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Dear Clev,


               Its me, your friend Tobias. I'm writing this after your unexpected departure from the MB. You leaving has shocked us all. I've been on this MB for two years. Two years of my life I have had the privilege of meeting so many people. Over these last couple of years I've seen a lot of people come and go. A lot of good people have sadly left us and now you have. You have been one of those rare people who have come on here and greatly impacted us. The last person I saw impact us, the way you have Clev, was a girl named Alyssa. She has also sadly left us too. Clev, thank you for having come on here. Thank you for being my friend. You've helped make this MB a happier place, not just with your writing, but with your presence in general. I'm going to make you a promise Clev. I promise that in some shape or form, I will continue and finish Mateo and Dylan's story. Come home soon Clev.



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Under cloud, beneath the starsOver snow one winter's mornI turn at last to paths that lead homeAnd though where the road then takes meI cannot tellWe came all this wayBut now comes the dayTo bid you farewell


-Billy Boyd