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So, a lot has happened since yesterday.


The forums have been "hacked", although the hacker of sorts won't admit to it.


He says he is doing it because the mods don't care anymore.


But, unfortunately for him, he has been proven wrong.


Admin Jen B, one of the greats and unforgettables, has been sighted.


She has made it clear that Scholastic is addressing this problem.


A lot of lessons have been learned through this trial. 


We've learned that we love this MB, but that it is still temporary.


We have learned how much stock we put in the internet and how much it consumes us.


We have seen how fragile this world really is and what happens when one person takes it into their own mind to fix it.


I learned how scared I am to lose contact with you guys. 


This MB is a huge part of my life. I think about my friends on here a lot. I pray for you like I do for my RL friends. You are so important to me!!!


But I realized that the MB has become a consuming obsession.


I'm sure that is how it is for a lot of us.


So, maybe we need to take a step back. Clean our glasses. Get those few hours of sleep we skipped. Finish that math paper, and take another look at where our lives are going.


This MB isn't bad. But we must remember: Everything in moderation.


Don't let the MB shape your life. Let it be a piece of the puzzle, not the picture. Don't forget your RL life.


So after that Tangent that I didn't entirely mean to take, I have two more barely relate things to say before I submit this:


One, for those of you who said the mods are gone: well, you were right. You see, the mods are computers. It's the Admins who are the supervisors of sorts. They take care of reports and stuff like that. And we are thankful that they do!!!


Two, I have a requests for the Admins: Post more!!! I know you have your own lives to deal with and watching a bunch of pre-teens and teenagers squabble over a bunch of nonsense is not what you want to be doing with your time, but we need to know you're here!!! This whole situation started because someone thought you didn't care any more! So show us you care. Protect us, like you said you would.


Anywho, I hope you guys can resolve this quickly!!! Best of luck!!! 


And remember: Too much of a good thing is bad, but to much of a bad thing is just worse.



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Agreed :)

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This is awesome Krista!! Thanks! :D

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Stay strong, my lovelies. "Never say Goodbye. Because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting" So this is just I'll see you people later. Maybe in real life one day:)

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At first I was just thinking "wat." Then I slowly understood the message.


Then I decided I'mma not do that.

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Is me.



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I agree.

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Agreed! I miss it when the Admins would post.

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