HI, this is Abby Cahill. This is MY story.

Flashback: "Good bye kids, I'll have you escorted out by my two body guards. ta ta!" Carlisle said. He stepped out of the now stopped again elevator and pressed the tree exit button. Justin and Abby looked, once again, confused at the elevator doors. They were moving up. To freedom.

Just as promised, when they got to the top, the guards were waiting for them. "We called your parents. You are in for it!" The guards laughed at Abby. "Oh, and we have a family willing to take care of you out of state. Have fun!" They said to Justin, his head looking down. They didn't talk anymore. They all walked together down to her street.

"Bye, Justin." she said. Those were her last words to him. Justin didn't reply. He gave her the weakest smile you could think of and nodded.

"All right, enough with the goodbyes. Come on girl let's take you to the house." One guard walked with Abby to her house and the other walked Justin in the other direction, probabaly to take him to the airport to be flown out of the state to his new home. So many thoughts were swirling around her mind. Why didn't Justin tell me? Why did Carlisle let us go? How did he fake so well being the old man? What did they tell my parents? What will happen to Justin? They walked up to her house. It was a long conversation about what happened. The guard lied. She wasn't in for it. They said she was sleep walking and fell into a bush. Wow, those guards were interesting people. The guards left and Abby walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

So much to say, so little paper. Mom and Dad are going to make me close and lock my windows and doors every night so I won't kill myself "sleep walking". I wonder what happened to Justin. Why did Carlisle let us go? I'm so confused. Luckily, we are taking a vacation to visit my cousins Dan and Amy soon. I really need to talk to them.

Abby made it through the next week of school. She could barely pay attention though. She was in advaced classes, being an Ekaterina school isn't TOO hard. So in geometry, they were learning about nets or something. The teacher called on her and she didn't know the answer. She shouted out, "42?" The class laughed at her. The question was if she was paying attention. Her best friend, Bridget, or Bri, was trying to talk to her. She couldn't even pay attention on how Brad cheated on Anna with Anna's sister, Hailey. She just wasn't into that right at the moment.

"Hey, are you okay?" Bri asked with a suspicious look.

"Yea, just um alot is on my mind." Abby replied. She did look like a mess. Her hair was frizzy, her shirt had a stain, and she just looked, well, tired.

"Okay, so guess whaaaaat!!!!" Bri sang like she does whenever she gets excited. "Your parents asked me to come on vacation with you guys to see Dan and Amy!" She had a wide smile on her face. Abby could tell she was excited. In Bri's mind, it was a vacation with her best friend in the world and her two amazing cousins. In Abby's mind, it was ooooohhhh no. How could she get Dan and Amy alone to talk to them?

Oh no. I'm toast. I need to get Dan and Amy alone. What am I supposed to do? I can't let her know I'm a Cahill! Well, she already knows that but you know what I mean!

The van was almost packed. "Aren't you just so excited?!?" Bri squeeled. Did I mention Bri had a crush on Dan's best friend? Yea, I'm not kidding. They all hopped in the mini van and headed to Dan and Amy's house. It was Saturday when the pulled into the mansion's driveway. They all started unpacking the car. Amy ran out of the house and opened her arms for a hug from Bri and Abby. (Bri and Amy met when Amy and Dan came down for Christmas one year)

"I haven't seen you in so long Bridget! You got your hair cut?" Amy asked.

"Yea, I actually got it cut like last week when...." Bri and Amy's conversation faded out when Abby thought she saw something in the guest house window moving.

"Here, I'll help you carry your bags to the guest house." Amy offered.

"Thank you dear, hear take this one." Abby's mom said. She handed her two bags. Abby and her dad and even Bri only needed to pack one suit case, but that's not the case for Abby's mom. She had to pack five.

"We have another guest staying with us for awhile in the guest house to. He's uh...a family friend." Amy said as they walked to the guest house. They walked into the house and set their bags in the front room. "I'll introduce you to him. He is actually your ages Bri and Abby. 13 years old." Amy added. They walked into the family room where the boy sat. Turning his head to see the cousins with his brown eyes and brown hair was.....


To be continued...........
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"You two know each other?" Amy asked. She had a look of concern on her face. Obviously she knew he was a Vesper.

"Yes, he um goes to my school." Abby replied.

"No he doe..." was all Bri could get out before Abby waved her hand under her neck to give her the "don't say anything I'll explain later" look.

"Yea we um went to school together. " Justin said his head down. "I moved to Attleboro and these guys invited me to stay with them for awhile." he added.

"I'll take you to your rooms." Amy said. Bri, Abby, and Amy where staying in the same room. (Amy thought it would be like a slumber party for them all to sleep in the same room) Dan and um Abby's little brother, also named Dan Cahill, (family reunions got confusing), where sharing a room. Abby's parents where sharing a room, Fiske had his own, and Nellie had her own. Oh, and Justin was staying with the boys.

