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Branch: Lucian

If elected I promise to keep the vespers off of the cahills backs and organize a branch sharing program. I will do my best to influence and unite even the 2 biggest rivals: The Tomas and the Ekats. I can unite them. We all need to cooperate and share to beat the Vespers. pooling our knowledge and resources can do that.I will also answer any and all of your questions at the end of my speech. My beleif is that the Vespers are gearing up for something big. I may be able to help prepare us for the attack. As for our hostage situation I offer Amy and Dan any and all help they may need from my group the AVC. Any votes of support would greatly be appriciated on our page "which of us will run against gabby i December" Thank you all. I will take your questions now.
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angrycobra43 aka FightingCobra22

TEA PARTY!!!!!!  Stay strong Madelyn


Farewell harper!!!!



Cobra has returned!