Excuse me for my initial weirdness, XD. Oh my Alabama! I can't believe I waited so long to post again. Oh my , almost three months. For those of those newbies who don't know me, I'm:
1. 13
2. I was on Gabby's Stacks family list on the Stacks.
3. My favorite boards are 39 clues and Write it.
4. I love the colors navy, spring green and orange.
5. I'm pleased to see Gabby to have more attention on here (thank u for all her fan clubs.)
6. I'm so much into witchcraft that I'm writing a novel for NatNoWriMo and I love HP, The Secret Circle and Charmed.
7. My 6-year-old cousin saw a Never Say Never video and thought Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber were sisters. (lol).
8. My fav channel is the CW.

Thanks and I look forward to know you.

loonylnelliegohyeah on the Stacks.
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