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                      Chapter   1


Once upon a time... Yeah right, I'm kidding myself. That's how magical princess-ey fairytales start. My story is totally not a fairytale, it's more like a nightmare. Ugh. Well anyway, I think others need to know this nightmare that's my life. I'm Mallory, (the best, duh) and I am 14. I have 9 brothers and sisters, Jessica, (the snob) is 13, Frank, (the booger-eater) is 11, Rose, (the thorn) is 10, Victor, (the dummy), is 8, Benjamin, (the fat-head) is 7, David, (the talker) is 6, Kaylee, (the sass) is 4, Jonny, (the rascal) is 3, and finally, Mikey, (the baby) is only 1... There's all the names and ages for you... We're all homeschooled. You can bet our mom has premature gray hair. This introduction is boring, let's skip to the good part. Today is March 16th. The day is a total disaster. It snowed two days ago, and everyone (except me, I hate snow) is acting like they've never seen snow before. Then they make a big huge mess trying to find all their winter coats and stuff.Then they go outside and have "so much" fun. Come back in, make a huge wet puddle... And guess who has to clean the mess! Yup, that's me! Get they mop. Mop, mop, mop. Oh no, there's Jessica coming through the door. "Just what I need," I grumble to myself. She comes in yelling, "HEY UGLY!!!" (That's what she calls me) "CAN YOU HELP ME GET OFF MY BOOTS???? I THINK THEIR STUCK!!!!"

"WITH THOSE FAT FEET OF YOURS, THEY PROBABLY ARE!!!" I yell back. (Hey, if she's  yelling I might as well too.)Jessica goes to yell at someone else. Leaving me an even bigger mess to clean up. When I get done mopping it all up, Dad comes home. He's in a bad mood (like always). "Get on the dishes! Why aren't they done?" he thunders. 

"Sorry," I mumble, while Dad goes and sits on the couch to stare at his phone.

"By the way," he bellows, "Your grounded!!!" 

"What even is there to be grounded from?" I grumble under my breath.

"What did you say?" My Dad says, from the other room.

"Nothing," I reply. Tomorrow my parents have a meeting they both need to go to. We'll see how that goes...






I'm working on a title, any suggestions would be great!!! Hope y'all like it. The next chapter wll be coming soon. Hopefully tomorrow.





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I'm bored... 


Jesus loves you!!!


I'm a Christian


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Percabeth 4ever!!!!



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LeLe Pons is the queen!!!!!











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Branch: Ekaterina

Once upon.... A nightmare or the fairytale nightmare

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The butterfly’s end


the caterpillar’s beginning 

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Awesome story! You could call it my daily nightmare?! It's up to you tho...O_O

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