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(I was bored, okay?)




Chuck Norris: My food never expires because-

Bruce Lee: What's this, you boasting about how terrifying you are again?

Listen up bro and listen good

You don't scare me at all

And who beat you in a fight?

People don't make jokes 'bout me

'Cause I'm no joke!

The same can't be said for you!

Chuck Norris: S'cuse me, I'm no joke either

At least everybody knows my name

Not so many people know who you are!

Bruce Lee: I founded my own style-

Chuck Norris: So what? I like my meat so rare I hunt unicorns!

Bruce Lee: That was irrelevant




. . . I know it was bad . . . I ran out of ideas . . . There will be more terrible rap battles in the future. XD


Note: No disrespect towards either martial artist was intended with this post. This was just for fun.




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