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All right, my dudes! So there is one and a half weeks left of school so I thought I'd just kind of reintroduce myself and say hello! I'll try to be back on a bit more for the summer, so if there's any RPs that need to be restarted (X-Men, Dumbledore's Army, etc), let me know and I'll get ready. Also, if you guys have any suggestions for poppin RPs I could join. I really wanna do a cyper-punk one so let me know if any of you are interested and I'll post more details later.


ANYWAY, how is everyone?? How are finals going? How's life? How's your dog and can I pet him? Baked any good cookies lately?


I'm currently suffering from Post Disneyland Depression since I was there last week. XD It was amazing though. The new Guardians ride was AAAMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNNGGG. Not to mention we got to meet Loki and take pictures.


Welp, I should probably go study now... Uhg...


It's great to be back!! Happy summer!! ;D



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friend, PLEASE, don't take your LIFE away from me. -twenty-one pilots.


who LIVES, who DIES, who TELLS your story?


halfway happy.






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Camp Nanowrimo end and now it's just before exam month! I have total exam from March to June in July First. I have to study...........

Exam subject: Literature, English, math, social study, science, music, life, technology, ethic. PLZ give me an A.......  

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   Anything interesting



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Cello there. 


I would definetly do a cyber-punk RP. 


Also, I was thinking about maybe restarting CAIE???? Maybe???


I'm okay. I was in the hospital Saturday, but I'm okay. Finals/testing sucks. Life is going good. Yes, you can pet my dog. And I don't remember the last batch of cookies I made. 


Lucky!!! I wish I could go there this year...I go every other year. 



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 I'm the puzzle

You can't figure out

I hope that you burn

Cause I got issues

We are just 

Misguided Ghosts



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Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!!! *Tackle hugs*


Good to see you!!

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Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace.







These wings are made to fly.