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So, I finally got an email back from my friend about school. ;) Here's what she said: 


I guess a big thing that made a difference in my school experience was staying happy and joyful even in stressful moments. Another one would probably be staying organized. It really helped when I organized multiple things, like my backpack and my time and desk. I highly recommend getting your homework done the day you get it. Of course there will be days when you can't get everything done but just do your best:) Also, something that I tried to do was, in between each class I would quickly go over the class I just had. It helped me clear my mind for the next class and pay attention to it. Remember to stay calm and think positive things though it may be hard.


Hope it helps! She also says the best advice comes from experience. :) You are awesome. 



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no more band-aids on my heartaches.

no more smoke when i burn my pancakes. 

no more drowning in my sorrow. 

with my chin held up there's always better luck