Hey it's mckenna aka ahother of Ian and Amy love at frist shight umm i did't like that book so im makeing a new one so like I did befor if you want to be in this book let me know but I just need like ummm 10 or 20 ppl so yeah the book is going to binning in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2  1.                     Amy was just walking to the park when she gets a text from Ian. "why did he text me?"  she thought. " Hey Amy meet me at the park like right now Ian." Amy found Ian neer the big tree were she sudys at. "Hey Ian what do you need?" "oh hey Amy you want to play some sooer?(srry im a bad spler)"um....sure". atter a long game of scooer Ian took Amy home. thanks for reading!
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