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Hi! So, I just checked my star count and I am FOUR STARS AWAY FROM 3,500!!! :D SO, in honor of that, I want you to go to THIS thread: /236779 and pick out ONE Rp from that and post the title here(an Rp, NOT A STORY!!). I'll pick the top 2-5 most popular and make a poll. Whichever Rp gets the more votes, I'll make when I reach 3,500 stars! :D


Thanks for all the stars! :D :D



Elf, Over and Out.



P.S. I'll star anyone/everyone who posts on here. :P ;)

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"But I don't regret,

Nor will I forget all who took the road with me.


To these memories I will hold

With your blessing I will go.


I bid you all a very fond farewell."

-Billy Boyd