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I just wanted to send out some happiness, so here it is,


@Clev: Your Sherlock/Paramore/Leverage stuff first amazed me, so I just had to say thanks! You are a awesome writer! You are awsome!

@Maya: I know we may fight, but you make the best Rp's. And you really are the Queen of Rp's. Seriously. You know how to write in other's characters. 

@Jade: My Neverland buddy!You have great ideas, and,just..THE WIZARDING GAMES!!Thank you for all this!

@Mickey/Fen:You are one of the best writers ever!You introduced me to The Book Thief. Thank you!

@Lillian:you were one of the first people I met on here. You are just plain awesome. I have no words for you, you are just that great!\

@Ro:Hello, Ro. You are a awseome writer, and a awesome Goddess!

@Sphinx:Miss Duchess Regina Knight!You are a amazing writer, person, and very caring!

@Ef:Fellow Sherlockian!You make some of the best characters ever!!!

@Everyone:Merry Christmas!You are all awesome!!!

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I'd Rather Be Me Then Be With You



 Also, I miss Newsies(Hannah)

And Mary Poppins(Bird Woman)

And Annie(July)

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Aw, thank you! :D ;D You are sooooo sweet and I am so grateful to have met you!!! (All of you, for that matter!) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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no more band-aids on my heartaches.

no more smoke when i burn my pancakes. 

no more drowning in my sorrow. 

with my chin held up there's always better luck











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OMLoki, I was searching for Regina's form and this came up! I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!


Thank you, so much, Lani!

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