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I was really bullied at school so I've been doing cyber school for about 3 years now. I'm home by myself a lot as a result. The main place I connect with others is at church and church events. 


I feel like I see people as one dimensional. For example, when you are a little kid and you see your teacher at a store with her family and you are like, "OMGosh! She has a life outside of my school! Who knew!"


I'm kind of like that at church. I don't know if being bullied and being kind of isolated has affected me so that I have a disconnect with people. Shying away from people because of the bullying. Being fairly isolated so that my focus doesn't go beyond my boring life. It's hard for me to realize that others have a life where they go to school and interact with others, go on fun family vacations, have a family member who is really sick. Stuff that regular people talk about to become a friend and to maintain a friendship. 


In the past I've tried to focus on others here on the MB. Now I hardly know anybody on the MB and I don't know how to reach out. This, right now, is kind of one dimensional for me because we only see what's on the computer. It's real life, but not real life.


Does anybody else have trouble with this at all?

Does anyone have any advice for me regarding this?

I told Zeke on another post that I need to get together with a friend and have fun.

I don't have friends to get together with to do this!


You guys on here are caring and smart and always looking out for one another and I admire that. I haven't been able to be like that for a long time. How can I be more like that on here without intruding on people and crashing threads and stuff? Starting over and making new friends isn't easy for me. 


Thanks everybody!



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It was hard forme too. 


I just put myself out there, even though it was hard. I forced myself to be me, and it worked.


Of course, i would be perfectly happy to be your friend 

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