the last detail...i really only found out in feburary though...

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I am...

an artist

a Pokémon trainer

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a Divergent

a Hunger Games victor

a demigod

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a LGBT+ meMBer

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a gamer for life

a Vk

part of too many fandoms


I am Aqua

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Congrats and good luck as you go forward on the mb and in life :D Also hi I don't know you but hi. I am also not straight so i understand how this kind of stuff can be hard. good luck with your parents and everyone but don't ever let them tell you who you are. *leaves the room awkwardly* Sorry if this is weird cause I don't know you I just didn't want to just scroll past...I'll go now."

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I'm Kage or you can call me Laine


"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations"

"Girls like girls like boys do. Nothing new."

"hope is so much stronger than fear"



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I'm so happy for you! I hope everything goes alright in the future :)

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I would put a clever joke here, but I can't think of one.


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Congrats! (not in a sarcastic way ok) You discovered who you really are and what you want. Btw I'm straight so I don't have knowledge on being bi. But if the right time comes you should tell your parents, they will accept who you really are cause you are their child. BE YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN... 

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