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Branch: Ekaterina

Hi! I just had an idea for a roleplay! years have past since the clue hunt, and Cahills have built a private school where all the branches can send their children here to learn about themselves, and regular human skills!


here is my form:



nickname: Cassie

Branch: Ekat

Personality: Peppy, Bubbly, nerdy, popular

apearance: shoulder-length blond wavy hair, pale

crush: Andrew, a Tomas, and the biggest jock, but wishes he were ekat because he is nerdy and loves science

other: Dunno!




also I know no one ever does my things, but if you are part og LightningClan or Lightningwave110 gang, come on and do this!

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Branch: Tomas

Name: Sun-jung

Nickname: N/A

Branch: Tomas

Personality: sarcastic, strong, competitive, tomboy, outcast, stubborn, persistent

Appearance: black hair (ponytail), black eyes, Korean, average height

Crush: N/A

Other: practices taekwondo

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Branch: Lucian

Name: Naidia

Nickname: Naid

Branch: A bit of a mix..part Lucian and part Janus

Personality: Shy, quiet, introverted. A fighter. Artistic. Very smart/clever, not to be trusted. Has the face of a angel and the brain of a thief.

Appearance: Long pink/purple/blue/black/blonde/red/orange/green/yellow/brown hair, blue eyes, 5'1, pale. 

Crush: No, no thank you.



Name: Leon

Nickname: Leo(Naidia calls him this)

Branch: Lucian

Personality: Cunning, a thief. Tricky and clever. 

Appearance: Short red hair, green eyes, 5'3

Crush: A huge one on Naidia



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