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Hola, guys. Clev here.... but you probably already knew that.... ANYWAYS...


So, all my life, I've lived in two different places. For the first five years of my life, I lived in Florida. For the next five years of my life, I lived in Alabama(#sweethomealabama). Then, around two years ago, I moved back to Florida.

I'm really just not happy here.

Don't get me wrong, the people here, the congregation here, the neighbors here are all AMAZING!


It's just not home.


Recently, my parents have been talking to me about how I feel living here.


I told them I wasn't happy here. They said that's why they were thinking about getting me back up in Alabama.


Meaning leaving the people I've gotten close to here in Florida.


I don't even know what to think.

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did you know... that... 

You're perfect,



doing the best you can,

and that I'm proud of you?


I'm doing quite well, thank you, my friend.

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Well, I'm not super awesome at advice, but here we go.


First of all, what does Clev want? Really, want?


Are you really home? Really happy?


Leaving can be hard, but home is where the heart is.


Believe me, I would give anything to go back home. You have the option. I would take it.



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*huggs* Oh Clev...... you arn't alone, my dad is getting a new job(right now he's a teacher) that would mean moving away from friends it's taken me a while to get close to, a swim team I've been on since I was six, the town I've grown up in, etc. I hope things get better, and that you're happy no matter where you have to live. 


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Oh! yeah! *gives plate of cookies and sandwiches.* :3

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 I can't really relate because I've only lived in two places in my life, but I can only remember one, and they were only like 30 minutes apart by car.



You should ask yourself, What do you want? Where do you feel you belong? Part of what makes someplace home is the people inside and out. This is your decision to make, but I hope we can help you!

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I'm so sorry, Clev. I don't have a lot of advice because I've only been in this situation once (I was three, though...), but I would say, pray. Ask your Father to either give you comfort or to know what to do and how to cope. I know He is listening and He wants to help you through this. :)

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What? Clev? Why do you hate our beautiful land of Florida? (Yes, I live there too)

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