"So, you liar, how do you know Justin?" Bri questioned. Just with her tone of voice Abby knew what to say.

Even thought she was completely disgusted at the thought of what she was about to say she said, "We used to date. We are exes." She nearly choked getting that out but that is one of the prices you have to pay with being a Cahill.

"Oh.My.Gosh. You didn't tell me? Your best friend? Oh my gosh give me every detail!" Bri squeeled. Abby, using her best skill, improv, made up a story of a failed romance and with a grand finale a horrible pizza date with her breaking up with Jutin and dumping a coca cola on his head. man, did she wish she actually dumped coke on his head. The truth is, Justin was a Vesper and they never went out. Justin claimed his family sent him away when he tried to help the Cahills. Turns out this so called "family" of his consisted of one dad and an unknown mother. The dad was Carlisle Wyoming, the brother of Casper Wyoming and the man who tried to kill Justin and Abby. Jerk. "Wow. Just wow. What a jerk!" Bri yelled.

"You have no idea." Abby quietly mumbled.
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"Kids! Dinner!" Fiske yelled. The Cahills+2 ran into the kitchen. The kitchen smelled of well, dinner. It was like Thansgiving. There was turkey, ham, steak, mashed potatoes, peas, drinks, rolls, and pretty much everything you would have for Thanksgiving.

"Wow, Fiske this is amazing." Abby's mom said.

"Ywah Fits is weely moud" Abby's brother Dan said, his mouth full of food.

"Thanks, guys." Fiske said. The rest of dinner went on with usual family small talk. The weather, school, sports, jobs, etc. Justin kept quiet. It was if no one really noticed he was there. When dinner was over, desert was served. The had apple pie with whipped cream. When they were done eating, everyone went to their seperate rooms. The girls got ready for bed. They planned on talking and hanging out all night so if they dozed off they wouldn't have to worry about sleeping in jeans. As they planned it, the girls woke up the next morning on the floor. They laughed then got ready for the day. 

The girls ran into the living room. They planned on watching Toddlers in Tiaras in HD on the flatscreen. The "Dans" beat them down there. The next few minutes consisted of fighting over the remote. As you know, even simple Cahill fights can be pretty violent. Luckily, Bri was able to fight along because she took gymnastics and karate. Also luckily,it was Nellie that walked in, (she was used to stupid brutal fights), and broke up the fight. She said that the boys had another half an hour with the TV.


The parents, not knowing about the remote episode, decided to let the kids get to know Justin better by giving them cash to go to the carnival. Even though Abby and Justin already knew each other, they pretended to be excited along with Amy and Dan who already knew Justin. Abby's Dan, lets just call him Daniel, and Bri were the clueless ones that were actually excited. The kids, with their twenty bucks each, headed out to the carnival. At the time, no one could drive, so Nellie drove them. "Bye, kids, have fun!" Nellie yelled as she dropped them off. The carnival was fun. The Dans went on the thrill seaking rides that turned you upside down and spun around and went really fast and dropped you from heights, you get the picture. Justin went to the consession stand and got a hot dog and Amy, Abby, and Bri played some games. 


"Guys, you have to ride this ride!" Daniel yelled at the girls. "Come on, it will be fun! Dan is already holding our spots! Where's Justin? There he is! JUSTIN!OVER HERE!" Daniel yelled. Justin walked over to the group, now in line for a ride. The ride Daniel was talking about was insane. It was like those kiddy airplane rides where you go up and down in a circle on steroids. It was huge, probably the tallest carnival ride ever, and the speed was so fast. The Airplanes were closed in and they flipped upside down every once in awhile. There was six planes in all, enough for one each, and it could hold only one passenger per plane. After almost getting sick watching it, it was their turn.

  "Step right up!" The ticket man yelled. "This will be the ride of your lives!" Bri was reluctant to get on but after some convincing courtesy of Dan, she went on. The man strapped them in, Abby last. "Get ready, Abby." he said.

"How did you know my name?" Abby questioned. The man let out a laugh and closed the top of the plane. She could feel herself moving up, they started to spin. The planes tipped upside down, and the top of the plane, now at the bottom, came open. They kids screamed in terror as they started falling out of the ride.       
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Okay guys, Abby Cahill Part 3 has ended. Post your questions, corrections, comments, etc. on the thread. I have the whole series planned out so I will hopefully be able to answer your questions. I'm not sure but maybe after this series ends, I'll start a new one. If someone asks, I will give out TOP SECRET information on what will happen next in the series. Until then, Bridget finds out will most likely be posted tomorrow. 

Peace, Love, Happiness,
Abby Cahill   
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