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When I was younger, I didn't read or like Harry Potter. I read it six months ago and I love the literature. But from the age of 10, I looked up to Amy (first serise). As I remember, she was strong both mentally and physically, intelligent and loved books/research but held down by her brother's juvinality. As I know Hermione to be, she's strong both mentally and physically, intelligent and loved to read for useful knowledge, but held down by Harry and Ron's lack of educational interest. 


But as I've said in another post, I haven't read The 39 Clues in 4 years, so for anyone who has read Harry Potter and 39 Clues (first series) - how similar and different are Hermione Granger and Amy Cahill? And for those that have read The 39 Clues (all series) - do you think Amy Cahill is just as good as a female role model as Hermione is? 


This post isn't to be demeaning or anything, it was just to see if I remember Amy in the way she was actually written and my role model compared to probably the majority of young girls/boys' role model. 






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I, too, have considered how similar they are. Both have awesome friends who will risk their lives for them. Both are extremely intelligent and use their intelligence well. We see the teen hormones in both: Hermione with jealousy and Amy easily influenced by a guy a few times and unable to decide who she likes better. Both are protective of their friends as well as others. They are good leaders and able to think fast on their feet (something I'm definitely not good at doing). Amy sets up all sorts of things for the Madrigals to improve their health and learn self defense and other tactics. Hermione helps the others with school work. Both get frustrated with their friends on a fairly regular basis. Both are risk takers. Both were thrown into world's that they didn't know anything about. Both faced death with their friends on a regular basis.


I do think that Amy had to overcome more things from her early life. Her parents died in a fire, they had to live with horrid Aunt Beatrice, their Grandma Grace died, and then Grace's mansion burned to the ground at her funeral.


After the core of Madrigals formed, Amy and the others had much less adult help and role models than was true of Hermione and her world.


I've not been able to choose one over another because both are to be greatly admired.


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