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Branch: Ekaterina

 Hi! Just wanna talk to you. Your sooo... I don't even know. Like, calming and relaxed. But still... eeeeyaaaaaahhhh. I can't describe it! It's literally driving me insane. Just kidding. XD(?). Yooaaahh, I'm weird. I remember the screaming-into-watch joke again... Oooowah! Sorry... I'm just slowly going ridiculous. Soon Elahe will control all. I am dying. Oh gosh. What am I even saying? It's not even late! I'm so weird.


Ha! I'll rule the universe! But first, you. I will be Queen Elahe. No! Empress Elahe! Yes!


Shoot. She'll take us second though. I hate evil alter-egos that try to kill us or something. 


Shush, Tommy. Shh.


My name isn't Tommy!




Uhh, okay, Madam. I mean mademoiselle. I mean Master. I mean Queen. Wait- Empress Elahe! *Smiles weakly*


Tommy. Don't. Okay?


Yes, Your Royal Highness. Empress Elahe.


*Glowers* Your supposed to say: Okay, Empess.Undertand?


Yeah. I mean, I understand, Empress.


Finally.It's impoving.



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"I love the DARK"


All shall bow down to me, as I am a QUEEN. 

I dream. I write. I read. I live. 


















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Branch: Ekaterina

XD That was amazing. So, Empress, who exactly are you?


And should we be afraid?


*apalled* MARIAH!! 

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no more band-aids on my heartaches.

no more smoke when i burn my pancakes. 

no more drowning in my sorrow. 

with my chin held up there's always better luck