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One Talent



I have no voice for singing;

I cannot make a speech;

I have no gift for music;

I know I cannot teach.

I am no good at leading;

I cannot "organize";

And anything I write

Would never win a prize.

But at the roll call at school

I always answer, "Here."

When others are performing,

I lend a listening ear.

After the program is over,

I praise it's every part.

My words are not to flatter

I mean them from the heart.

It seems my only talent

Is not big nor rare;

Just to listen and encourage,

And to fill an vacant chair.

But all the gifted people,

Could not so brightly shine

Were it not for those who use

A talent such as mine.



This poem was in one of my school books... I related to it and thought I'd share it with you!!

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